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Yassy’s note:Pregnancy week 22 week – 26 week

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Pregnancy week 17 week – 21 week“,I wrote about how my pregnancy went from week 17th through 21st week,and shared some of the sonogram picture of Liam with you.

Here,I would like to share my pregnancy and Liam’s growth from Week 22nd through 26th.

April 2014 was relatively happy month.

Last time when we went to high risk OBGYN, and talked about what would be the next step after abnormal result of AFP test, he suggested to re-test it especially because if the level of the AFP elevated (only 0.1 above the cut off number in my case),  because it will change how they approach to monitor me & our boy (more sonogram,more testing ,preparation for the delivery timing etc..) and, he suspected if sonogram did not pick up the spina bifida ,then, it was provably due to bleeding/spotting.He also said that if it came back normal,then, it will give us peace of mind.

So, we did re-test AFP and tried another 99% accurate harmony blood test in March then.

That harmony test result and second AFP screening test result came back in April 2014 as “negative”,which made me/us very happy.I remember I received the call from Genetic counselor at high risk OBGYN telling me that screen test Harmony and AFP repeat test came back all normal, and all of my heavy feeling/worries disappeared:)

On the phone, he told us that the cut off number for the AFP level at the lab they are using is 2.5 and I was 2.6 last time to be categorized “abnormal”, but re-test result came back with number 1.5 with 2.5 cut off number:)

I was very very happy, and at the same time, I was surprised that me being spotting more could change that much of result.

My husband was very happy to hear the news too.

On the very same phone call day, at night time, I could feel the big kick from Liam as if to say “Hey guys, I am very ok in here. No worries”.

As always, every time I felt his kick, I called my husband to come and let him touch my belly so he could feel the next kick from Liam. I still remember my husband was placing his hand over my belly,anticipating for Liam’s  next kick, talking to him gently “Hey,little guy..” with a big smile on his face. It was the great moment.

However, first some months, I think Liam was shy to my husband’s voice and he did not kick back as fast as he did with my talking. Then, I read the section on Q&A in my Japanese maternity magazine article about “Why the little one stops kicking when father touches mother’s belly”.

I thought it interesting because Liam tended to be quiet when my husband touches the belly for a bit. Sometimes, he did not response to his touch. He needed some time to get used to my husband’s voice and touch.

I remember once my husband was  talking to Liam “Hey,little guy.If you can hear me, give me a sign”,lol.

Well, after a few seconds later, Liam did kick for him:)

The magazine said that 90% of baby boys stop kicking,50% of baby girl stop kicking when they feel someone different is touching mother’s belly.

Did your husband experienced the same like mine;when they put their hands on your belly, your little one stop kicking?

I am curious to know…

That one little kick for us meant a lot to us and much more so when you think about how long it took for us to get to that point with repeated fail result of IVF and this strong Liam was the last embryo, last chance to try IVF..

Of course, my parents in Japan was worried over the tests,  and I made a call to them letting them know everything was all right.

Back home in Japan, OBGYN there does not screen pregnant ladies this much.They do have screening test but not as many tests as pregnant ladies are going through here in the states. Hearing so many tests are done in the states, my side of my family was surprised.

Liam’s very first kick I felt was on March 25th 2014 and, as the days go by, I started feeling more and more of his kick and, I felt strange in my belly and it was hurting especially when he tries to do the stretch work (??) in my belly making my belly rectangle but, I did enjoy his kick every time.

April was more active kick month for Liam.

I remember placing my hand on my belly and said “kick” and after a few seconds later, I felt the kick:)

Yes, I was playing the kick game I was writing about in my previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Pregnancy week 17 week – 21 week“. It was fun!

Liam seemed to get active,kicking and dancing at night time, and peak time was like 11pm-12am..

Sometimes, he was still playing,kicking after midnight and I keep being awake in the bed while I hear Palette’s snore:)

Now and then, he was kicking non stop 1 am,2 am etc and he was still kicking at about 7am. Then, he sometimes got quiet a bit but started kicking again from morning-afternoon-night.

I remember thinking, he might have a quiet day next day from all the workout he did on the day.

