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Up to 40% off on selected beef treats

From July 8th through 14th, you can save up to 40% off on selected  beef treats

*** July 2016 SnackSaturday treats***

baguette biscuits

Order over $30* (merchandise subtotal after all the discount applied must be over $30) on Saturdays,and you will receive: one count of free   4 oz Buffalo liver Baguette biscuits


** Bavarian Brot Biscuits 5 oz 11% OFF

This is made to order biscuits and 5 oz package contains approx 12-17 biscuits.

Our biscuits are lab tested,and registered with department of agriculture.

** Dehydrated beef lung 4 oz 9% OFF

This is dehydrated beef lung made in USA, previously known as “Beef dogitos” in larger package. This treat is sold by 4 oz resealable bag.

Great as training treats as well.

Dehydrated Beef Lung

** Grass-fed Angus beef Moo! Taffy 10″-12″ 40% OFF

Grass-fed Angus Beef Moo Taffy 10″-12″ made in Argentina.

These are made from Grass-fed beef that received No antibiotic,No growth hormone in their life.

Since gullet is great natural source of Glucosamine,it is especially great for Arthritis dogs.

th Grass-fed Angus beef Moo Taffy 10 inch to 12 inch

Due to natural treats,width of the each Taffy can vary.

** Bulk treats of the month & K9 Foodie Mystery Bag**

Dogs love to enjoy variety of treats.

For them, we have created some variety treat bag made with wide variety of protein source.

Variety bag is the great way to explore variety of treats doggie buffet style.

For those who loves bully sticks, we have created Odor free bully sticks variety set so your dog can enjoy variety of odor free bully sticks

For those who loves to stock up your dog’s favorite single treat budget friendly way, we have created smaller bulk with free shipping deal.

For those who would love to have fun with mystery treat bag, we have Palette’s K9 Foodie mystery bag deal.

Your dog will love you even more for the new yummy treats!

And yes, we have one mystery gift bag for dog lovers too. They are great as gift.

We have variety of treat set/gift set for everyone.Enjoy treat hunt!

Here are some example menu.

**Odor free bully sticks 6″ variety set A free shipping $87.82

** Grass-Fed Moo!Odor Free bully stick 5″-6″ variety set B Free shipping $122.77

**Odor free bully sticks 6″ variety set C Free Shipping $26.78

*** Palette’s K9 Foodie Mystery bag  ***

** Palette’s k9 Foodie Mystery Bag Beef Deluxe $39.26

** Palette’s k9 Foodie Mystery Dine & Play Bag $40.65

** Palette’s K9 Foodie Mystery variety gift bag $35.67

** You can get Free shipping with order over $100 (No coupon code required.)

If you use coupon code for other promotion such as 10% off coupon code, the subtotal after coupon was applied must be over $100. Shipping fee, sales tax excluded.

** Starting Jan 2014,all Free shipping orders has been shipped by Retail Ground (Formally known as standard post) or lowest cost shipping method unless your order include Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen brand biscuits or Jerky.

*** Shipping schedule ***

If your order contains our brand of biscuits and Jerky, it will be shipped from Monday through Wednesday to make sure our products would arrive at your door fresh.

Free shipping orders without our brand of biscuits and jerky to postal code 5-9 (IL to west, AK,HI,FL) from our zip code 22501, first class parcel order or retail ground order via e-mail offline order will be shipped Monday through Wednesday

Paid shipping order without our brand of biscuits and Jerky, and free shipping order to postal zone 1-4 without our brand of biscuits and Jerky will be shipped Monday through Friday


We prefer priority mail or first class parcel method if your order contains our brand of biscuits or Jerky since they are made with fresh ingredients without preservatives, and not like other pre made biscuits or Jerky treats.

USPS does not offer retail ground service to the area zone 1 to 4 from us.

*** July only flat rate shipping rate***

You will see the flat rate shipping charge during the month of June.

Charge is based on the order total. Enjoy shipping rate break during this month!

$0 to $20 shipping fee is at $5.55

$20.01 to $50.00 shipping fee is at $7.55

$50.01 to $100 shipping fee is at $9.77

$100.01 and over is Free shipping

Items will be shipped via USPS.

Zone 1-zone 4 from zip code 22501 will be shipped via either first class mail or priority mail

Zone 5-zone 8 from zip code 22501 will be shipped via either first class mail or retail ground. However, when the order weigh more than 13 oz and your order contains our brand of biscuits or Jerky which requires faster shipping method, it will be shipped via priority mail.

You can check the postal zone for your area by visiting USPS site here.

Click on Get Zone for ZIP Code Pair tab and then enter our zip code 22501 on Origin ZIP Code, enter your zip code for Destination ZIP Code and hit the “Get zone” button to see the zone number for your area.

** Starting Jan 20th,2016, We no longer offer the complementary treats with order

** We accept only US order,no international order please.

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Please find “Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen” on Facebook.

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