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Yassy’s note:Liam’s first year; day 34- day 36

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

As you know by now, he passed the feeding and car seat test both, and he could finally came home on the day 22.

Since then, our parenting journey has been filled with  a lot of new experiences with him and, even though being a mom/parent is difficult job, I am enjoying the each day with Liam.

Now I cannot imagine the life without him. He is the love of my life.

On the day 31, he turned 1 months old.

Already 1 month! Felt like it passed by so fast!

Liam was born with weight 5lb 6 oz . During the labor, his heartbeat dropped to 90 bpm which made us all worried and even made us worried more when we did not hear his crying when he was out from me. You always see babies starts crying in a few seconds from the time out from their mother on TV dramas.

When we finally heard his weak crying (the cord was wrapped around his neck and he needed TLC from NICU staff in the delivery room) after a bit later, me, my husband, my mother in law as well as nurse who helped our delivery all cried for joy.

I never forget the precious moment.

Liam growing nicely …

After 1 month passed, he was gaining weight nicely and he weighed just a bit over 6lb (6 lb 9 oz). As the day passes by, he was gaining weight more and getting bigger and bigger.

He had been told he was small,small in the past, but he was growing along the growth chart and, our pediatrician was happy on that note.

On the day 34,Liam could finished his milk about 65 ml of breast milk and zoned out:-)

Until about a couple of days ago,he was drinking 50 ml to 60 ml,and suddenly since the day 34, he could drink at least 60ml. It was such a good improvement considering he had feeding issue back at NICU when he was born.

Previous feeding time, after the milk time, I gave him infant massage on his face,legs/arms/hands and he fell asleep.

Liam always migrating 2 Aug 16 2014

Liam 32 days old…

I think he liked it and when he yawned, I remember it made me sleepy and I took a nap with him too.

While babies need lots of feeding time, taking a nap while babies are closing eyes were crucial for me to function well for a day. Otherwise, I was zombie tired..

One thing that I was amazed about him after taking care of Liam for 1 month is that he could move/flap his hands around so fast.

I still remember that my mother in law commented Liam was like having 6 hands,lol (just like hindu god;vishnu?).

My breastfeeding practice continued. I was thinking it would be something that would come naturally to me and Liam, but I was wrong.

We both needed to learn the technique of breastfeeding.

As the saying goes “Practice makes perfect”, his skill got better each day and mine too.

One thing that I tried while practicing the skill of breast feeding was that when Liam’s milk time came, I offered breast first before offering the bottle (the bottle of breast milk to keep track of how much of breast milk he has drunk).

I worked especially when Liam started grabbing my hand and started sucking my knuckle:-)

He seemed a little hesitated a bit at first, but he did suck 5-10 times. A little progress is made. It was such a small progress but I was happy.

After the milk time, he was still up, and flapping his hands in his bassinet.

I was not mastering breastfeeding technique fully and had difficult times but, I told myself I will keep trying because that is what I want and I strongly believe that good diet is the base of the good health and in infant case, good mother’s milk is the most important thing they could have rather than factory made formula.

If he could suck even a few times, he has potential to be able to be nursed exclusively. I wanted to believe so.

What to do when grocery shopping..

At about day 34, day 35, one thing that I kept wondering about was how to do the grocery shopping with babies.

Around that time, my mother in law was still at our house so, if she decided not to come with us for grocery shopping, we asked her to care for him while we went grocery shopping and it worked.

However, the life style would not be permanent and, she goes back to her house soon, and I was wondering how we could do the grocery shopping.

Therefore, when we went to grocery shopping, I tried looking around and see how other moms were doing.

I found some moms brings baby in a stroller;One person push cart, the other push stroller.

Some moms wear ergo carrier (sling) and shopping.

Some moms keep their baby in the car seat and put the car seat in where kids would have been sitting in the shopping cart,which made me nervous thinking if the car seat would not fall from there. It did not look stable enough for me to feel 100% comfortable with that method.

We ended up trying the shopping cart for one person, stroller for one person and tried getting items we wanted together.

It took double time to finish the shopping.

Then, we decided to try one person with stroller and cart and the other person is cart only so we can separate in the store and do the shopping done in shorter time.

It was fine but, it was awkward to go through aisles like train game, and navigate the both although time spent on the shopping was much shorter and we liked the method.

We tried carrying in sling and walk through aisle with cart and we separated in the store so I can shop at half the store area and my husband for the other half area.

It was easier for me to navigate the cart but Liam’s weight on me was tough and in the end, we picked the shopping cart and stroller pushing method.

Question to other moms out there, how did you grocery shopping with little babies? Any tips and tricks?

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