When I called my parents in Japan around that time, my mother told me that maybe around this week (22 week), he will be able to hear our voice etc.. and we should start reading books,singing to him, talking to him more,which Japanese people call this “ta-i-kyo-u” and they are believed to be good for the little ones.

People say that when you start talking,singing,reading to unborn baby, when they were born, they would recognize the voice and, make them feel relaxed.

I do not know how common in the states or outside Japan, but I did Taikyou throughout my pregnancy as you read it in my previous entry titled ““Yassy’s note: Pregnancy week 17 week – 21 week“”.

In the middle of April, I had to be up early to go to regular OBGYN while it was heavy rain (hard to see the front through the window)..

Palette the Corgi had early breakfast too and, she was eating it with one eye opened,yawning and slow pace,lol.

When I needed to be up that early, often time, Palette had very early breakfast,eating meal with one eye opened,yawning but she did not complain. Often time, she seemed to go back to heavy sleeping after we left the house because she always welcomed us with big stretch and yawn:-)

At the regular OBGYN, I did not get to do the sonogram (maybe because high risk OBGYN does sonogram every time I go in),and just heard the Liam’s heartbeat through the machine;it was 143 bpm.

Nurse said, he must be wide awake.

After talking to the doctor, I was told I have to do the glucose tolerance test again at 28th week while I did it already earlier because I had relatives who were diabetic. It is not a painful test at all physically but,I just have hard time drinking super sweet juice.

In the same month, we went to high risk OBGYN. I did not know this but they can measure the weight of the baby by using baby’s anatomy.

At that time,which was 24 weeks and 2 days,, I was told that little Liam is weighing approx. 1 lb 3 oz.Here is Liam on the day..

Liam 24 weeks 2 days  1lb 3 oz Apr 21st,2014 blog

Liam 24 weeks 2 days..

With 24th week baby development, according to pregnancy corner website, Liam would have been almost a foot long and is about the same size as an ear of corn at 1 ½ pounds (approximately four ounces more than last week).

It said that baby’s brain continues to develop, as do the taste buds and lungs. Also,the lungs begin to develop branches and cells that produce surfactant, a chemical agent that will be needed to inflate their little air sacs once your baby is outside the womb.

Liam’s eye would have been still shut, but he would have been using his hands and feet to maneuver and develop their sense of touch. The hair on the scalp is still growing at an even pace, and he would have been continuing to inhale amniotic fluid into its lungs as practice for breathing after birth.

I remember the sonographer kept telling us “Oh,the baby is practicing breathing” while checking on him.

Compared to average baby development, Liam was a little smaller side,but doctor told me that as long as he keeps growing, and I keep gaining weight, since I am thin, I do not have to worry about it.

You can read more on what is happening with you and your baby in week 24 here at pregnancy corner website.

However, doctor’s concern was his heart.

We were scheduled to meet baby heart specialist from DC later.

The sonographer and doctor took looong time looking at his heart on the day, and after we left the facility, I had belly discomfort (pain). Maybe too much pressing and stuff..

After coming back home, Palette inspected me every inch of me, and did not let me go.Her nose was glued to back of my leg:)

Sleeping comfortably…

After 24th week and after, I was having muscle sore on my right upper thigh through right hand leg knee..

The sore was the result from sleep position.

Therefore, I was trying to find the comfy way to sleep,but no luck. I used 4 pillows piling up to support me, but still not good enough for me to be comfy.. I even tried using clean big fluffy Palette’s bed and it was better but no luck for the best..

I then started thinking that maybe my best solution is to sleep in the recliner chair or some sort.

However, I ended up buying the pregnancy pillow called “Leachco® Snoogle® Total Body Pregnancy Support and Feeding Pillow in Ivory“.

It was comfy enough and, I was happy about the purchase.

It gave me the back and tummy support needed during pregnancy, and it was perfect for sleeping comfortably.

In fact, my husband liked the pillow as well, and he ended up getting one for himself.He still is using the pillow:-)

One thing that I read for pregnancy sleeping position is that, it is more comfortable sleeping side ways because belly would give you the pressure and get uncomfortable sleeping on your back. I also read that it is best to sleep looking left  because it increases the amount of blood and nutrient that will be carried to the placenta and babies.Therefore, I was sleeping on my left side.

Now, some more months to go, and Liam came to meet us. Stay tuned for more stories.


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