Fresh Food in the bowl: Beef Menu Part 2

If you follow my blog entries, you would notice that our Corgi “Palette” is on fresh food diet a.k.a. raw diet, and she eats all kinds of stuff.

 She loves the fresh food menu very much. She always start her day by trotting to the kitchen,nose up in the air to sniff out what is for breakfast today. Then, when she knows it is her meal time, she waits “nice sit” at the spot where I normally place her food mat on.

 She already learned her meal routine very well and, I do not need to call her for the meal time.

 For now, since we have new addition to our family; our little prince “Liam”, her routine got changed a little but she already learned when her meal is served and what the cue will be.

 I, on the other hand, enjoy watching how much she loves her meal and I feel great knowing that I am providing the best menu possible for her for healthy,long,happy life.

 It has been 8 years since her first raw diet menu.

 I started off by introducing chicken menu without organ and then, introduced another protein one at a time.

 She did pretty good on the menu except a few learning curves,where I learned that she has sensitive tummy for fat % in one sitting and I need to trim some fat from fatty protein source such as Duck or limit the amount of food served due to higher fat content in the menu such as lamb tongue.

 Once I learned that, feeding became second nature to me and, I am being able to adjust to my own personal preferable way of feeding.

 Personally, I Prefer to provide variety of protein source in shorter period of times as opposed to buying single protein source meat in bulk and feed through over a month or two months or more, and then switch to other protein source.

 Therefore, you would find more than 10 variety of protein source in Palette’s freezer.

 For that personal purpose, what I did during the introductory phase of the diet was that, I wrote down I like to feed to her, and let her get used to the protein source one by one.

 Then, after about 2-3 round of feeding following the list of items I wanted to feed, I started feeding mixed/match menu.

 Therefore, sometimes, her meal is not just one protein source such as beef menu at AM, Turkey Menu for PM, and  sometimes both breakfast and dinner are the same protein source but different menu. It all depends.

 As I have been writing in many entries in the past, after switching her diet to the  fresh food diet, I started learning more about overall health topics such as over vaccination, nutrition, along with dog treats,dog food matters and more..

 One of my goals for this blog has always been trying to focus on educating readers by passing all of those information that I have learned over the years and, at the same time, I wanted to raise the awareness of healthy, nutritious fresh food diet for dogs, and encourage people to start trying to add fresh food diet menu in their doggy bowl, or start switching training treats or chews to healthier ones to start with; start  switching what they get throughout the day via a small steps at a time for the sake of dog’s health.

 Since I have started the series titled “Decoding kibble”, I am hoping that the series help people to understand what are in the kibble, how you can pick the better brands of kibble if fresh food diet was not their option.

 If one was trying to switch their diet to fresh food diet a.k.a. raw diet like I did for Palette’s, then, I wanted to provide information how I feed her as fresh food diet guide so they can see what it is like to feed fresh food diet to dogs.

 As you know,the good diet is the base of overall health.

 When you go to human doctor, not many doctors would discourage you to eat fresh food, and they would not push you to include processed food in our diet. They do not have canned soup or frozen food for you to purchase to bring home to enjoy.They are more likely to tell you to eat fresh food for your over
all health.

 Processed food is convenient and quick and easy for you, but if you were on total processed food diet without fresh food, will you be healthy? Imagine your diet consists of canned soup, frozen food etc only,day in, day out.

 Now, I cannot wrap my head around why so called “Medical expert” for animals should be pushing you or recommending you to feed the process food as opposed to encouraging you to feed fresh food for the overall health.

 Even Rachael Ray,who is very passionate about bringing fresh food menu for school lunch is having her own line of kibble, pre-made wet food and I find there is a little discrepancy in the message she is sending to the public. I am sad about that.

 If she were real passionate about dog diet as much as she does for kids’ lunch menu at school, then, she could have worked on freezer dried/dehydrated food instead of kibble or wet dog food; much simpler, less processed food, and she could promote healthy diet for dogs and cats as well.

 I feel that medical expert on  animal field is moving backward in stead of moving  forward focusing more on dog’s health.

 I strongly feel that vet is moving backward on the diet issue for animals especially because all of my cousins and neighbors who I grew up with fed fresh food all the time and, I had an impression back then that it was what dogs eat until I came to the states.

