Yassy’s note:Pregnancy week 33 week – 34 week

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Pregnancy week 31 week – 32 week,I wrote about how my pregnancy went from week 31st through 32nd week,and shared some of the sonogram picture of Liam with you.

Here,I would like to share my pregnancy and Liam’s growth from 33 week through 34 week.

June 2014 was busy month for us, preparing for the arrival of our son.

Preparing for our little prince “Liam”..

Since only 7 weeks left til full term pregnancy, we have started looking around baby stuff more since week 31st,which we thought that we would not have to worry about miscarriage or uncertainty of gender of the baby..

Diapering items and more..

After purchasing stroller crib, bassinet,baby clothes,we got another big thing we got was a diaper bag.

I remember browsing through the internet to find the perfect diaper bag for me.

I was trying to get ready to pack things for delivery time for just in case around that week, and as I do so, I was trying to get stuff needed for little Liam little by little.. A couple of stuff per baby store visit after good research for me was the good pace to find things for Liam.

First thing I did to find the diaper bag for me was to browse through the web, then, picked a couple of brands that I like to see and touch and feel at the store. At that time, I found 4 candidate bags.

1. Carter’s zip front fashion tote bag 16x 12×5 size
2. Carter’s out and about tonal dot diaper bag 20x12x6 size
3. JJ cole Satchel diaper bag 16 x 11x 6 size
4. Skip hope Grand central Take it all diaper bag 18 x 13 x 6

What I was looking for in the diaper bag was..

** roomy
** water proof
** durable
** better if it got stroller strap so we can hang it on the handle if bottom storage area under the stroller was full

After looking for the items at the store and tried to put it over my shoulder or check how things are with my eyes, I ended up getting Skip hope Grand central Take it all diaper bag 18 x 13 x 6.

I love the diaper bag because it got so many compartment/pockets ( large, divided sections, 11 pockets including 2 large exterior zip pockets, 2 insulated side-pockets that fit extra-wide bottles and a cushioned changing pad ) and it comes with water proof diaper changing pad and light in weight and roomy, plus it got strap so we can hang it over stroller’s handle side.

Only minor thing that I thought would be better for the bag is to have shoulder strap,which this one does not have one.

Other than that, I like using the bag very much. This bag is with Liam everywhere we go for last 10 months:-)

Liam diaper bag

Skip hope Grand central Take it all diaper bag..

After the diaper bag, I thought of diaper pail but was wondering if we really needed one or not.

I read that the diaper pail can hold more than 30 diapers. However,I thought that I would not keep the dirty diaper long time and I also thought that I would not think I would keep that much of diaper in the house at a time.It also looked like waste of money but at the end, we decided to try it out and we got one.

I think it is good one to have around the house after all.

We got playtex diaper genie and I like it.

For diaper, I know that at the hospital NICU, the nurse was simply tossing the diaper without roll and tape it but, we roll the diaper up and tape it cross so the diaper becomes triangle shape if it were pee diaper. Then, if it were poo diaper, we put it in scented bag and tie it up and put it in the diaper pail. Therefore, our pail is not stinky and messy at all.

For the diaper sack/bag, I like the bag called “Sassy 75 count disposable diaper sacks“. It is scented bag and it works great for poop diaper.

I know there is a roll of bags just like dog’s poop bag but I like Sassy one better. I like the size of the bag very much.Also, it has good scent that seal in the smell of dirty diaper.

We carry it in the diaper bag to use outside as well.

When it comes to diaper items, one of the diapering item we love a lot is diaper caddy called “JJ cole Diaper and Wipes Caddy in slate“. This caddy comes with one waterproof changing pad.

We put everything we need for diaper changing time in that caddy;diapers, wipes,diaper rash cream,disposable diaper sack etc..  and we move around with it inside the house. I like how well you can organize it at one place.

In the drawer of that caddy, we keep most used grooming items such as nail clippers.

At the regular OBGYN..

At another regular OBGYN,I weigh in, blood pressure check, belly size check,and we heard the heartbeat of Liam. It was 155 bpm.

I asked about the paper that has list of items we need to bring to the hospital but the doc said they do not have one but told me what we need to bring as base.She said hospital would provide diaper so, we did not have to bring it.Also told us that the nurse will teach us how to breast feeding the baby so, that was good to know.

