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Yassy’s note; Hospital bag checklist

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Pregnancy week 35th week – 37th week“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

We visited him everyday, and fed him at least one or two feeding time out of 8. He was well cared by NICU doctors and nurse.

At NICU, I could ask questions  regarding baby care which we had never experienced before. Therefore,it was a good opportunity for us to learn the baby care basic one vs one at NICU.

I think learning from the nurse there gave us some good guidance and some confidence to be a parent.

I will write more on Liam’s NICU stay story later.

Before moving on to NICU story and my parenting adventure story, I would like to share the information that  may help those who are currently pregnant.

In my case, my water broke at our high risk OBGYN on exam chair so, I did not have to worry about how we get to the hospital after the water broke but,I learned that having a big towel ready for the day your water break is the good one.

Nurse instructed my husband to put the big towel over the car seat and I wore obgyn’s medium size towel  to keep the water from leaking into the towel on the seat too much.

For us, the emergency entrance for the labor and emergency was only 3 minutes or so away so, I did not have to endure the pain and  I did not have to sit on the towel too long.

After everything happens, I feel like everything magically fit into the great timing.

I had to go to regular OBGYN in the morning that day and my mother in law took me there but if we did not go together that day and comes home to eat lunch and leave again with my husband while she stays at home, my mother in law would not have no idea how to get to the hospital with my hospital bag!

Also, as if Liam has planned, my water broke at high risk obgyn while I was doing sonogram,which ended up having 2-3 sonographers plus doc there ended up helping me to get to the emergency center next to the hospital.

Then, I did not have to be in pain for 30-40 min from home to the hospital and we could get to be admitted right away….

It still amazes me how everything strangely worked out such a great timing.

I sure did not enjoy when anesthesia doctor asked me to sign the paper for epidural during short break from contraction that comes and goes in 2-3 min.

I do not remember what I signed for!

Although my husband read the paper so he knows,He was a great supporter and appreciated for it:)

Hospital bag checklist..

When I got pregnant finally and coming closer to the due date, my sister told me that I should be ready to pick up the hospital bag and go by 35th week and start getting ready around early 30th week.

By around early 30th week, my parents sent me all kinds of stuff that would help my delivery from PJ after the delivery,top wear that is easy for me to nurse Liam,extra pregnancy pants etc.. It was nice of them.

The box also got gift from my sister which was kimono style front open inner wear for Liam. I really liked them!

When babies are not having steady neck,using the front open clothe was much easier to let him wear and changing diaper/clothe than using onesies which you have to slip baby’s head through.

Especially when babies diaper got leaked, I did not like to pull up messy soaked area through his head to get the clothe off when I tried onesie for Liam.

Later,I found out that carter’s onesies can pull it down through the hips but even then, wet spot could touch here and there while front open clothe can be removed right away without touching any other places.

Back home in Japan, she said to me that the hospital gives check list for what to include in the hospital bag but here in the sates, I did not get any list from our OBGYN and it seems natural practice here in the states.

One thing that helped me was e-magazine for expecting mothers from Japan I was reading because it got check list there and, I could cross out what I put, what I did not put or skip the items that I thought would not be necessary because of cultural difference etc..

Since I did not get to have a hospital bag check list from our OBGYN, I asked them what the hospital normally provide to mothers and babies.

I thought that that by asking the question opposite way, I could cross of what I do not need to bring to the hospital.

Here is my personal check list for the hospital bag

*Must have*

** money (cash, card both)

** insurance card

** driver’s license (ID items)

** documents; Birth certificate request form for OBGYN to fill out and sign for Liam to submit to Japanese embassy

*Things that would use right away at the hospital *

** Front open Maternity PJ;I was wearing long length PJ that comes to about knee 3 count

** pocket tissue 2 count

** slippers ; it is because I am getting used to wear a pair of slippers inside the house.Comfortable to wear it than shoes especially when I needed to go back and forth between my room and NICU for the first 3 days which they allowed me to stay for.  1 count

** hospital would have ones for you to use **

** face towel

** bath towel

** clock

** breast pump

** socks

** shorts after the delivery (cheese clothe like material.I wore it during the 3 day hospital stay)

Liam was at NICU so I could stay at the hospital maximum 3 days long.