Raw diet menu for dogs, for example, is unique in a way that each menu is served fresh, without fillers, and offer quality of food and, it will leads to good overall health.

 Ultimately, you can tweak the diet menu if problems arise accordingly. That is the virtue of this raw diet method.

As you have noticed, I have started the new series on raw diet titled “Fresh food in the bowl”, where you get to sneak peek what Palette is eating.

 Generally, Palette’s regular meal is consists of one meal with bone, and the other meal without bones.

 Meal with bone can be portion cut poultry, 4 leg animal’s ribs, whole fish with poultry feet etc..

 Other half of the meal is whatever planned to feed in the menu list in order,and it is boneless meat along with organ such as liver with or without miscellaneous items such as a whole Egg.

 I usually feed the same menu item two times per week and move on to the other menu except organ such as liver or poultry giblet such as gizzard.

 The amount of food served is roughly around 10 oz to 12 oz per day. I consider her ideal weight is 30 lb since she is a tall corgi (14″ tall; 2″ taller than average Corgi).

 Then,I go by 2 % of ideal weight to calculate her daily amount.

 Calculation goes like this.

 30 x 16 x 0.02= daily feeding amount 9.6 oz (roughly 10 oz)

 With some menu items, it is not likely to be able to cut to the piece into exact amount that I would like to feed as her portion, so her daily amount can vary some.

 Generally, dogs’ feeding amount guideline starts with 2% of ideal adult weight. If that daily feeding amount was too little, you would up the % to 3% , 4% ideal adult weight as needed.

 To calculate your dog’s daily feeding amount fill the blank below

 ideal weight of dog x 16 x 0.02 for 2 % = daily feeding amount

 If you go by 3% of ideal weight,then fill the blank below

 ideal weight of dog x 16 x 0.03 for 3% = daily feeding amount

 By observing how your dogs do, up and down the percentage of ideal weight.
 Palette’s menu detail goes about 80% meat,10% bone, 10% organ.

 When I have organ other than liver such as kidney, I feed 5% liver, 5% kidney a day but when I have only liver,I feed 10% liver a day.

 I feed her 2 times a day on regular feeding time,and I feed 1 time a day when I feed her big meal once a month.

 If you go by 80 % -10 % -10 % guideline exactly with Palette’s feeding amount, you will get 8 oz boneless meat, 1 oz bone, 1 oz organ, but as you can see, I feed her 2 times a day and when I portion cut her menu, often times, boneless meat is cut to about 4 oz wt, meat with bone such as portion cut chicken etc will be cut to about weighing  around 5 oz to 7 oz, and organ portion gets chopped to about half an ounce and then I bag them in the zip bag and put those in the freezer bag to freeze them.

 With my way, the amount of bone gets up and down depending on what you will feed. When fish meal day, the amount of bones are very low and when I feed neck or ribs as part of her daily menu, the amount of bones in the meal gets higher than fish meal day.

 The week I took the picture of her meal was Beef meal day.

 What she got? Here is what she got on beef meal day. It was surf Turf meal day.

AM: Beef trachea about 8″ – 10″ or so long, beef liver

PM: Sardine, Duck feet

 As you can see, her meal is very simple.

 In this entry, I would like to share Palette’s “Fresh food in the bowl; Beef menu”.

 I think if you already feeding your dogs raw diet for a while and if you know your dogs do good on each items that you see in this entry, then, you can use Palette’s sample meal as example for the feeding.

 However, if you were new to the raw diet, please do not feed variety of things all at once. During the introductory phase, each protein source menu must be introduced to your dogs one at a time,and keep the dogs on the protein source until your dogs do good on, and then, you can move on to the next protein source and as they get used to the menu, keep introducing new stuff slowly one at a time to be able to feed variety of items.

 The Beef Trachea is raw trachea and it was meatier (thicker) than I was expected, and was long so, I fed it as meal rather than snack.

 Good thing about trachea is that it is very good natural source of glucosamine/Chondroitin and good for dog’s joint health. Palette used to limp when she was a puppy and, she became fine after she was on glucosamine/chondroitin. NZ green lipped mussels supplement for her joint care (You can read more on her experience for the joint problem at the previous entry titled “Run like wind again” here.).

