Strawberry Tart

Every year, when Valentine’s Day comes around the corner, chocolate becomes the king of sweets. Many stores sells chocolates in fancy
decorated box or cute heart shaped containers with or without cute stuffed animals.

As a kid, I remember visiting grocery stores near our house every
February for the special Valentine’s Day, trying to find the best
possible chocolate for my father and for the boy I liked.

In Japan, as I wrote in the previous entry titled “Loves in the Air!! Valentine’s Day in Japan“,Valentine’s day is “the Confession” day for women if she was single.

Woman gives chocolate to a man she likes, and tell him that she is in love with him.

If she has a boyfriend, then the day becomes the day to show him she loves him very much.

On the Valentine’s day, men do not give anything to women,and
he does not give answer “Yes” to the women who gave him a box of chocolate asking to become his girlfriend.

In Japan,there is a day called “White Day”. It is the day men give women “yes” or “No” answer;to whom he got chocolate from. It is on the exactly one month away:March 14th.

 This tradition is actually still short history because it started in 1980’s. But it is a day that guy who has received “Ho n me i chocolate” gives woman candy (marshmallow,cookies,and other kind of candies) and answer “yes” or “no” to them.

If men got “Gi ri Chocolate” then,it is a day to return the favor and nothing deep meaning in the candies the male workers give female workers.Simply meaning “Thank you for the Giri Chocolate”.

When woman gives chocolates on Valentine’s Day,sometimes, those chocolate comes with hand-knit sweater or  muffler to the man to confess her love to him.

Hand-knitted stuff was very popular items to give with chocolate when I was a student. I saw girls knitting during the break for special someone.

These chocolates given to special someone in love are categorized as “Ho n me i chocolate”. What it means is that it is a chocolate to confess the love.

The chocolates given to other men such as father,male workmates, male boss are categorized as “Gi-ri chocolate”.

It is translated ” Obligation Chocolate”. It has no meaning of “I am in
love with you” but it just became tradition in Japan.

Anyone can buy a box of chocolates, or can take you to a fancy restaurant for special meal created by restaurants’ chefs for the special day and, those romantic dinner dates are great.

However, if you make something for your loved ones,even if you make something simple, it has lots of feeling in there, and becomes quite personal and it has a lot more meaning to it.

I am sure you can put a huge smile on your loved one with something special made by you.

This year, I have made “Strawberry Tart” for my husband for valentine’s day.

I picked strawberry as star ingredient of this dessert because our little son loves strawberry, and I was going to share it with him..

For our son, the dessert it low sugar but it still tasted good and my husband and our son loved these.

In this entry, I would like to share the recipe of strawberry tart.

Maybe next year’s Valentine’s day, or on your special occasion, you can make it yourself and enjoy this tasty dessert.

This tart is very fresh taste from fresh strawberries and tart itself is not sticky sweet.That is what I like about it. Next time, I may bake with different fruits.

You can enjoy decoration by using different colored fruits as well.Color of the fruits really pops from bright beautiful color and I love using fresh fruits for decoration.

Japanese cake in general use a lot of fruits, and use that as color for baked goods. This tart baking reminded me of Japanese cake baking a lot.

Strawberry tart Feb 15 2016

Strawberry Tart..

Ingredients for tart crust;

50g (1.8 oz) butter

1/2 Egg

100g (3.6 oz) unbleached all purpose flour

20 g (0.7 oz) Almond flour

50g (1.8 oz) granulated white sugar

Dry beans for weight when baking

Ingredients for creamy custard cream;

1 whole egg

1 tbs unbleached all purpose flour

3 tbs granulated white sugar

200 CC ( 7 oz) milk

1/4 tsp vanilla extract

Ingredients for almond cream;

50g (1.8 oz) butter

50g (1.8 oz) granulated white sugar

1 whole egg

50g (1.8 oz) almond flour

Ingredients for decoration;

167g (6 oz) stem removed sliced strawberries

small amount of granulated white sugar for garnish

<Tart crust>

1. Bring up the 50g (1.8 oz) butter,1 egg to room temperature and preheat the oven at 340F

2. Shift the 20g (0.7 oz) almond flour, 100g (3.6 oz) unbleached all purpose flour separately into the each bowl.

3.In the bowl, add 50 g (1.8 oz) butter and cream it with 50g (1.8 oz) white sugar until color turns to pale yellow

4. Add in 20g (0.7 oz) almond flour and mix it and add in 100g (3.6 oz) unbleached flour a little bit per time and careful not to over mix it

5. When the dough became mixed without white spots of fliur in the dough, put it onto the saran wrap and wrap it into round dough and let it rest in the fridge for about 30. minutes or so.

6. After the resting roll the dough to round about 1/4″ bigger round than the tart pan and cover the tart pan bottom with non stick foil and wipe the side edges with butter wrapper to grease it up a bit or wipe the sides with paper towel that has bit of melted butter on it and place the dough in the tart pan

7. Poke the tart crust bottom with fork and put non stick foil directly on the bottom of the tart crust and pour some dry beans for the weight

8. Bake the tart crust at 340F for 20-25 minutes

9. Let it cool

10. When cool, pour the almond cream in the crust and spread it around so all the bottom gets covered and then bake it in the 340F oven for about 30 minutes

11. Let it cool

<Almond cream>

1. In the bowl, beat the soften 50g (1.8 oz) butter and add 50g (1.8 oz) white granulated sugar and after a bit, add in 1 whole egg, beat and then add in 50g (1.8 oz) almond flour, and when everything got mixed in,it is done

<creamy custard cream>

1.. In the cool sauce pan, add in 1 whole egg, 1 tbs unbleached all purpose flour, 3 tbs granulated white sugar, and whisk them good

2. To the pan, add in 200 CC ( 7 oz) milk and 1/4 tsp vanilla extract and mix well

3. Put the pan on the stove with high heat and keep strring and when the mixture started getting thicker, turn the heat to medium heat and keep strring and continue whisking until desired thickness


1. Smear some of custard cream over the baked almond cream, and decorate with sliced strawberries and shift small amount of  granulated white sugar through the kitchen shieve to garnish the tart

2. Enjoy

A slice of strawberry tart Feb 16 2016

A slice of strawberry tart…

What can you do with leftover custard cream?

 1. You can smear on the toasted bread and eat.

That was how I liked enjoy leftover custard cream. In Japan, we have desserty bread at bakery and one of the kind is called cream pan (pan in Japanese means “bread”).The cream pan is the sweet dinner roll like bread dough filled with custard cream inside.

I love them.

You can also use up leftover strawberry by sprinkle the berries over the custard cream smeared bread and enjoy the strawberry-custard cream sandwich.

This is one of great toddler snack of the day. Liam loved the sandwich very much.

Liam snack of the day strawberry custard sandwich Feb 16 2016

strawberry custard cream sandwich..


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