Back home in Japan, hospital would let the mothers to stay for another week even if the little ones are not at NICU.

** pad after the delivery

** Things that would need after the delivery **

** pen

** nursing bras 2-3 count

** nursing pad

** shorts after delivery (my sister got some and shipped some for me from Japan when I said I could not find ones here in the states)

** pads (maxi pads) 1 pack

** socks 2-3 count

** jacket 1 count

** things you need for bath; shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hairdryer,comb,gel etc..

** things you need for teeth cleaning;toothbrush, toothpaste,cup,face towel etc..

** Makeup items

** nursing pillow;I used breast friend.I really liked it.

It has back cushion to support my back and it has adjustment belt which I liked very much because it prevent the pillow to move around and also it works when my husband or other person would like to use it.

Also, the surface is not too squishy and flat.This nursing pillow was not too bulky.

Some other things I liked was that I can wash the cover (cover can be removed) and it got pocket at front side where you can put bottle or washcloth/bibs etc.

I really liked the front pocket. This is one of the items that we brought to hospital everyday to nurse Liam at NICU

Nursing cover ; I liked Boppy Nursing cover because you can fold it into compact mini pouch.

** plastic bags (plastic grocery bags) for multiple purpose such as using one to put dirty clothe for laundry etc..  handful amount

** camera

** clothe for discharge day

** snacks

** For babies **

Our son spent next 3 weeks at NICU so we did not have to worry much about things we need at the hospitals but..these are what Japanese expectant moms would bring to hospital for babies

** diapers 1 pack

** clothe 1-2 count

** swaddle 1 count

I did not get myself bottle with straw and cap for delivery, but nurse gave me one to drink water on the day after Liam was born.It was nice. I think it would be nice one to put one yourself in your hospital bag.

Besides hospital bag for delivery, you would want to be prepared for the arrival of bundle of joy at home as well.

Be prepare for the new addition to your family..

Here is the list of *must be prepared by the delivery date at least*  from Japanese maternity magazine

** baby inner wear long 3 count,short 3 count,total 6 count

I like to use 100% cotton clothe because it absorb sweat and good for skin care

** sleepwear 6 count

Up until Liam can sit, I was letting him wear footies for cold month, rompers for hot month.

After Liam can sit, I started letting him wear 2 pieces PJ;top and bottom. I like 100% cotton ones.

** bath tub

I like “Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub

** baby body soap; I like Johnson Johnson head to toe body soap

** nail clipper

** wash cloth; I like “Organic Washcloth” from TL Care because it is nice size and it is soft, and absorb water very well. I like their hooded towel as well.

** wipes

** diaper

** bassinet; we like Arm’s reach mini Co-sleeper. We really like this bassinet and we actually got 2 at home.One for upstairs,one for downstairs.

It converts to a free-standing bassinet,and it got two caster wheels which make it easier to move around the house.Also, I liked soft mesh for ventilation.

Another thing that I liked was it got nice storage space underneath the bed section; 4 side pockets and large lower zippered compartment for storage.

** baby carrier;we got ergo 360. I like them because it is easy to wear and gives me good support with wide belt around waist and feel comfortable around shoulder/neck because strap is wide soft thick one.

The strap does not come off from shoulder as well because there is one clip part to secure strap together to prevent it from coming off from shoulder.

Also, it does not make gap between baby and mother/father when it is being used.

** car seat

** stroller; we liked ” BOB motion travel system ” because ..

1. 2 wheels front (sturdy), and can roll on bumpy road if needed to be
2. easy to push, and it gives smooth ride
3. easy to fold (just simply pull the string )
4. The wheel has air inside and you can pump the air into it when the tire got flatten
5. It came with car seat
6. you can hang the diaper bag on the handle,and more space for other stuff needed to be carried under the seat
7. 2 way facing stroller
8. got adjustable handle
9.  can recline the seat when the kid become the age they do not need to use the car seat in the stroller anymore but themselves

Having all of these as basic *must have* at home by the baby is born is good.

Be ready for the big day and for the new addition to your family.

What items were in your hospital bag?

Were there anything that you thought you would need but ended up not using it?


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