Save more on Himalayan Dog Chew (Hard Cheese Stick Chew)

From June 26th through July 2nd, you can save more on Himalayan Dog Chew (Hard cheese stick chew).

*** June 2015 SnackSaturday treats***

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Order over $40* (merchandise subtotal after all the discount must be over $40) on Saturdays,and you will receive: one count of free    4 oz Pecorino Ginger Sakura Biscuits

**Himalayan Dog Chew (Hard cheese stick chew)

Pal with Himalayan Dog Chew 2

Palette enjoys Himalayan Dog Chew…

Hers in the picture above is Large size.

Lets watch Palette in action with Himalayan Dog Chew Large size in her taste testing video below.

Palette and Himalayan Dog Chew (Hard Cheese stick Chew)

Himalayan Dog Chew are available in 4 sizes;Small 3.5 oz (3-5 pieces/package), Large 3.5 oz (1 piece/package), XLarge 6 oz (one piece/package), and Big 7.5 oz (1 piece/package).

The milk used to make this chew is from Yak and Cow that graze on grass field or the ones that were fed all natural leaves from forest.

She chews approx 1″ per 20 minutes chewing time.

Small: 3.5 oz (recommend for dog up to 20lb)Each chew is approx 2.5″-4″ long, 1/2″ thick and one package contains 3-5 pieces of chew to make it to 3.5 oz weight.

Normally,it is $8.73,but with sales price,it is $4.66

Large: 3.5 oz (recommend for dog 20lb and up) Chew is approx 5″-7″ long,3/4″ to 1″ thick. One package contains one chew.

XLarge: 6 oz (recommend for dog 40lb and up) Chew is approx 5″-7″ long, 1″-1.25″ thick.One package contains one chew.

Big: 7.5 oz (recommend for dog 50lb and up) Chew is approx 5.5″-7″ long, 1″-2″ thick.One package contains one chew.

** If you have aggressive chewer,it might be better to pick one size up or Big size.

These chew will be perfect for those who are looking for chews that lasts longer than average bully sticks.

These chew are tested at American laboratories for its content.

Also,please click here for the follow up taste testing blog entry titled “Palette’s note:Himalayan Dog Chew Part II”.

Please enjoy treat hunt for your furry friends!!

*** Bulk treats of the Month ~ June ~ ***

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*** Palette’s K9 Foodie Mystery bag ~ June ~ ***

Palette’s K9 Foodie Mystery Bag is the mystery bag that consists of all natural dog treats and toy.

Each bag contains 4-6 products per bag and, shipping and handling is already included in the price.The shipping method will be determined by us.

** Palette’s k9 Foodie Mystery Bag Beef/Lamb $35.33

This offer is valid while supply lasts. These menu can be found under “Bulk treats of the month&Palette’s K9 Foodie Mystery bag” category.

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** You can get FREE one count of Buffalo trachea strip (Buffalo version of Moo-tubes sliced into strip) with every order!

** Watch how much Palette enjoy her Buffalo Trachea strip below.

** Watch how much Palette enjoy her Buffalo Trachea strip below.

Palette and Buffalo Trachea strip

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