Back home in Japan, when expectant mother gets close to delivery week, OBGYN will give them a list of items for the big day but apparently, here in the states, at least ours did not do the same.

One thing we did not know was that, we needed to submit the paper that has our insurance company info, due date info etc beforehand.So, we need to do that soon.I do not know if it is to reserve the room for us or simply make the delivery date easy for us by being able to skip the time to spend on the paper work on arrival.

As for baby stuff..after regular OBGYN visit, we got the whale bath tub.

Whale bath tub for Liam

Planet Whale of a tub..

This whale tub is from Fisher price and it is called “Planet Whale of a tub“. I like this tub.

I like the fact that we can use it from infant to toddler age by simply removing the stopper that is secured in the middle and it has non slip thing on the back.

Since the tub is whale, we got kneeler with whale shape too:)I thought it was cute.

When my sister in law came visit us last year and saw it, she and her husband burst into laughter because it looked funny.

Also, for the bath time needs, we got crocodile thermometer at babies r us. It is called “Dreambaby Room & Bath crocodile thermometer”.

I like this thermometer very much. It is easy to use it and checks the temperature quite fast.Also, when it is too hot for babies to take a bath, it gives red light flash, good temperature for green light.

I know you can check the temperature with your own wrist but,I felt more comfortable using the crocodile thermometer.

Palette was interested in the tub when  we first brought it in, and came to sniff and did not run away.It was good.

As we gather things for Liam’s arrival, it made us feel again we really got to able able to meet our boy soon..finally the impossible dream were to be becoming possible dream/reality:)

At the High risk OBGYN…

At the high risk OBGYN. I did ultra sound plus non stress test.

That day, Liam was active and felt his movement while sonographer iwa looking at him, but he was hiding his face (face was back/down),and the sonographer could not take any sonogram picture then.

During the exam, she checked baby’s body movements, muscle tone (flexing the arms and legs), and breathing movements (the baby’s ability to move her chest muscles and diaphragm), and the amount of amniotic fluid surrounding him.

Then, we were lead to non stress test to monitor baby’s heart rate changes when he’s moving.

I think nurse told us each check category gives me 2 points as max score and 5 category including non stress test makes the full score 10.

Out of 10 score, today, Liam scored 10 points out of 10:) He was “A student” 😉

Everything was good, and the doctor was happy about it.

The nurse at non stress test got to witness my rectangle belly (Liam loved stretching a lot besides turning/rolling).

She was laughing the lump appeared on my belly and other nurse just came in with other lady for her non stress test glanced at my belly and we were all laughing.

Yes, my belly becomes real rectangle when he does stretchy thing. It hurts me but I had to be patient for another 7 weeks and no more rectangle belly:-) Now, thinking back, I really miss that moment though.

 Fetal MRI….

Because of Liam’s heart condition, our high risk OBGYN wanted me to visit the Children’s hospital in DC for fetal MRI, more ultrasound, fetal eco and genetic counseling and more.

I was told that I did not have to fast or anything but no coffee, no tea, no OJ, no soda.

I did not drink coffee,sodas etc during my whole pregnancy time but I liked drinking OJ often because for some reasons, I craves for it and drinking one small OJ box a day or so was my normal.

When I was told I would not be able to drink OJ, I was sad..

At the same time, I was curious why I cannot drink OJ.. my usual drink to get the day going and satisfy my thirst.

A day before fetal MRI, I drank water instead.

The fetal MRI was schedule very early in the morning and we had to be at the hospital in DC at 7am. Therefore, to beat the traffic and make it easier for us to be there on time, we decided to stay at the hotel in DC one day before the procedure.

I do not like narrow space and I was nervous about it but their MRI for pregnant ladies were much more spacy around the body and,I did ok with it although staying still was not something that I could for long time.

The doctors basically saw Liam in the uterus through MRI to get the better understanding his body structure, heart and other organ’s etc..

Following the MRI, we also did fetal echo cardiogram, ultrasound, and follow up from team of doctors from various department;radiology, pediatrician doc who performs surgeries on babies,cardiology,genetic counselor etc..

There were lots to absorb, but we decided to be positive for whatever that comes  to our way.

They have primarily looked his heart with all those tests and they did confirm the medium size hole in the bottom chamber muscle of the heart where the chamber pumps the blood to lung.

When we heard that we were worried but the doctor told us the hole would more likely close on its own with rate of 50% chance.

