Japanese cooking; Gyudon (Ginger beef bowl)

Over here in the states, Sushi will be the most popular recognizable Japanese dish and many people would think that Japanese dishes are hard to make one at home.

However, many of our dishes are very simple,quick and light and probably budget friendly recipes as well.

One of popular Japanese dishes back home in Japan beside Sushi is Gyudon. *Gyu* means * Beef* and *Don* means  shorten words for *Donburi* meaning Bowl* in Japanese. Therefore, Gyudon is basically a beef bowl dish.

Gingery beef with onion is placed over hot steamy rice and served.

There are many Gyudon specialty stores back home. When I was working in Japan in the past, there was Gyudon store that gets long line outside the store because they were very famous for their Gyudon dish.

For this dish, you need…. rice,ginger,beef,onion,sake, soy sauce, mirin, and honey or white sugar. That is all.

It will take less than 30 minutes to cook it. The dish is great for busy moms like me.

This dish would probably be a big hit for people in the states since teriyaki anything seems to be popular flavor in the restaurant industries.However,I have not seen this dish on the menu yet.

Therefore,I thought I would share the recipe here with you so you can try another popular dish from Japan.


Yassy’s Gyudon..

Ingredients for Yassy’s Gyudon:


kokuho rose rice cooked
beef thinly sliced about 10 oz wt
1/2 onion sliced
About pinky size ginger chopped
sake 1 capful (recommend Gekkeikan brand) for marinade plus 2 tbs for the sauce
Soy sauce 2 tbs

honey 2 tbs
mirin 2tbs
baking soda 1/4tsp
extra virgin olive oil

1. In the small bowl, add thinly sliced beef and pour 1 capful of sake and 1/4 tsp baking soda and mix and let it marinade

2. Heat the pan and drizzle extra virgin olive oil and add chopped ginger and let it come to fragrant

3. To that, add 1/2 sweet onion sliced and cook a bit

4. To that, add mixture of soy sauce, mirin, sake, honey and let it come to boil I

5. Rinse the beef under the running water and add beef to the pan after the sauce came to boil

6. Turn the heat lower to middle and continue cooking

7. now and then, stir to prevent the beef to stick together

8. cook the beef till the sauce gets reduced to about 3rd

9. place hot steamy white rice and top it with beef onion mixture and sprinkle sesame seed (option) and serve

** You can also serve with chopped green onion or beni shouga (red colored pickled  ginger) on top

Makes: About 2 -3 servings


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