Skinny sweet sour chicken with vegetables

I love Chinese Japanese dishes such as sweet sour pork or sweet sour meatball or sweet sour chicken.

The dish “su-bu-ta” (Sweet sour pork” ) is traditionally made with pork shoulder,deep fried and they are coated with thicken sweet sour sauce. The dish got onion, pepper, carrot and pineapple.

Besides Subuta, there are variety of sweet sour sauce dishes such as sweet sour meatball (pork meatball is deep fried and coated with sweet sour sauce and cooked with pepper and onion) or Sweet sour chicken (chicken thigh is cut to bite size pieces and breaded and deep fried and coated with sweet sour sauce.Often times, the dish is with pepper and onion).

I like su-bu-ta but I do not like sticky sweet sweet sour sauce you sometime find at American Chinese restaurants across the country and, when I make the dish, I make less sweet sauce and, I enjoy them a lot.

Chinese influenced Japanese dishes like this is a good dish that you can add in whatever vegetables on hand as well to make it extra nutritious.

I like to add in non traditional ingredients from the fridge sometime.

I think, this sauce would go well with white meat fish as well.

These would also be great recipes for kids to eat more vegetables. I find that sometimes, sauce makes the food taste a little different even if you are eating disliked vegetables.

My mother tried different cooking method, different type of fish (I did not care for fish as a kid.Now I like fish better than steak), different types of sauce and I now can eat fish. It is all due to my mother’s hard work to help me eat better:-)

This is the recipe you can cook up in 30 minutes and, perfect recipe for busy moms out there.

When I make sweet sour dish, I do not deep fry them. There is a little secret to make the meat tender when cook in the skillet.

Since my version does not deep fry the meat, I just call it “Skinny Sweet sour chicken”.

Traditionally, chicken used for sweet sour chicken is thigh but I used breast.

skinny sweet sour chicken

Skinny sweet sour chicken….

Ingredients for the sauce;

* 4 tbs rice vinegar
* 2.5 tbs white sugar
* 4 tbs Ketchup

* Sake 1 tbs
* 1 tsp soy sauce
* 1/2 tsp corn starch
* 1/8 tsp sesame oil

1. Mix all ingredients in bowl and set it aside.

Ingredients for sweet sour chicken;

10 oz wt chicken breast boneless cut into bite size pieces
Morton Natures Seasons
corn starch
2 capful sake (I like to use Gekkeikan Sake brand)
1/2 red onion rough chopped
1 /2 stick carrot thinly sliced diagonally and par cooked
1/8 Green pepper rough chopped
1/8 Red pepper rough chopped
shanghai bok choy stem thinly sliced

Asparagus chopped

1. Cut the boneless chicken breast to bite size pieces and season them with Morton Natures Seasons

2. Season it with Morton’s Natures Seasons

3. Put the chicken into the small bowl and add handful of corn starch to coat them

4. In the skillet, drizzle sesame oil and bring the skillet to hot

5. When the skillet got screaming hot, add in chicken breast and brown them and once browned,add in 1-2 capful of sake and shake the skillet and cover the skillet for a minutes or so till it gets evaporated fully and take chicken out on the plate

This technique will make the chicken tender

6. Add 1/2 onion rough chopped, par cooked carrot thinly sliced diagonally, shanghai bok choy stem thinly sliced and stir

*** To cook carrot a bit before going into the skillet ***

Carrot takes long time to get cooked and I found that if I cook some in the microwave before finish cooking in the skillet, it saves some  cooking time and much easier to make the dish

To cook some, here is what you need to do

  1. thinly slice carrot diagonally and put it into small bowl and cover them with water
  2. Place plastic wrap directly over the water in the bowl
  3. (make sure it touches the water)
  4. Place another plastic wrap to cover the bowl
  5. Microwave about 1.5 minutes or so
  6. Drain and cook in the skillet


7. When they got cooked to about 80%, add in  1/8 Green pepper rough chopped, 1/8 Red pepper rough chopped, and cut Asparagus and stir

** Season the vegetable with Morton’s Natures Seasons each time you add in new ingredients

8. Add chicken back into the skillet and pour the sauce and stir to thicken

9. Enjoy!

Makes: 2-3 servings

I used vegetables listed above but you can use vegetables you can find in your fridge.

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