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Yassy’s Note; Liam’s First year, day 27-day 29

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

Then in the previous entry titled “Yassy’s Note;Liam in NICU; day 20- day 21“, I wrote that , as primary care person for Liam, I had to take graduation test with Liam at NICU.

Ultimately, he passed (well, we passed our test) his test for the feeding challenge.

Therefore, he was pre authorized for discharge next day!

Then in the previous entry titled “Yassy’s Note;Liam in NICU; day 22- day 26“, I wrote that , he had car seat challenge;he needs to be monitored his heart beat and oxygen level for 1.5 hour in the car seat to make sure he is good with the car seat and car seat posture.

As you know by now, he passed the test and he could finally came home on the day 22.

Now that Liam came home, our real parenting journey has begun.

I think being a parents is challenging sometimes especially for first mom like me.However, I find it being very rewarding job.

Liam first picture Aug 12 2014 2

Liam’s first portrait picture.. 29 day old…

Every little smile Liam makes melt my heart. I love him very much.

Bed time battle..

Little peanut “Liam” was fussy on the night of day 26th;last feeding time 11:30pm, he had his share of milk and he drank it all and he was perfectly happy.

However, when I carried him to bed and put him on the bed, after a while, he started crying. Therefore, I gave him pacifier since it seems his favorite soothing item so far for him.

He did suck,suck,suck and he was happy but he yanked it out from his mouth and started crying mad making his face red..

I tried holding him, changed diaper, re-swaddle him, tried pacifier, breastfeed him directly but none of those seemed to calmed him down and I was doing light on/off constantly.

Before you know it, it was already 2:30am feeding time. After that, he still cried a bit but he fell asleep since.

On the day 27, after every feeding time, he fell asleep pretty fast;like a light out.He was sleeping well.

I remember I was hoping that he gets to sleep well as good as he had been in the day time on the day at bed time.

Where is poo diaper; bowel movement of babies on Formulas vs breast milk..

In short time, we noticed that we go through diapers pretty fast especially when he was still newborn.

At that time, any coupons for baby diaper was treasure for us. WE use Huggies and we get coupon via e-mail now and then plus we save up the points and get a free bag of diaper and it was/is a big help in saving the cost of diaper.

On the talk of diaper, Liam did not give me poo poo diaper on the day 27. For me, as a first mom, any small changes in him got me wonder if it is ok for him or if it was normal for babies at this age.

In Liam’s case, he had been giving us 1-2 poop diaper a day up until day 26. That was his normal.

Therefore, at that time, my husband was wondering if our son is constipated.

However, when I was reading Mayo clinic book on newborn babies, for breast feeding babies, not having a bowel movement for a couple of days are not that uncommon under “constipation” section.

It was something new for me to learn.

Liam was mostly getting breast milk and when supply is low, he got formula.He was fed 8 times a day and,usually 3 formula feeding time out of 8 feeding time.

That being said, I found that formulas gives bigger volume of messy yellowish brown poo, while breast milk gives him smaller amount of greenish poop.

He looked like digesting breast milk better than formula and also less gas build up with breast milk.

Everything about baby’s bowel movement…

According to Wendy Swanson MD at website, there are some things you should know about in color,consistency,and frequency. You can read the full article here.


She writes exclusively breastfed infants ingest different proteins every day, and depending on what Mom eats, which causes color variations.However, generally, it is mustard yellow,green,brown in color.

And while formula-fed infants will get the same food daily, their variations in bacteria can also alter the color of poop.

The formula fed baby’s poop are typically yellow, tan, brown, or green and firmer than breast milk fed baby’s (peanut butter consistency).


Breastfed baby’s poop usually looks like fancy mustard she writes: yellow, seedy, pasty or curdy.

Formula poop tends to resemble beat-up flan or pudding.

She warns that if your child, regardless of her age, passes anything that looks like cat poop or rabbit poop (a pebble), she’s probably constipated. Rule of thumb: If the poop can roll, it’s too hard.


After about 6 months of age, more than four poo a day are too many, and less than one a week for a breastfed infant or less than one a day for children over age 2 is too few.

She writes it is because we want poop to move through gradually and steadily.

If it moves too quickly, the body absorbs less food and nutrition. If it moves too slowly, it can cause constipation.

Like Susan’s article above, she write that what is important is not frequency but consistency.

In Liam’s case, he was under the category of 1 to 4 months then.

Doctor Swanson writes that when your baby is 3 or 4 days old, his stool changes from tarry meconium (greenish-black tarry sticky consistency poop) to a watery consistency.

This meconium is made up from amniotic fluid,mucus,skin cells and other things that were ingested in utero).

Then, babies usually make up to ten dirty diapers a day for the first one or two months and then go two to four times a day until around 4 months.

This is thanks to the gastrocolic reflex, which occurs as the stomach stretches with food and the colon is automatically signaled to empty and make room for more.

In babies, the gastrocolic reflex is immature, so each time they feed they usually squirt out a little poop.

Over time, some babies’ intestines absorb so much breast milk that they create extremely small amounts of waste and their colon doesn’t empty more than once daily, or even once weekly in some cases.

Formula-fed babies typically poop less frequently than breast-milk eaters because their stool moves through the intestines more slowly.The volume in poop also more than breastfed babies,and a little more smellier than poop from breastfed babies.

They go about once or twice a day, every one or two days, after the first one or two months — but some poop up to three or four times daily at first. Meanwhile, babies on both formula and breast milk go somewhere between multiple times a day and once a week.

When to call the doctor..


  • If you see mucus, which can be a sign of an infection or intolerance
  • If your baby’s stool is white;not digesting food properly
  • If your baby’s poop had blood
  • If your baby passed pebble poop (constipated)
  • If your baby has diarrhea — watery stools frequently

Finally the poop diaper …

Liam had a big poop enough to make us to say “He needs to be butt washed.” on day 28

On the day 27,he did not have any poop diaper and I was worried if he is constipated even though I read it was normal for breastfed babies go without bowel movement for a couple of days.

Then came day 28, I was waiting for his poop diaper and he finally gave us one.

It is funny that one big poop diaper made us feel relieved,lol.

He had a butt wash time before milk time. Then, he had good amount of breast milk and fell asleep.

I remember I felt such a comfort/strong relationship when I was breast feeding and I always loved when he fell asleep with milk dribbled from the corner of his mouth.

It is my first time to be a mom, but I am enjoying to be his mom 100%.

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