Yassy’s note:Pregnancy week 27 week – 30 week

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Pregnancy week 22 week – 26 week“,I wrote about how my pregnancy went from week 22nd through 26th week,and shared some of the sonogram picture of Liam with you.

Here,I would like to share my pregnancy and Liam’s growth from Week 27th week through 30th week.

May  2014 was  busy month for us, partly because we had to go see another doctor;cardiologist for Liam’s heart issue.

It was heavy rainy day that we had to go see cardiologist from Children’s Hospital and, we ad to take cardiogram.

The cardiac issue was brought up wen our high risk OBGYN was doing anatomy test and, first he said that he could not see the vein/artery he should have seen in the picture, and that is why we had to go see the cardiologist to see Liam’s heart much closer, much extensive tests to know better about his heart condition.

The doctor said everything looks fine to him for structure wise, but position wise.. maybe a little off to the center but nothing major to worry about.

I was glad to hear that.

Since Liam was curling up when he was ready to be seen via cardiogram test (Well, he was moving a lot around early 5am and at about waiting time in the clinic but apparently, he went to fall asleep when it became the time to be looked at,lol), I walked a bit to see if he changes his position.It made him look better but not much.

I wrote about kick game with Liam as part of Taikyou exercise/building relationship with unborn child through the game.

First some times, Liam was shy to my husband’s touch but by May, he liked to play with my husband “kick game”; my husband tap my belly gently and Liam kicks back the area my husband tapped. It is fun.

The kick game made my husband giggles.

By the way, the maternity pillow I liked to sleep with after right around 20th week, my husband tried my maternity pillow to sleep around this period of time when he was on night shift work schedule and I was up working with/taking care of Liam. He loved it and he wanted one for himself. So, he got one for his own.

Therefore, that maternity pillow “Leachco® Snoogle® Total Body Pregnancy Support and Feeding Pillow in Ivory“ will get 2 votes from our family:-)

Tale of Lucky 4 leaf clovers…

One day in May 2014, I happened to find 2 lucky 4 leaf clovers in our yard. I like keeping charms with me so, I picked them and pout it in between the book to dry out to keep long.

Do you know how the 4 leaf clovers became lucky charm in the modern days?

According to lucky 4 leaf clover website, it says “It is the Celtic Charm and carried out to the modern days. In the early days of Ireland, the Druids believed that they could see evil spirits coming when they carried a shamrock, or three-leaf clover, giving them a chance to get away in time! They thought four-leaf clovers offered magical protection, and warded off bad luck.

What the 4 leaves stands for?

The website says “faith”, “hope”, “love” and “luck”.

It also says that the odd to find one 4 leaf clovers are 10,000 to 1! Therefore, I got to find the super lucky charm in the month of May:-)

The full article on the 4 leaves clover can be found at the 4 leaf clover website here.

After the cardiologist visit, at the high risk OBGYN..

When we went to high risk OBGYN, we did sonogram 4D picture.

I really enjoyed watching how they can make the sonogram screen picture into 4D and I liked how Liam was moving real time in my belly. It was very interesting visit.

He was a wiggler then, and moving a lot there.One point time, he was yawning and, sonographer took the 4D pic but since I was giggling,and Liam was moving,the picture looked like a ghost but I think we got one that was cute and can see him well.

This is him in my belly, yawning.

Liam 27 week 2 days yawning May 12 2014 blog

Liam 27 week 2 days “yawning”…

Here is Liam “thinking”...

Liam 27 week 2 days thinking blog May 12 2014

Liam 27 week 2 days “thinking”..

Liam 27 week 2 days thinking II My 12 2014blog

Liam 27 week 2 days still thinking..

With 27th week baby development, according to pregnancy corner website, Liam would have been close to 15 inches in length and weigh over two pounds. Then, it also says that the eyes continue to develop, the layers of the retina are forming, and the membrane that covers the eyes separates to form eyelids.

Also, it says that the baby is developing its own waking and sleeping patterns around this time.  The tissues and grooves in your baby’s brain continue to form.

Interesting thing they says is that some experts believe that the baby begins to dream at this point, and you may feel baby’s hiccups. Babies’ lungs continue to mature and they inhale and exhale amniotic fluid.

