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Samurai armor and weapon

For many people, when they hear the word “Japan”, they would imagine Samurai, sushi, mount fuji, kimono etc…

In fact, I happened to come across the name of sushi restaurant called “samurai sushi” while browsing through the internet.

The word “Samurai” for sure seem to be well known by people in the states.

However, one thing that I would like to caution Japanese sushi restaurant owners is that, they should look into the meaning very well or they get funky name for restaurant.

Like.. there is one sushi restaurant,which we have been to but not really been impressed by them. Well, this restaurant name is “Umi”.

When I saw the sign, I had to laugh because if you say “U-mi,putting accent on U sound, it means ocean”, but if you say u-MI, putting accent on Mi sound, it means pus (yuck).

Some Japanese words have 2 meanings depending on how you put the accent on.It changes the meaning to totally different thing.

Anyway, can you explain what samurai is?

Samurai is government official title/ a member of a powerful military caste in feudal Japan, especially a member of the class of military retainers of the daimyos,who are the great lords who were vassals of the shogun.

Shogun is a hereditary commander-in-chief in feudal Japan.

In this entry, I would like to introduce armor and weapon by Samurai.

Samurai armory..

Armor, helmet, swords worn by Samurai were not only used during the battle but also were time honored hand crafts,to be appreciatedĀ  for their workmanship and the dedication of their makers.

Ka-cchu-u (armor and helmet) is known as o-yo-ro-i.

It came into use in around 9th century.And it was the armor for Samurai.

Iron helmet Samurai wear is called Ka-bu-to Ba-chi

The golden large flat metal pieces on the helmet is called Ku-wa-ga-ta.

The side of the helmet is called fu-ki-ga-e-shi (helmet flap). This flaps help them protect from arrows to the face

The armor they wear is called o-yo-ro-i.

Yo-ro-i got o-so-de (arm guard), se-n-da-n no-i-ta; right chest protector, Kyu-bi-no-i-ta ;left chest protector, tsu-ru-ba-shi-ri; smooth leather covering, Ku-sa-zu-ri; segmented leather and they are hip and thigh guard.

You can read the history of Yoroi here at wikipedia website.

Samurai weaponry..

Samurai primarily used arrows and sword.

The Japanese sword is made distinctly for cutting.Therefore, it is single edged and curved. Generally, hilt is long and made to be held with both hands.

I came across History channel’s documentary show on Samurai history on youtube.Nice piece to learn more about our country.

If you are a blog subscriber, please click here to watch the video at youtube website.

History of Samurai..

By the way, my ancestor’s father had a castle in Gifu prefecture which is in main island of Japan. He was going to give the right to take over the castle to my ancestor, but he gave the right to take over the castle to his younger brother.

I only know the story just that and I wonder what happened to our ancestor after passing the right to take over the castle.

I heard about the story from my father but, I have no idea how much more he knows.

I found it interesting. I wonder what my ancestor ended up doing for life.

I also found that Tokyo has Samurai museum if you are interested;near Shinjyuku station.

Here is the official website.

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