Brunswick stew and Cheesy Jalapeno cornbread

As season changes and getting cold weather, nothing comforting than a hearty bowl of stew or soup for the meal.

When I make the Brunswick stew, I use cut up chicken breast, but you can use shredded beef,shredded pork, shredded chicken and I think you can even use white meat fish in the stew because white fish meat goes well with tomato sauce.

If you have leftover grilled/BBQ meat from previous meals, you can chop up to small pieces and use that in the soup. If you got already cooked meat you can cook up this dish even quicker. This stew recipe is a great base recipe which you can use it to make the rollover dish.

This stew goes well with crusty artisan bread.

I think you could even make it in the slow cooker and serve it to the large crowd.

Very first time I have tasted Brunswick stew was at Williamsburg tavern in VA. Menu they served was made as it was made hundreds of years ago. When we tasted the stew, my husband loved the stew and that is why I have decided to make one at home for us to enjoy.

Later, I learned that it is also the dish that is popular in southern states in the states.

Since I was curious about the connection between southern style Brunswick stew and the stew we tasted in VA, I have looked into how the stew came about.

New York Times ran the article about backstory of the dish in 1982. The article was written by John Herbers. According to the article, it said that a couple of hundred years ago,  a hunting party in Brunswick County, Va., left a lazy fellow at the camp with a large stock of tomatoes, onions, cabbage, butter beans (limas), corn, white meat (fatback) and red pepper, and instructions to have a supper ready when the hunters returned.

Disgruntled at being left behind, he threw everything into one pot, added a couple of squirrels that he shot out of the closest tree, lit the fire and went to sleep. When the hunters returned at dusk, the famous Southern dish was born.

You can read the full article by John Herbers at NY Times website here.

I do not know if the stew that I make is true to the authenticity but, it is, to me, tasty one and I have decided to share it with you here.

I usually prepare crusty artisan bread to go with it but sometimes, I like to serve Jalapeno Cornbread.It goes well with the stew as well.

I will include my husband’s favorite cheesy jalapeno cornbread recipe here as well.

Brunswick stew

Brunswick stew.. 

Ingredients for Brunswick stew;

6 oz chicken breast pounded and cut into bite size pieces
1C chicken broth
14 oz diced canned tomato
2 oz whole corn kernel
4 Okras cut to bite size pieces
2-3 oz canned pinto beans
1/4 sweet onion chopped
2/3 medium potato cut into bite size pieces
1 tbs white sugar
1/4C tomato sauce
pinch of salt and pepper
pinch of cayenne pepper
dash of balsamic vinegar

<Brunswick stew>

0. Cut the 6 oz  pounded chicken breast into bite size pieces

1. Pour 1C chicken broth in the sauce pan and add 14 oz diced canned tomato,2 oz whole corn kernel, 4 Okras cut to bite size pieces, 2-3 oz canned pinto beans (or lima beans), 1/4 sweet onion chopped, 2/3 medium potato cut into bite size pieces, 1 tbs white sugar, 1/4C tomato sauce and add pinch of salt and pepper.

2. let it come to boil and turn the heat down to simmer and cook till potatoes get tender

3. Once potatoes are tender, uncover the lid and let it thicken the stew

4. add pinch of cayenne pepper and balsamic vinegar and adjust the seasoning

Makes; about 2-3 servings

Cheesy Jarapano cornbread

Cheesy Jalapeno cornbread..

Ingredients for Cheesy Jalapeno cornbread;

1/4 Jalapeno chopped
2C cornmeal (recommend Bob’s red mill brand)
1/2C all purpose flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/3C white sugar
2 eggs
1C butter milk
4 tbs butter melted
1/3C Monterey Jack cheese

<Cheesy Jalapeno cornbread>

0. In the bowl, mix 1/4 Jalapeno chopped,2C cornmeal (recommend Bob’s red mill brand),1/2C all purpose flour,2 tsp baking powder,1/2 tsp salt,1/3C white sugar

1. In another bowl, add 2 eggs, 1C butter milk, 4 tbs butter melted, 1/3C Monterey Jack cheese

2. Add dry ingredient  to the wet ingredients and gently mix them

** It is good to draw number 11 and circle around the number in the bowl to avoid over mixing the ingredients

3. Pour it into greased 8″ x 8″ baking pan and bake them at 375F for about 30-35 minutes

Makes; 8″x 8″ cornbread



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