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Yassy’s note: Liam’s first year Day 40- Day 43

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early (36 weeks and 2 days) and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

Liam gets vaccination; Hepatitis B

When Liam passed 1 month old, he received his second Hepatitis B shot on Day 38.

On that day, his temperature went up a bit (normally 98.1F and he was 99.1F or so after the shot. And he was not that as active as he was normally would be.

One feeding time, he did not drink milk as much (He happily drink 75ml milk but that particular one time feeding time, he only took 60ml.

Not bad but it was unusual for him.

However, he was back to himself after a couple of days.

Talking of vaccination, I find that US doctors give kids more shots than kids in Japan gets.

In Japan, there are type of shots your kids/babies must get it but there are also shots decision is up to their parents.

Number of shots Japanese kids/babies receives less than American kids/babies.

I am not sure if it is because country size is different and, Japan is not like America where many people from all over the world are coming in and living in here.

I wonder that is why the disease doctors feel like they need to protect kids from are more than Japan in here in USA.

In case of Hepatitis B, in USA, babies gets at birth as first shot and then booster in between first and second months.

In Japan, it is called B gata kanen, and it was a shot that parents  could decide if they want it for their babies or not, but starting from October 2016, the Hepatitis B shot will become the shot that they must give to the babies;it will become non optional shot for kids.

The optional shots would not be covered by insurance or government (city) would not pay for it and parents must pay about $30 to up to $120 depending on the kind of shots they would give to the babies.

When the parents have their kids non optional shots, government (city) would pay for it.

On Day 38, I measured him and, he weigh 7lb 4 oz.

He was getting big!

Liam Day 41

Early morning (2:30am),Liam spitted out the milk big time..and ended up body wiping with wet washcloth, changing outfit,and for me,it meant that changing jacket and washing breastfeeding pillow cover..

Liam did not like it at all and I got so worried because I could tell that he was still interested in milk but he just could not have it because more drinking caused his tongue sticking out to spit out..

I had prepared 75ml milk and he took most of it ,but he ended up spitting up probably half of it or 3rd of it.

He calmed down so, I prepared 75 ml of milk at 5:30 milk time but again, he could not take as much as he wanted and stopped at 50 ml point.

His tummy was a bit balloon-like and I tried to encourage him to burp but he cried loud (maybe hurts when he sits up to burp?) and I could not make him burp to sit up.

We were careful of burping him but apparently it was not enough for him.

Therefore, my husband gave him belly massage on him after that and let him fart and sleep,no more milk at that time.

After that, he was looking better and drink well and when my mother in law was giving him milk,I heard him burp.

Since doctor wanted him to drink as much milk as he can to grow; up the amount of milk more than 60ml which we were doing before, we up the amount to 75ml.

With that amount of milk he needed,I could not pump that much at one time so, we ended up getting a jag of liquid formula (good for 48 hours after opening) and while he was on formula,I store my pumped breast milk to give him breast milk full day.

With that method, it seemed like 2 days formula, 2 days breast milk pattern.

I generally do not like to give formula to Liam but I had to depend on it because my breast did not produce enough milk he needed..

That big early morning spit up was with formula, and one last time he spit out was also formula.

I wondered if it might not be easy for him to digest it compared to breast milk.He has never spit out the breast milk like this. Also, I wonder if formula makes him gassier as I read in the book before??

Giving him the formula was not my preferred choice. I wished I could give him that much of milk via pumped milk so he would not be on formula…

Plus formula milk has distinct odor that I did not care for much…

One even after another…. Liam Day 42

It was about 9 pm.We had dinner and we were happy but then,when my husband opened up Liam’s diaper, because Liam suddenly started crying like no other, the groin area /lower abdomen area (only one side) was bulged and hard and we went to emergency center to have him look at it.

Turned out it was “hernia”,and intestine got popped out making the area bulged..They said it was common in preemie.

The discharge paper said crying,struggling often makes the area popped out and we had been trying to minimize crying and stuff ,which was a little difficult but was trying.. after coming back from the hospital).

After coming back home, next feeding time came and, the area got popped up again and since we were told to be back there if it lasted longer than 60 minutes, and it did not back down on its own,we drove to the hospital once again..

We ended up being recommended to call pediatric surgeon to have him look at and schedule the possible surgery…

Since we have switched jag of formula and let him drink till gone and then switch to breast milk till supply lasts, he might had more gas in his tummy than the time we used to feed;base is breast milk and when we did not have enough breast milk, then we used formula to cover.

So, trying to fart/poop might not have been helping this hernia thing..

After the discharge from hospital second time, he was on breast milk all time.

My heart was broken because I knew he has got plenty on his plate to deal with already, and another hurdle was added.

I hoped he would overcome all the difficulties coming to his way and be better..

After the incident, every time I changed his diaper, he started crying, I tried to calm him down but made me very nervous…

We all were stressed out and we were all sleep deprived.

Liam Day 43;Visiting pediatric Surgeon..

Next day,we went to pediatric surgeon clinic and have Liam look at.

The doctor decided to operate surgery next week. Since he was so small, we were told that he would be staying at the hospital for a day for them to monitor the recovery and we will be there with him too.

He was tiny and I worry about general anesthesia for the surgery but under the skillful surgeon, it would be ok.

After the doctor appointment, he was so hungry and we fed him at the office waiting room.

He drank milk so fast and he looked very satisfied.

It was good that he had a good appetite.

More Liam’s story continue.

Stay tuned.

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