Japanese cooking: Miso Soup

When I go back to Japan to go see my family, many restaurants we go or hotel we stay a day before to catch the flight back to the states serve Miso soup, and my mother makes Miso soup for family as staple soup.

There are many ways to make Miso soup but, big difference for this soup is the important ingredients that changes the whole taste of the soup; Miso.

There are 2 kinds of Miso;one is Aka miso, and the other is Shiro miso. Aka Miso has a little bold,strong , spicy taste and Shro miso is somewhat mild sweeter taste.

You can see the difference from the color of the products.

Aka Miso, Shiro Miso both made from the same ingredients *Soybeans* but how they are produced is a little different.

For the Aka miso,soy beans are steamed and for the Shiro miso, soy beans are boiled.

When soybeans are soaked longer and steamed at high heat for long time, you will get Aka miso.

When soybeans are peeled, soaked short and boiled, you will get shro miso.

Miso and Miso soup have different versions to it depending on region you live in.

I grew up enjoying many cups of Miso soup and, I love the soup.

Miso soup is easy to make it, but you need good Dashi (stock) and good quality Miso to have tasty soup.

Recently,one of our neighbor asked for the recipe for Miso soup and when I made one for our family,I made extra and brought it to them along with the recipe.

Miso soup is very simple easy soup to make one but, I am under the impression that many people do not know how to make one by themselves.

Therefore,I thought I would share the recipe here with you.

At the Asian restaurant, I see Miso soup but I feel the soup is over priced. 1 cup can cost you $2 or more but I do not think it cost that much to make one if you make yourself.

For this, I made very simple version of Miso soup using only Tofuy and green onion. You can add more vegetables of your choice such as daikon horseradish or seaweed etc…

There is a products called*dashi no mo to (dashi granules)*, but when you make dashi from Konbu or bonito flakes, you can have much tastier soup.

Miso soup

Yassy’s miso soup..

Ingredients for Yassy’s Miso soup:


1.25oz Tofu Firm chopped to dice
1 stalk green onion chopped
2 tbs Shiro Miso
Dashi Konbu 2”x 3” size

1. Pour 200CC water in a pan with Dashi Konbu and let it soak for 90 minutes or longer

2. Heat the pan and bring it to boil and turn the heat down to simmer and cook 10 minutes to make Konbu Dashi

Once Dashi is made, take out the konbu piece. You can cut the konbu into thin slices and season it with Teriyaki sauce and eat with rice if you like.

3. In another pan, pour 200CC water and bring it to boil

4. Once boiled, add tofu and (wakame seaweed if you like to add) cook for about a couple of minutes and turn off the heat and dissolve 2 tbs Shiro Miso in a ladle dip into the soup

5. Turn on the heat and add 200CC Konbu Dashi and Green onion and when it gets just about boiling, turn off the heat and stir and taste to adjust the seasoning

Makes: About 2 servings


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