If not, we could try with med or non invasive surgery and we do not have to go with open heart surgery as we previously thought.So, it was hopeful.

Another thing they mentioned was he being small;arms and legs are 10% shorter than peers.

That was something we were told over and over again from high risk doctor but we did not know how far behind he was.

As for his weight, we heard he was 16 percentile so, it is still okay (still in the normal range) but when you look growth, head is growing as it should and shows the size is at 33 weeks which I am, but body is at 28th week gestation measurement..

Therefore, they told us it will be something to be monitored closely. Being behind 4 weeks is not so much of concern at this point but if it falls behind 8 weeks or more, that would make them worry more. She said if chest measurement is falling behind, it also indicate he would have breathing problems etc..

Depending on how he grows in uterus, it might required them to take him out of the womb earlier but they prefer to let him stay inside my belly as long as possible.

Looking at head bone structure, the doctor specialize in bone development in fetas did not think it will be dwarfism,and she thought It might just be he being small but it could also be something larger underlining problems might be there but this bone specialist doc who we were told she is one of top doctors in the field in the world cannot give us the clear diagnose after MRI and ultrasound etc… might be a good hopeful sign.

She also brought up it might be the case where I would simply need bed rest (I did not ask her but more exercise/walking effects baby’s growth).

When they were talking about growth chart, she mentioned something like his bone measurement went off more since 2 weeks ago and, incidentally, it is when we started visiting baby store after doc appointment and then went to grocery store and came back with pain in the ovary area (lower abdomen).

I do not know if it was the coincidence or not, but we could try easy on errands and rest more at home although doctor did not ordered us to do so.

Anyway, one thing after another to absorb and understand the situation..I was already worrying parent to be, but I was hopeful that the team of doctors would take good care of little Liam.

This is our little son to be “Liam”  in pregnancy wee 33.

Liam sleeping 33 week 3 day June 24 2014 blog

Liam 33 week 3 days sleeping..

With 34 week baby development, according to pregnancy corner website, Liam should have been weigh close to five pounds and measure between 15 ½ and 17 ½ inches.

Most of the organs are almost fully matured, with the exception of the lungs. The facial features are very distinct at this point.

As the fat continues to build under the skin,Liam would be looking a bit plumper and would be taking on his or her mature facial characteristics.

To read the full development for baby and your body change at 27 week at pregnancy corner website, please click here.

When we went to high risk OBGYN,we came out a little confused and worry sick again.. He sure coming to our life dramatic way.

Last week, when we went to DC hospital, I was told they do not know what is causing head growing normal rate, body grow behind about 4 weeks in measurement but their final thoughts given to us was either he is simply being small, or some sort of bone related problems (not dwarfism) , and placenta,blood flow, amount of amniotic fluid amount are all good.

But then, the high risk doctor said the opposite; placenta was not working as it supposed to and it is probably what is causing the head growth, body growth difference, and considering all the abnormality like heart being located more toward center with med size hole, it could be some sort of chromosome related issue besides down syndrome.

As you can see, each doctor seems to have their own opinion on this and since every doctor says the different things, we were confused and frustrated a bit.

After the assessment, doctor told us to come see him 2 times a week to monitor the growth much more closely.

His plan was to take Liam out from me if Liam has stopped growing,and he does not think (at this point) that I would carry him full term (He was saying as long as he keep growing, I keep gaining weight,he would not be delivered premature but he had different idea then).

Hearing all of these.. it looked like he may come see us sometime next month.

I was hoping that despite the all the odds, he will be in fact just being small and healthy.

More stuff for Liam:Swing..

After the OBGYN,we went to baby store and got swing for him.

When we look around things in there, I felt like I could have more positive thoughts about him, instead of being worry..

My husband assembled it on the same day we bought it, and we were listening to the music it plays. I like how quiet it swings and not loud music is being played.

The one we got is from Ingenuity.” Inlighten Cradling Swing Seneca“.

After 10 months with Liam, I feel Liam did not use this as much as I thought he would.It is simply because he was not that fussy baby and slept real good and did not have much problems he being unhappy.

However, when he had crying spell and nothing worked, this swing helped me a lot. Liam liked it very much.

Liam in the swing 092414

Liam 2 months old fell asleep in the swing..

Next big thing to prepare for Liam’s arrival was to look for the pediatrician for him.

Stay tuned for more entries. More stories to come.


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