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Paws up? Paw down? Glycerin in dog treats

The other day, I came across other pet store’s advertising page for Chicken Jerky and Duck Jerky where I found interesting things.

They wrote they were made with antibiotic-free, hormone-free duck or chicken and no fillers, chemicals, or preservatives and it even said that natural dental dog treat beneficial to canine dental health.

That sounds nice,isn’t it?

Chicken one had similar line except that they have added that these treats were not from China.

Both of them were imported from EU.Ingredients were chicken and Glycerin for chicken Jerky. Duck and glycerine for duck Jerky. It was 2 ingredients Jerky.

One thing that I found these treats interesting is because these Jerky treats is not single ingredient Jerky.

I have been making Surf Turf Jerky and Wild West Cowboy Jerky for Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen customers for long time and I know that you can make Jerky with one quality meat as ingredient and nothing needed.

I make them to order so each batch is fresh; they are shipped within 24 hours since meat being started dehydrated in the dehydrator. Then, we do not add in anything to them.

I do not think Jerky really need anything else.

I do carry dehydrated dog treats from other maker, but theirs are all single ingredient and nothing added to them either.

That got me wonder why the Jerky the other store carry need Glycerin…

The two ingredients Jerky is not as bad as 36 ingredient Jerky I have seen in the past but still… What do they need other ingredients for?

This lead me to trying to find out about Glycerin; what glycerin is, what it needs for, and most importantly would that be good/safe for dogs?


What is Glycerin anyway?

According to petnet website, Glycerin is a sweetener and binder (humectant) that is chemically altered manufactured compounds.

“Vegetable Glycerin,” as described on pet treat ingredient lists, is most often a by-product of soap making, detergents making, from vegetable oils.

In other words, glycerin is not something you can easily find in the food naturally.

The article also says it has traditionally been used in pet food as a binder for canned dog foods, preservatives to prevent the mold in treats, to make the treats chewy texture dogs would probably enjoy  and lastly, it is added to act as sweetening agent

The article says that glycerin delivered from animal or plant source are generally safe for dogs.

However, Glycerin that is derived from biofuel  ( diesel fuel) processing leads to significant amounts of residual methanol (wood alcohol) and sodium that remain in the Glycerin.These are made from corn.

Therefore, if the glycerin was not sourced from animal or plant source, the treats should not be fed to the dogs. It would have been much better though if you avoid all the treats containing the Glycerin.

Dogs enjoy meat perfectly happy and we really do not need to add in sweetener to it to make it taste better.

Plus, even if you were to make your own Jerky, you do not need binder for that.

Jerky is usually good training treats and training treats should be “easy to break”, “no treats that needs crunch crunch or chew chew swallow”. So, Jerky does not need to be “chewy texture” for the dog training.

If your dog likes chewy texture and if you feed your dog raw diet, green tripe unground one or raw trachea or raw pig ear would give your dog chewy texture. No need to have Glycerin help to make the consistency.

If you are going to make your own Jerky for your dog as snack instead of dog training treats,I think you could achieve the chewy texture by  not grinding the meat and cut along the grain plus how long you would dehydrate , how thick you would cut. Those would effect the  texture ; chewy or crispier texture. No glycerin needed.

So, what is the point to have Glycerin in the treats?

I think, for maker of the treats, the easiest route to make a cost effective moist treat was to add vegetable glycerin

For sellers, I think  that it would work for them to keep the shelf stable treats in stock.

Otherwise, it is not something that would nutritionally help your dog and no point for your dogs to have it.

Therefore, my humble personal opinion is to avoid the treats with it. I would, for our k9 executive chef “Palette” and I would not offer those to our customers either just because we believe simple ingredient treats are the best.

When you have perfectly great true natural dog treats right in front of you;single ingredient meat treat, and when you add chemically altered by products  of soap/detergent making “vegetable glycerin” to it, how could you call the treats “All natural treats”?

We would rather carry single ingredient Jerky treats.Our surf Turf Jerky is 2 ingredients but it is because I wanted to make surf turf version of Jerky and I needed to use wild caught salmon and grass-fed buffalo meat. No fillers ,no preservative, no glycerin, no nothing needed to be added to create the delicious pawfect Jerky treats for your dogs.

Glycerin sourced from shrub “Jatropha”..

On the talk of Glycerin, I found that FDA was notifying the industries regarding plant called “Jatropha plant”-  shrub.

Why? It was because these  high oil content,  low cost shrub has recently became popular source for making biodiesel.

The notice says that Jatropha plants may contain toxic compounds, including phorbol esters.These compounds exhibit potential toxicity, both acute and chronic, to exposed humans and animals.

Read more on Glycerine and Jatropha plants from FDA notification letter here.

The above 2 treats pages mentioned that the Glycerine in ingredients are vegetable glycerin so those would probably be safe for the dogs.

However, when you know you can feed the one without them, why would you rather pick the 2 ingredients sweet , chewy Jerky treats that claims that these are beneficial for canine dental health…

I personally do not understand why sweet tasting and chewy texture treats are good for the dental health, but the seller might not know what Glycerin does in the treats.

More on Glycerine from Wise geek website here

Lastly, when you look for treats, many would already know what to look for from origin of the treats, ingredients of the treats but did you know that sometimes, to make one products, company could get ingredient from different parts of the world such as vitamin mix ‘s individual components ares from Western Europe, or parsley is from Egypt and so on.

Thus, yes, the treats above are EU origin but what about glycerin?

That would be my personal last question for the treats.

Look around and read your dog treats ingredients list. I am surprised to find so many contains Glycerin in the dog treats.

Product A Chicken Jerky contains; Chicken Breast, Glycerin, Salt, Cane Molasses, Citric Acid (used as a preservative), Natural Mixed Tocopherols (used as a preservative), Rosemary Extract

Product B Chicken Jerky; Chicken breast, Glycerin

How is your dog’s treats?

One thing that big company cannot do is to offer freshest truly filler free dog treats like we make for our customers batch to batch.

We do not do mass production and every batch is made fresh and each batch we make has love and passion in it.

We cannot offer large amount of Jerky treats to many customers all at once but, I enjoy making small number of furry customers happy one by one with REAL things.

I love making customers’ dogs happy and put a big doggie smile on them with our healthy all natural dog treats and chews:-)

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