Yassy’s Note:Pregnancy week 31week-32 week

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Pregnancy week 27 week – 30 week“,I wrote about how my pregnancy went from week 27th through 30th week,and shared some of the sonogram picture of Liam with you.

Here,I would like to share my pregnancy and Liam’s growth from 31 week through 32 week.

June  2014 was  busy month for us, preparing for the arrival of our son.

Preparing for our little prince “Liam”..

Since only 10 weeks left til full term pregnancy, we have started looking around baby stuff more.

The very first thing that we have looked at was the stroller. I have asked other moms about pro and cons of various types of strollers and tips on selecting a good stroller. I think hearing what other moms liked or what they did not liked was good to narrow down our necessary things for Liam.

The very first thing that we decided to purchase for Liam was a stroller with car seat. The stroller in the picture does not have a car seat installed yet.The seat was still in the box.).

Liam stroller

BOB Motion Travel System in orange with car seat..

At this moment, after using this stroller for almost 9 months, I can say that this was the great stroller purchase.We both like the stroller very much.

The stroller is called “BOB Motion Travel System“, and it is with infant car seat attached in the stroller. It comes with car seat base as well. Therefore, you can simply transfer the car seat from stroller to the car seat base in the car to go somewhere by a car.

We got orange one thinking it would stand out from the crowd:)

Here are what we liked on the stroller..

1. 2 wheels front (sturdy), and can roll on bumpy road if needed to be
2. easy to push, and it gives smooth ride
3. easy to fold (just simply pull the string )
4. The wheel has air inside and you can pump the air into it when the tire got flatten
5. It came with car seat
6. you can hang the diaper bag on the handle,and more space for other stuff needed to be carried under the seat
7. 2 way facing stroller
8. got adjustable handle
9.  can recline the seat when the kid become the age they do not need to use the car seat in the stroller anymore but themselves

When we brought in our first purchase for our son, Palette looked as if “What is that? How can I play with it?” but she was not terrified with unfamiliar object so it was good.She came sniffing at it.

At the regular OBGYN..

Also, the month of June was busy month for me to go to OBGYN as well. The closer I get to the full term, the more frequently we needed to visit the OBGYN.We had to go to high risk OBGYN and regular OBGYN plus heart doctor for Liam so our  calendar was full of appointment.

The very first regular OBGYN appointment in June,2014,we did not do sonogram but we did weighed in,checked blood pressure,and belly size,and checked Liam’s heart beat (158 bpm).

We were told he was wide awake when they checked the heartbeat:)

He was growing steady and healthy in my belly.

I remember May 2014 had many rectangle belly time; 2 bulging lumps,one on each side of belly..I thought Liam was doing biiiiig stretch.

It usually followed by a little kicks and.. I somewhat felt like he was rolling towards my pelvic side as if rolling down the hill.

He sure was active as the term gets closer to full term week,I thought he was practicing Tae kon do there:)

I really wish that I took the picture of rectangle belly then, because it would have been one of a kind sort of experience for me… Especially when I know for sure that I would not be able to get pregnant again.

At the high risk OBGYN..

With the very first high risk OBGYN appointment in June, the sonographer lady took another 4D picure  and we got interesting ones this time as well.

One of the pic shows as if he is saying “Please do not take picture of me!” holding hands in front of his face and I thought it was cute.

Liam pic 1 June 9,2014

Then; Liam 31 week 2 days, holding hands in front of his face..

When Liam was around 2 months old, I saw him sleeping similar posture with his hand over his face.It reminded me of this sonogram picture.

Liam in raccoon footie 10 09032014

Now; Liam 2 months old sleeping similar posture to the sonogram..

Another one was him sleeping with thumb sucking. When Liam was 3 months old, he started sucking his thumb and when I took the picture of him doing so reminded me of this sonogram picture.

Liam 31 week 2 days thumb sucking blog pic 2 June 9,2014

Then; Liam 31 weeks 2 days sucking thumb…

Finger of the day -Liam Oct 23 2014

Now; Liam 3 months old sucking thumb…

With 31st week baby development, according to pregnancy corner website, Liam would have been about 15 inches and weighing between three and three and one-half pounds.Then,he would have been over half the size he will be at birth.

