Palette’s note; special edition Peanut butter blueberry pupcake

Just last month, Palette turned to 11 years old.

I cannot believe she is with us for such a long time already. SHe was with us since 12week old. Time flies!

For Palette, it was different year to previous year because just before her birthday last year, Liam came along.

Good thing for her would be more nibble time for her since Liam sometimes drops food on the floor and she will be called in to vacuum up the floor squeaky clean:-)

I think she would not mind that cleaning job at all.

Since the time our little prince Liam turned around 11 months old, I started including once a day snack time.

Since he is completely weaned off from breast milk or formula now, I am planning our son the snack time 2 times a day;one in the morning, one in the afternoon so he can get supplemental nutrition from those snacks.

I make homemade healthy snacks for him, and it makes my schedule a little tight and limit things that I can do in a day.However, I decided to bake something special for our little princess;Palette too..

What I came up with was using the similar ingredient with Liam’s and tailor to her liking.

Since she does not get to taste peanut butter often, usually I make her peanut butter something for her special day. Of course,with the healthy amount of peanut butter.

I ended up making peanut butter blueberry cake for her.

Let me tell you she really really liked it. When I tell her to sit and wait, her drool bubbles came out from her mouth and I could tell she really loved it.

If I let her,she would eat the whole loaf in one sitting:-) Guaranteed!

She loved the cake very much so I gave her 2 slices but that is the max that I gave to her. After that,she is enjoying one slice a day.

Many dog bakery offer peanut butter treats but bad thing about it is that you cannot tell how much of peanut butter is in them. However, I would imagine they would put more than 1 tbs peanut butter in the batch of cakes or biscuits.

Dogs obviously love peanut butter, but it is not the healthy food for them to put a lot in the treats.

Peanut butter is high calorie food. The creamy peanut butter 1 tbs is 90 kcal, so it means if you fill the small size kong toy for example, you are giving 158kcal (out of the 158kcal, 117 kcal comes from fat) just for your dogs to lick them each time.

I used peanut butter but it is the amount for her to be able to smell it and not a lot of peanut butter in them.I wanted to make healthier cake for her even if using the fatty food ingredient.

Since there is nothing people cannot eat it, my husband tried her birthday cake too.

At our house, he usually asks me “Is it for a dog or for people”.

I take it as compliment, but it is funny that it is the question he asks when he sees me making something or he sees the snack type placed on the counter:-)

Anyway, our Palette loved the cake so much that I decided to share the recipe with you.

Make one for your furriends and you will become their best of the best friends enough for them to stalk you to everywhere you go.

peanut butter blueberry birthday cake for palette

Peanut butter blueberry birthday cake..

This is sugar free , salt free except from tiny bit of peanut butter in it but it is healthy treat for your dog.

Many pupcake recipes on the internet calls for peanut butter (1 tbs of peanut butter has 90kcal. It will make the homemade treats very sugary,fatty,high calorie treats if not careful how much to pit in), and some sort of sweetener such as honey,molasses,or sugary frosting and so forth, but fruits itself is already sweet enough and, I did not think it needed more ingredients as sweetener,and this one does not have those.

For our little son, I make snack but like Palette’s principle, I do not like to make sugary fatty snack for him. His snack is very low sugar and free from sugary frosting and I try to incooperate fresh fruits etc..

I hope your dogs would like them as much as Palette did.


Ingredients for Peanut butter blueberry pupcake with yogurt;

1C unbleached all purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
7 tbs whole milk
1/2 egg
1 oz whole blueberry

Yogurt (whole milk plain yogurt.I love stonyfield yogurt)

<Peanut butter blueberry pupcake with yogurt>

0. Preheat the oven at 425F

1.To the bowl, add 1C unbleached all purpose flour,1 tsp baking powder, 1/2 tsp baking soda and mix well

2. To other bowl, add 1 tsp peanut peanut butter, 7 tbs milk and mix

3. Add 1/2 egg to the peanut butter-milk mixture and mix well

4. To the egg mixture bowl, add flour mixture a little at a time and add 1 oz fresh blueberry and gently stir to combine

5. place the cake pan with non stick foil and pour the batter and shape it to rectangle with about 1″ thickness

6. Bake 15 minutes or toothpicks in the center comes out clean batter

7. Slice the cake to about 1/2″ thickness and serve with drop of yogurt on top

Makes: 1/2″ thick slice about 11 slices

Here is the video to show you how much Palette loves the pupcake.

Palette and Peanut butter blueberry pupcake with yogurt I

Palette and Peanut butter blueberry pupcake with yogurt II

**peanut butter blueberry cake whole amount is roughly
about 578 kcal (you can see more detail at
website here.)

One slice of the cake served is 52.5kcal. So, Each pupcake is still lower kcal than 1 tbs of peanut butter served (1 tbs peanut butter is 90 kcal).

You can certainly cut the cake into quarter, and feed it to your dog to lower the daily intake from treats.



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