Holly with Greyhound “Jake”; April 29th,2015

Today,I would like to introduce the Greyhound furriends “Jake”.

Jake’s mom “Holly” from PA sent us feedback along with great pictures of Jake enjoying our Grass-fed Moo!Odor free Junior Bullys 11″-12″. I would like to share them here.


Jake will be 5 in October. 

We adopted him at 5-1/2 months of age.  He never raced.  We were told his mom stepped on his back leg and it was broken and never vetted. 

When we adopted him, he had this horribly crooked leg with several large calcium deposits.  We had his leg rebroken and a plate with 8 screws in it (over $3000). 

A year later it migrated (and he grew) and we had it removed.  We’ve had as many as 5 rescued pups at one time but are down to one – can’t do more being retired.  Jake is my baby.

Here are pictures of Jake (a red brindle) eating one of the thin almost-the-same-color-as-him bully stick.

Thank you for safe products.


Jake (a red brindle) with Junior Bullys..


Jake (a red brindle) with Junior Bullys..



***Feedback and picture are used with permission***

We always enjoy reading feedback from furry friends and their mom & dad/seeing pictures/watching videos of furry friends enjoying our treats/chews

 We are very happy to hear how much Jake enjoyed our treats. It makes us happy knowing that we are offering healthier treats and chews to make the furriends smile big.

 What treats does your furriennd love most from our K9 restaurant “Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen“?


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