Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 15- day 19

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

The entry was about his poor feeding, growth day 8 through day14, and breast pump and insurance company.

Also, I wrote that we met the lady doctor who was filling in our initial guy doctor who suggested the stomach tube for Liam.

Second opinion matters…

She said she wanted to get to know him for the next few days and see how he does with bottle/breast feeding. Her opinion was that, it does not need to hurry to decide the feeding tube in the stomach.

Sometimes, each doc has their own opinion and not always agree with each other.

It would give us second opinion and gives us more thoughts on the topic and, I think it was good that the lady doctor stepped in and told us about her opinion.

I too wanted less invasive approach for him. If he did not need any surgery for the poor feeding, then, it would be better,I thought.

If she did not step in, Liam would have gone under the knife because after the family meeting,we thought doctor would know better and if doctor thinks it is the best way to approach,then, we maybe should follow his opinion.

After the family meeting over the skype, we were about to tell the guy doctor what we think.However, over the weekend, the lady doctor  came to us and asked us to give her more time to evaluate Liam to get to know him and think what is best for him.

I think waiting was worth it. I liked how the lady doctor approached Liam’s issue and that she did not push for/jumping into the idea of  the feeding tube in the stomach.

She said that since he is not a critical patient, he would not get the stomach tube surgery over the weekends anyway and, she wanted time to get her thoughts together.

When we visited Liam next day, I met the physical therapist working with Liam.She said he needs more muscle tone and giving him massage that would help strength the muscle tone.

She offered to teach us how to at home. Therefore, we  scheduled more learning time at NICU next day.

After that, we met the lady doctor again and she told us that Liam was making some progress since weekend even a little. Her suggestion was to give him a chance to see if he can improve without any intervention.

That means, his “coming home” day maybe a bit later than the day we could have him with the tube in his stomach but, if he did not have to have the tube in the stomach with his best effort to take food via mouth more, we preferred that way.

Therefore, we agreed to have him stay at NICU until original due date and see how he does.

She thought that he was born a little early so, he needs time to catch up and he would improve as time goes by.

To be able for him to come home, his test was to take food via mouth for 2 days without the feeding tube. That is his test he needed to clear.

That day, I heard from nurse that he took 30ml out of 50 ml previous night feeding time and  the day, with me, he took 20ml out of 50 ml.

Next feeding time, my husband did bottle feed him. Liam took 25 ml out of 50ml.

He was getting better in the feeding. He was drinking 10 ml-15 ml of milk before and he was out like a light.

Now, he drunk more and more awake, more wiggly and now and then, I saw him opening eyes more.

It was the time I thought feeding issue would improve over time just like the lady doctor told us he would.

When we went to 2nd feeding time, the nurse who care for Liam before was taking care of Liam’s neighbor at NICU.

She said to us “You guys are doing great with Liam, and I can see your level of confidence is up”.

I think she was right. I remember how scary it was to hold tiny Liam when I was still at the hospital because he was so tiny and neck is not stable and I never really had opportunity to hold babies who does not have stable neck.

I have hold my sister’s babies before but by the time we visited them, their neck was stable. So, holding Liam for the first time was scary and nervous but now I got used to it and I thought I mastered how to diaper change,how to take temperature, how to swaddle,how to hold/burp him etc.. through the learning from NICU nurse.

He being in NICU is not good, but on the flip side, we could learn all of these from nurse and it was good that we could learn one vs one.

Next day, we learned how to massage him for strengthening the muscle.We were learning something new each time there.

Baby massage…

Next day, at the first feeding time, me and my husband learned massaging Liam.It was kind of like aroma therapy minus aroma (scent). Therapist used sweet almond oil on Liam and Liam looked like enjoying the massage whole bunch.

The massaging was done on his face and legs. It was funny to see how he made his face while we were working with him.

I would like to share the method on how to baby massage but, it is a rather big topic and I would like to share the information in the next entry.

After the relaxed time, we did feeding and he took bottle 25 ml out of 50 ml (50%) and I was glad.All milk inside the bottle was my breast milk, not formula.

The nurse on that day commented that he seemed to drink more (seemed to like better) when the milk is breast milk as opposed to formula.Maybe because I eat yummy stuff for him, and he must have liked what I ate:-)

Then, the second feeding time, he was more awake and surprisingly, he opened up his mouth wide when he saw the bottle, and took it so well (again, milk inside was breast milk).

This time, he took 35 ml out of 50ml.

The doctor and nurse told us they were impressed with the little progress he made.

One point time on the second feeding time, he got his bottle in his mouth and he was putting his hand over my hand as if he is trying to make sure not letting the bottle go,lol.

After that feeding time, nurse who was taking care of Liam came by and talked to me how she liked our country ; Japan.

She said she lived in Japan for 4 years due to her husband’s job (Air force and stationed in Misawa Japan).So, we chat a bit and we enjoyed the conversation with her very much.

She said that Liam did not get mad a lot at NICU and when he gets fussy it was usually when diaper change is needed. He was a good sweet boy,she said.

After the day, since my husband had to go back to work and my mother in law was going to fly out from VA to her state and then going to yearly family trip in MI, I did not get to see Liam next day.

Therefore, for that day my husband was the breast milk delivery guy for Liam:) Then, he was checking Liam here and there on his way to work.

Getting to know the little ones..

One thing we did with our Corgi “Palette” for the arrival of our little son “Liam” was that we let Palette sniff Liam’s hat and his shirt and swaddle towel from hospital.

Many days until Liam comes home, She was sleeping on the hospital towel Liam was wrapped in at NICU.

Now Liam is home crawling around the house, and he wants to grab her fur rather than touching to pet her, I do not let the two together without my supervision.

Palette seems to understand the daily routine and, she does fine with Liam as long as he is not flopping around his hands or trying to reach her or crawling after her.

Interesting thing is, Palette never ever touches/mouthing Liam’s toy even though I would assume that many of Liam’s toy would look like hers but she never mistakes with her own. I am amazed and I wonder if it is because she recognize the scent and differentiate it from her own toy.

Feeding tube no more!

Next day, Liam said “I want no feeding tube!” (Yanked the tube out from his nose at NICU).

Liam 17 days old without feed tube July 31 2014 blog

Liam 17 days old without feed tube…

Therefore, he was without it one day and the lady doctor let him be and decided to observe his feeding without it. The nurse was going to let him try taking milk via bottle without feeding tube.

That day,the nurse told my husband who brought breast milk for Liam that he did really good in terms of taking milk via mouth although she did not tell him how much he took.

It was looking hopeful that he be home soon..

Stay tuned for more NICU story with Liam.


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