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Yassy’s note; Liam in NICU; Baby massage for crying and grizzling at night

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note;Liam in NICU; Baby massage on legs and feet“, I wrote while Liam was in NICU,during the second week, me and my husband learned about the baby massage.

In this entry, I would like to share how you can use baby massage to ease the night time problems such as crying and grizzling.

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Baby massage 1-2-3..

Sit on the floor with your baby right in front of you on the blanket.

Start with a gentle conversation to your baby.I used to talk to Liam while I touch/stroke his head to catches his attention.

If the baby were quiet ,calm, and in gentle mood, then gently massage baby’s body section by section.

Massage is not like recipes for one dish. You would work section by section first. Then, when the baby got used to the whole idea of being massaged, then, you can do a few techniques in one session.

If you see your baby yawning,trying to get away from you or crying etc (sign of stress) ..,stop  the massage and done for the day.

For today, I will introduce you how you can use the baby massage on trouble shooting the specific problems.

These are something that I learned through my Japanese e-magazine.

Baby massage for crying baby at night

  1. When babies cries at night….

You can massage baby’s butt and lower back to loosen up the muscle around the area to cause them to feel relaxed and it helps to make less crying at night and also rubbing around those area can make the baby to sleep easier; it tends to make the time to go into sleep shorten.

That being said, from my personal experience with Liam, he sometime had night crying not because cannot sleep well but because making him feeling uncomfortable and, when that happened, I woke up and performed infant tummy massage.

To prevent his uncomfortable feeling in the tummy with gas from happening, I made sure he burped well, and performed tummy massage after a bit of time rest from burping session after the feeding time.

Here is how I did on Liam as tummy massage.It helped his gas situation greatly.

We rarely faced the gas problems since tummy massage has been done.

Infant Tummy Massage

Babies digestive system works clock wise motion. Babies’ uncomfortable side tend to be left hand side;12’oclock to 6 o’clock side…

1. Head touch; with your left hand side, cup his head and with right hand give him circle motion touch on his head, to calm him

2. With your right hand, place to the cross your baby ‘s tummy. Slide hands on his tummy to the groin. Repeat with your other hand (like a water wheel),a few times

3. Place your thumbs on the center so your hands come to their side of the body.Then, slide out to the waist, a few times

4. Imagine the clock. With your left hand, gently slide your hand from 7 o’clock to 7 o’clock clock wise (big circle) ,a few times

5. With your right hand, gently give pressure and slide your hand from 12 o’clock to the 6 o’clock clockwise, a few times

6. Alternate 7 o’clock to 7 o’clock motion with 12 o’clock to 6’ oclock motion, a few times

7. With your right hand,write the Japanese Hiragana letter の;From 12 o’clock to 7 o’clock and 7 o’clock to 7 o’clock a few times

8 Hold baby’s ankle and gently bounce to relax his tummy, a few times

9. Hold onto his ankle and take his knee and, very gently push baby’s legs against his belly, hold 5 seconds. Release the leg.

10. Bounce the leg again and repeat. Can do up to 6 times with leg bend motion.

For other reasons for crying at night or grizzling at night, you can try other baby massage technique below.

Circle on lower back and butt plus slide on the arms…

  • Place your baby on belly and place your hand on baby’s one of their butt cheeks side (left side) and gently move your hand to up and to the right side butt cheek as if you are drawing the circle on their butt.
  • Repeat 5-10 times
  • Then, now with both hands on their back at the level of armpits,place one hand on one side, the other on the other side and slowly moving it to downward to their ankle
  • Now place both of your hands on their shoulder; one hand on one side, and the other hand on the other side of shoulder.Then, gently slide your hands to wrist

According to my Japanese e-magazine article, by massaging around sacral bone area and stimulate the area, parasympathetic nervous system gets turned on, and it becomes easy for the baby to feel relaxing.

 Magazine suggests to try 1 set for 2-3 times; this exercise is good for babies from newborn (0 month).

Just make sure the baby’s face is looking to the side when you perform this technique on them.

Hold the baby and baby massage on back

  • Hold baby in your arms,and making the baby feel secure
  • Then, rub baby’s back gently; slowly move your hand up and down, up and down.This will hep them calm down.
  • It is also  important that mother (you) need to feel calm and relaxed as well.
  • Repeat until calm down

Magazine suggests to try this until calm down; this exercise is good for babies from newborn (0 month).

Heart on the back…

  • Place your baby on their belly,making sure their face is looking to the side
  • Place both of your hands on their back of their neck so your hands are looking like letter ハ;your fingers are towards inner and your wrist side is outer .
  • Slowly move both of your hands down from back of their neck to butt.
  • Repeat a couple of times
  • Place both of your hands on upper spine, and draw the heart toward butt side slowly and gently
  • Repeat for a couple of times.

According to my Japanese e-magazine article, there is a big muscle on the back with the spine in the center of it.

Therefore, when you loosen up the big muscle in the back. it makes the baby breathe better and it leads to better sleeping.

Magazine suggests to try 1 set for a couple of times and this exercise is good for babies from newborn (0 month).

All these baby massage is good one but some babies do not like to be on their belly, and rather want to roll over or not staying still.

But that is ok. You do not need to force the massage on them. When they have something else on their mind, lets them be, and you could find other baby massage technique that would suit to your baby’s movement.

How long you can spend time with baby massage….

0-2 months baby; you can perform the baby massage for less than 5 minutes.Therefore, It is good enough for you to perform just arms and legs which makes you do baby massage the large area with one movement.

3-6 months baby; It is about time they start having curiosity about  their hands. If you massage hands and arms and stimulate them, it encourage the better arms and hands development. You can perform the massage by letting them hold one toy on one hand while you perform the massage on other side of arm etc..

7-11 months; Babies would get active each day. They would probably hate to be on one spot or staying still. By matching up the movement to the Rolling over or crawling, you can do massage like a game.

12-18 months; Babies would understand your easy directions and getting better at communicating each other. It is great time to use the baby massage time to teach them some words.  Perform baby massage on them by telling them where you are performing the baby massage on such as arms, legs, face etc.

My Japanese e-magazine suggests that if you perform baby massage on foot, it will be good because it is about the time where they develop muscle in the legs and nerve system around the area and foot massage, leg massage are beneficial for them.



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