 However, I still do give food items such as trachea, weasand (gullet), poultry paws etc that are rich in glucosamine/chondroitin in her diet or as treats.

 When I first introduced raw trachea long long time ago, it was with Emu trachea. It was much much shorter because I asked the farmer to cut it in 6″ long and I remember the trachea was much thinner than beef ones that i fed the other day.

 Texture-wise, it was chewy and I remember Palette was chewing for so long. I felt like it would be nice teeth brushing for molar/incisor teeth for dogs:-) Of course, it would not clean their front and canine teeth though because they do not use those teeth to chew it off.

Unfortunately, the place that I got her beef trachea (raw) does not carry Beef trachea in whole form anymore (they use it for ground products) and I cannot offer the same to Palette, but Palette did enjoy munching on her raw beef trachea meal.

 Palette really loved it.

Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen carry variety of treats with health benefit. If it were beef treats with joint health benefit, you can find followings

Trachea treats…..

Grass-fed Moo! Angus Beef Trachea chips 3″-4″ 5 oz made in Argentina

USA Beef trachea 12″ made in USA

USA Beef Trachea 6″ made in USA

And… gullet treats (Taffy is gullet/weasand treats)

Grass-fed Moo! Taffy 10″-12″ made in Argentina

Grass-fed Moo! Angus beef Taffy Sticks 8 oz 10″-12″ made in Argentina

Grass-fed Moo! Angus beef Taffy Springs 7″-8″ made in Argentina

Grass-fed Moo! Angus beef Twisted Taffy Sticks 11″-12″ made in Argentina

Grass-fed Moo! Angus beef Twisted Taffy sticks 5″-6″ made in Argentina

Grass-fed Moo! Angus beef Braided Taffy Sticks 11″-12″ made in Argentina

Grass-fed Moo! Angus beef braided Taffy Sticks 5″-6″ made in Argentina

Grass-fed Moo! Angus beef Taffy bone 3″-5″ made in Argentina

Free Range Brazilian beef gullet sticks 6″ made in Brazil

Grass-fed Moo! Anus beef Taffy chips made in Argentina

And.. another good natural source of Glucosamine/ Chondroitin; Scapula (cartilage)

Grass-fed Moo! Angus Beef scapula made in Argentina

 If you would like to find great treats for your dogs, get the one with health benefit over chew pleasure treats such as bully sticks.

Bully sticks are great chews, but I personally prefer treats with health benefit because dogs can enjoy treats AND they can receive something more than tasty treats time; better health.

 Generally, raw beef trachea can be sold through raw food suppliers, but it is rare to find whole raw trachea because many places use the trachea for dehydrated treats or use it for ground products.

For the dinner time meal, I fed whole sardine. Sardine, herring,salmon, and mackerels are great fish to add to your dog’s diet because they are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and great for coat and skin for dogs.

 If you are thinking about adding fish to your dog’s diet, try the fish with health benefit as pruority because all of these oily fish contains much more Omega 3 fatty aids than other type of fish you can find at the fish counter.

 The duck foot that I fed… poultry feet is great natural source of glucosamine/chondroitin, and considering Palette’s past limping history, it is a good choice. I usually have Chicken feet or Duck feet. I had Duck foot in the freezer so,I gave the Duck foot to her this time.

 Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen carry dehydrated sardine treats , Dehydrated Chicken feet , Dehydrated Duck feet.

 You can see we carry lots of healthy dog treats for your paws:-)

Palette and raw beef trachea Feb 18 2015 0

Beef trachea is as big as my head! Eating with one eye opned,lol.

Palette and raw beef trachea Feb 18 2015 1

I am busy, talk to my paws….


Palette and raw beef trachea Feb 18 2015


Palette and raw beef trachea Feb 18 2015 2

Think I am getting tired of chewing….So chewy!

I love Beef Trachea breakfast! You did not see my side dish because I ate in gusto!

 I would like to share Palette’s Beef Trachea meal time video from youtube. If you are a blog subscriber,please click here to watch the video.

Palette and beef trachea..

 What fresh food does your dog get in their bowls?

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