Ninja is very popular in many parts of the world and, you would hear the word “Ninja” in many media sources such as TV shows, movies, magazines, novels.. and most people would know what it means and who they are.

Ninja is very popular among tourists to Japan, but also Ninja is very popular among Japanese culture as well.

In this entry, I would like to focus on the Ninja culture in Japan.

In Japan, there is a novel that deals with ninja called “Owl’s Castle”  (fukurou no shiro) written by Ryoutarou Shiba.It is well known novel and a couple of movies were made based on the novel this year as well.

Who they are..

Ninja is a spy if you will, in our modern world.

Ninja were engaged in espionage activities during the war. They worked under shogun/Daimyou and tried to collect information from the master’s enemy etc. to bring the victory home in the war.

They used special tools and weapons with which to carry out their missions.

Ninja tools..

Ningama; Ningama entwines the enemy’s weapon with a chain  and cuts it off with a sickle.

Shuriken; Shuriken are pointy sharp edged devices for throwing, end- over- end, at the enemy.

History of Ninja

It is said to be around Shoutoku taishi era around 587 when very first shinobi (Ninja) was used.

Syoutoku Taishi used Otomono hosohito as very first shinobi/Ninja.

Then, the term “Nninja” was created around 683.

By 1540, there is a record that let us believe that there were 11 great skillful Ninja were existed in Kouka area in Japan.

Since then, there are some events involving Ninja such as burning down the enemy’s castle etc is recorded in our Japanese history.

This is Japanese website but if you are interested, you can check out the history chart focusing on the Ninjya history here.

Did Ninpou (transformation technique) really existed?

When you watch animation or movies, Ninja sometimes changes its formation in the smoke, but it is fictional method created for the novel and this technique did not exists in the real life.

Who is “ku no ichi”?

“Ku no i chi” is female Ninja. When you write “くノ一”, it makes chinese character meaning female. Therefore, female Ninja was called “Ku no i chi”.

What kinds of food Ninja used to eat?

According to the nja2 website, it says they consumed products largely made with soybeans.

In Japan, soybeans are considered “meat in the field” and it contains large amount of plant base protein and it was the very important ingredients for those who did not get to eat as much meat as protein source.

It is believed that soybeans would rest your body well, and great for muscle growth, and works good for better skin and Ninja preferred the ingredients as main.

Nnja also ate a lot of sesame that got large amount of minerals and it also improve the metabolic effect,along with brown rice that is high in fiber ,high in vitamins.

I came across interesting article written by on Ninja. To read the article, please click here.

If you are into Ninja things, Japan has interesting places you can visit.

There are several places with Ninja theme parks.

Ninja House in Shigaga prefecture (western part of Japan in the main island). Park website is here. The website is in English.

Edo Wonderland in Tochigi prefecture (middle part in main island in Japan). Website here in English.

Iga ryu NInjya House in Mie prefecture (middle part in main island). Park home page here in English.

Kouka Ninja Village in Shiga Prefecture (Western part of Japan in main island). Home page here. Not English website.

Touei Eiga Mura in Kyoto (western part of Japan in main island).Park home page here in English.

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