Yassy’s note; Liam in NICU; day 22- day 26

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

The entry was about his poor feeding, growth day 8 through day14, and breast pump and insurance company.

Then in the previous entry titled “Yassy’s Note;Liam in NICU; day 20- day 21“, I, as primary care person for LIam, I had to take graduation test with Liam at NICU.

On the graduation test day I was to be tested for ability of care Liam (how handle things on my own) plus for Liam, it was test for him to show them he can drink the amount of milk he needs to drink at each feeding time with me.I was there from morning to the evening.

Liam took almost 60ml (formula) at the very first feeding in the morning (must have been hungry).

Then, second,third, and fourth ones were with my breast milk and nurse pour 52ml in the bottle and he took them all.

Especially the last feeding schedule time, he hold my hands over mine and when I tried to pull the bottle out since he emptied out, he did not let me do so:-)

It was a good sign. Ultimately, he passed (well, we passed our test) his test for the feeding challenge.

Therefore, he was pre authorized for discharge next day!

We both were excited for it!

One more challenge he has to clear next day was car seat challenge;he needs to be monitored his heart beat for 1.5 hr in the car seat to make sure he is good with the car seat and car seat posture.

As you can imagine, we both were very very excited for the result.

Car seat Challenge at NICU and Liam passed the test..

22nd day in NICU, Liam took the graduation test Part II;the car seat challenge, and he passed it!

He is finally home… The day was the day we both were waiting for so long. Palette was interested in him and sniffed his crib a lot:-)

Liam is home Aug 5 2014 2 blog

Liam 22 day old, he is finally home….

When he got discharged afternoon, he had his very first milk time at home.It was all breast milk bottle, and he drank up 50 ml in 10-15 minutes:-)

I could not believe that he was the baby struggling with feeding issue for so long.

He cried loud after the feeding, letting us know that he needed diaper change.

He was happy with his WubbaNub doggie pacifier we got for him after the milk time.

In fact, we really liked this pacifier because it got stuffed animal big enough for him to hold onto and if you stuck the animal inside the swaddle,it kept the pacifier from falling out from his itty bitty mouth.

Also, it seemed like good one for hand and eye coordination.

We liked it so much that we got dog one, monkey one, polar bear one and we kept one in our diaper bag so we do not forget it for hospital visit. It calmed him down/comfort him.

Another thing we liked was swaddle me Swaddle Square Go Bananas Muslin Blanket from summer infant.

The material was very soft and size is big enough for us to nicely swaddle Liam. And we liked the cute design.

When he was not wrapped anymore, we used it in place of blanket or with real blanket to cover his feet while he is in her car seat/stroller. It worked out good.

With him, it felt like time passes by so fast!

Liam 22 day old is home from NICU Aug 5 2014 with his doggie pacifier 2

Liam enjoys his doggie WubbaNub pacifier..

He was on every 3 hour feeding schedule, and I was on every 2 hour pumping schedule over the 24 hour. Then, I could get like is 90 min to naps here and there if Liam was sleeping.

It was hard for me to be real energetic, feeling fresh in the morning.It was more like zombie from lack of sleep. Waking up every 2-3 hours throughout the night was so hard.

It was the real first day for me  and of course my husband for the parenting adventure.

We have survived day 1 as a parent to Liam. When I fed him and pump the milk and went to bed, Liam tended to make sound, and it woke me up to see what he was doing…

From the time to get into bed to the next wake up time was about 60-90 minutes window. That made me try to nap when Liam was napping during the day to catch up my sleep.

At that time, my mother in law was still in MI enjoying yearly family travel so, me and my husband had to through this parenting adventure all by ourselves wondering if we were doing ok.

Even though we learned the basic at NICU, we were the new parents and it still made me nervous doing things all by myself/ourselves. I remember I kept thinking if I were doing all right as a parent.

Liam goes to his first pediatrician office appointment..

Next day, was his first pediatrician appointment, and he had to be semi naked (only diaper) for physical check up etc.. he gained 0.5 oz from yesterday and he was 6 lb 0.5 oz.

He was born at 5lb 6 oz so he was growing a little bit.

After that, we went to baby store to pick up more stuff for him. Now our kitchen cart was full of baby bottles/pump parts gallery,lol.

He had lots of pending burp in the tummy this afternoon, and he has spit up milk (formulas) for the first time .. We tried burping him in the middle and after the feeding but sometimes,we did not get his burp out.He was fine though.

The spit up was not a big amount like projectile but it was scary moment thinking what happened.

Since being a new parents without both side of our parents around to guide us through/to ask things on the spotr, every little thing got me worried.

NICU nurse told us if it were projectile spit out we need to go to hospital, but it was not that big amount and we told ourselves it would be ok.

Next time Liam cried loud asking for my breast milk, he drank it up fast.He looked like saying “breast milk is tastier than formula”. It was clear he liked my breast milk better and also it seemed like easy on his tummy as well.

The same day, we got him Chicco’s Natural Fit Newborn flow nipple (slow drop).

Baby bottle Chicco

Chicco’s Natural Fit baby bottle and Newborn flow nipple

Me and my husband really liked it because it was easy to see the milk inside the bottle and see how he is doing.Also, since nipple is angled, it seemed like making less dribbles on his chin.

With this nipple, we cannot do the trick I learned from NICU nurse when we want to nudge him to drink more and not sleeping;rotating the bottle to let him keep going if he needed to be nudged a bit.

However, we really loved the bottles and this would be something I would recommend if any of my friends were expecting.

On the 25th day, I could burp him at least once,twice per feeding time and, there was no vomiting like we experienced on 22nd day.

On the 26th day, sometimes, he did not burp but sometimes he did. He was such an eager drinker especially the breast milk and after the last burp time, he was out like light.

I noticed that Palette decided to sleep in the other room at night;probably light on and off bothers her.  I have seen her she was napping with her daddy to catch up the sleep.

We all needed time to get adjusted to the life it is now with Liam.

I really needed sleep time and I could not function as good as I would have been with good sleep.Therefore, I decided to synched my pumping time with Liam’s feeding time so I could get more sleep in between the feeding time.

I felt like 24 hours for me was not enough time to do what needs to be done.

Stay tuned for more Liam’s story.

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