To read the full development for baby and your body change at 27 week at pregnancy corner website, please click here.

After the high risk OBGYN, we went to regular OBGYN. No sonogram then, but we got to hear the heartbeat,and doctor measured my belly size,blood pressure and glucose test (2nd time, 1 hr tolerance test).

Last time, I did glucose test with high risk OBGYN due to family history, we had to go to Quest but this time, it was ok to do at the regular OBGYN office.

It was way too sweet and it was a little difficult to drink but I managed to drink it all.

Cord blood banking..

On the day, they gave us a flyer about baby’s cord blood banking (for a fee,cord blood banking will process cryopreserve baby’s stem cell rich umbilical cord blood for its family’s future medical use.).

We are suppose to reply this;either store,donate for research,or discard.

Did any of you kept/store it?

Liam’s issue was heart, and not blood related issue so, we were not sure if saving the cord blood would help Liam in the future if we kept it.

Luckily, baby heart specialist from children’s hospital was going to see us then, before the next appointment with regular OBGYN,so, I decided to ask the heart doctor if he was in fact suspected as congenital heart defect or any other heart problems, this cord blood would save his life or not.

You can read on cord blood banking information at the cord blood website here.

Back home in Japan, saving some parts of umbilical cord (dried) in the small wooden box for keepsake has been our custom. My mother has a little bit of dried umbilical cord of mine in the small wooden box.We call it “Heso no wo”.

When I got this umbilical cord blood banking flyer, I wondered if the doctor here would give us some of umbilical cord like Japan as keepsake after they dry them out….

Welcoming my father to our house in the states…

Another big thing in the month of May was that my father visited us all the way from Japan. From here to Japan, it takes about 14 hours (to Tokyo,Japan). He needs another connection flight to Tokyo so, extra distance beyond Tokyo but he tries to come visit us when he can.

We try to go back every other year to Japan but, because of IVF schedule-pregnancy, we could not go back in 2014. Therefore, he came here instead.

It is nice to have my side of my family here in the states and show them around and spend time together. It is more meaningful stay than simple “visiting” because they are living in Japan and I cannot visit their house whenever and they cannot visit us whenever. Only short 1 week or so is what we can have to spend time together face to face in the same country.

These days, with the help of technology, we skype with them every week and,I can get to see and talk with my parents and my sister family and my grandmother. I think it helps Liam to get to know them over the skype before meeting them face to face and he would get to hear more of our language;Japanese, and,I think it is good mental stimulation for him as well.

My parents love to see how he grows and interact with him through skype and when Liam smile or giggles, they smile/laugh and enjoy the time very much.

When my father was here, we visited Maymont in Richmond (You can read what you can do  by visiting maymont website here.

It is the 100 acre historic site with children’s farm (where kids can pet animals),gardens,and more.

We walked all the way around and pretty tired.

The site got us exercise pretty good.

On the way back home, we stopped by the Greek restaurant in the downtown Richmond.It was my father’s first experience of trying Greek food and he liked it although he was not so much of fan for spanakota and tazjiki sauce.

I love spanakota and tazjiki sauce but,unfortunately, I was not allowed to enjoy feta so, I did not get to eat the spanakota but I could enjoy Gyro.

When my father visited us, my sister got him to deliver the baby clothe for Liam. I remember seeing those itty bitty clothe the clothe was so tiny and cute!

When it comes to raising babies/kids, she knows more of it (has 3 kids, 1 more on the way),so I have been asking things here and there, and she is a good helper:)

One thing she said to me; she needed lots of bibs and mittens (so baby would not scratch themselves with nail),and told me to prepare basic baby stuff at least 1 month prior.

Hearing that,we started thinking that we really should start getting things for Liam soon then.

After my father went back home in Japan, we went to high risk OBGYN to get Liam checked up by baby heart specialist via sonogram again.

They still saw some concerns and we were asked to go see him at his hospital in DC next time for fetal MRI.

Liam was in good position on the day when the doctor tried to see his heart so, he could see better of his heart.

Next month was fetal MRI month.

More on Liam’s growth and my pregnancy adventure for later.

Stay tuned.





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