Liam’s note; Snack of the day: Skinny Berry berry peach muffin

When you visit grocery stores, bakery shops, you would find variety of sweet baked goods such as Muffin.

Back home in Japan, I do not remember such a wide variety of muffins or cupcakes.

Especially the one with frosting because we tend to decorate baked goods with whipping cream (we don’t do icing or frosting), and melted chocolate with or without cut up fresh fruits.

I find American bakers use more dye in baked goods than us, and it looks like more colorful dye art field than ours.

Ours highlight the baked goods with fresh fruits a lot along with melted chocolate art and they are much much less sweet.

My mother is a great baker.

I remember I was looking forward to checking out the kitchen at 3 pm every day after school,which we called “snack time”.

Our son’s snack time is also 3 pm and he looks forward to that time.

Japanese kids grow up with certain snack time (younger ones might have 2 snack time 10am and 3pm but as they get older, 3pm is the most common snack time for kids) and those are the time family sit around the table and enjoy snack together with a cup of tea.

We don’t snack throughout the day,which is good practice I think for kids. Plus our parents put some portion out for kids, and those were the amount we had each day.

Portioning out is a good practice I think because we know how much we are snacking. You never know how much you had already if you were eating right out from ice cream container or potato chips bag, for example.

When my mother was working, she would leave us kids a plate of portion; homemade snacks with a little note.

When my mother was not working, I enjoyed watching how she make things and helped her baking cakes,bread and more. It was fun.

I have had Muffin or cupcakes as a kid my mother made but, we did not have those as often as I would be having here in the states.

Now I come over here in the states and experiencing all kinds of flavors and ingredients, and I found that making muffin/cupcake is quite fun playing around with all kinds of flavor ideas combining different kinds of ingredients with or without choice of liquor or wines.

It is easy to bake muffin. When mood strikes, I like baking different kinds time to time.

That being said, now we got Liam, I am very careful for the choice of right snack for him.

Not only that, I tend to use more fresh ingredients in snack for more nutrition in mind and, I bake stuff with much less sugar.

Probably sugar I use is 3rd or so of regular basic recipes of many kinds.

I myself hate sticky sweet baked goods and I used to bake half the  sugar or less that are calling for in basic recipes. However, I have even lessen that amount now.

Still, it tastes good and having fresh fruits in it helps bringing out more taste in the baked goods.

The recipe below is toddler friendly snack recipe.

This recipe fits great for their snack recipe variety:-)

The recent muffin I made is Skinny berry berry peach muffin. I named it skinny because I used really low sugar in it.

I used blueberry,raspberry and peach and it came out real good.

It was so good that my husband said he could have eaten 5 of them in one sitting:-)

Adults can enjoy this very much. I myself loved it too.

These are not sticky sweet, dense muffin. This is the muffin filled with fruits, and they are fluffy textured muffin.

When you have it next day, I suggest that you will take off the tin cup and wrap it with paper towel so it gets steamed and microwave for good 15-20 seconds.It gets fluffy textured muffin again.

Berry berry peach muffin

Skinny berry berry peach muffin..

Ingredients for the Skinny berry berry peach muffin;

187 g unbleached all purpose flour
55 g white sugar
1/4 tsp salt
2 tsp Baking powder
30 g raspberry
68 g blueberry
68 g chopped peeled pitted peach
5tbs butter
1 egg
1/2tsp vanilla extract
1/3 C milk
pinch of raw sugar to each muffin top

0. Preheat oven at 400F

1. To a big bowl, put 187 g unbleached all purpose flour, 55 g white sugar,1/4 tsp salt, 2 tsp Baking powder and mix well

2. Prepare another bowl and add 30 g raspberry, 68 g blueberry, 68 g chopped peeled pitted peach and mix

3. Add 1/3 C milk, 1 lightly beaten egg, 5 tbs butter melted, 1/2 tsp vanilla extract into the flour bowl and stir

4. To bowl of <3>, add fresh fruits mix and fold in gently

** Do not to over mix the butter

5. Pour the butter to muffin tin cup fill at about 80%. Then, sprinkle raw sugar on top and bake at 400F about 20 minutes or till toothpicks inserted in the middle comes out clean

** In the empty muffin tin area, add in about 1/4″ deep water so muffin gets steam baked. You should have 2 spots if you use dozen muffin tin pan

Makes:10 muffins


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4 Responses to “Liam’s note; Snack of the day: Skinny Berry berry peach muffin”

  1. Sally Hummel Says:

    I think these sound wonderful! Like you, sometimes I just really don’t like things overly sweet…especially fruit muffins! Is there a conversion chart I could refer to for converting grams to cups, etc.?

  2. yassy Says:

    28 grams is 1 oz You can use the convert chart here

    I do not bake with volume (cups) anymore because weight gives you the consistent result in baking.

    That being said, scale has grams setting and ounce and pounds setting for your convenience.

    I hope you enjoy them:-)

  3. yassy Says:

    This is a great read on measuring flour.

    Using the scale that has grams and once is easiest way when it comes to baking the recipe of mine. I simply use grans because easiest to work with than working with ounce.

    I browsed through internet and I found varied chart;all purpose flour 1C can be 110g, 120g, 130g depending which site you will use with.

    If you bake with weight, there is no variation and you will get the same result every time you bake.

  4. Sally Hummel Says:

    Thanks so much for your help with that!! I’ve never baked by weight before, and what you’re saying makes a whole lot of sense! I might just have to adjust my thinking and try to bake this way and see how it goes!! I’m just not good in the kitchen at all!! That’s just not where my strengths and passion lies, but I really appreciate it in others like you!! 😀