As baby fat continues to accumulate, he would have been gaining weight much more quickly in these last two months. The digestive tract and lungs are almost mature, and the lungs are able to inflate properly at this point, producing surfactant to help prevent the collapse of the lungs after birth.

The ears are fully developed, and the website says that he would have been listening to everything it can hear inside the womb.

It also said that the babies at this stage can hear Mom’s breathing  and heartbeat, they can hear music, and they can hear the voices of others.

Also,the toenails and fingernails are fully formed, and the baby can even scratch itself in the womb.

Liam would have been  swallowing and urinating up to a half liter a day.

To read the full development for baby and your body change at 27 week at pregnancy corner website, please click here.

After the usual measurement & pictures via abdominal sonogram, this time I had to go to another room to test the heart rate; Fetal Non stress test,which you get 2 belt that monitor.. one for heart beat, and the other for contraction.

Then, I stayed there for about 20 min for them to monitor the heartbeat.

Now and then, he moved around and nurse had to adjust the stuff and another time, he started to fall asleep and they want to measure the heart rate when he is up so, she came with buzzer which gives vibration to wake him up. Liam got twice buzzer one time:)

I was told then that we will be monitored weekly with this test.

I asked the doctor if he still think I have high chance of premature birth and he said to us that unless some complication occur,such as placenta problems or other urgent condition occur for them to act quickly, my chance got shifted from “high” to “medium” now and I was told that I may have chance to carry him full term and I was happy to hear that.

In the end, I did not carry him to full term but it was not super early for him to come out so, I am happy for that.

Crib, bassinet and more..

After the high risk OBGYN visit, we went to baby store again, and got him some clothes for him to wear over underwear my little sister gave me.

My husband picked cute outfit with hat that got dog ears. I picked some clothes that are monkey or racoon theme ones because it was very cute clothe and I could not pass it.

Looking around the stores, there were so many stuff for the baby care. I was amazed how much stuff babies would need.

After the clothe and stroller, we started looking for bed and bath time stuff, diaper bag etc….

I was amazed how many things that we had to get for Liam. It looked like endless list. However, imagining the life with Liam, I sure enjoyed shopping stuff for him.

With the crib, we decided to buy one big crib that got diaper changer and some drawers for the storage,and can grow with the kid.

The crib we got is called “Sorelle furniture Tuscany 4 in 1“. The Tuscany Crib can be used as a crib, &  Full-size bed with headboard on a metal bed frame, or Full-size bed with headboard and footboard using optional wooden Adult Rails. The crib grows with your children.

I remember my husband was working hard to assemble the bed one night.

The crib is something that we have not tried yet, because we decided to use bassinet up until he grows out of it for convenience.So far, Liam is using bassinet still but soon, he will be sleeping in the big bed.

With bassinet, we got 2 same ones with different colors;one upstairs, one for downstairs. Having the two was simply the convenient for us.

The bassinet we got is called “Arms reach Mini Co sleeper“.I really like them. It is not that heavy bed. I like the size and big storage space on the bottom and side pocket is big enough to hold some necessary things for your children.

I tend to keep bed sheets now but, when Liam was much younger, I stored swaddle cloth,diapers in big bag under space and kept diaper itself,rash cream,protective paper thing for accidental fountain, and poop bag on one side pocket and for the other,I kept health related stuff such as thermometer etc..

Another thing to note is that the sides are mesh and it gets good airflow, and I do not have to worry about his little nose gets covered by bed bumper cloth etc..

Also, it has roller on the bottom on one side.Therefore, you can roll the bassinet out the room to wherever you want your babies to be at.

For the travel purpose, you can fold it in small and put them in the bag to carry.

Best part would be that the bed is about the same height to our own bed.Therefore, when I put his bed next to our bed, I can peek him easier. You can also attach the co sleeper to the adult bed.

Since I tend to have a bad back, we tried using leg extension kit;since bed gets higher, I did not have to bend over much. For the  picking up purpose, it was good height. However, we did not care for it.It got shook big when Liam got older and started pulling his legs up and bring it down to the bed.It looked like the bed was not sturdy when leg extension kit was used. Therefore, we have removed the leg extension kt and it is now at the same height to the time we bought this co sleeper bed.

We got more stuff that we got in the month of June. I will write about it in my next blog entry.

Stay tuned!

Do you have something you really liked to raise the babies that will be in the “must have” list for new moms?


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