Yassy’s note: Liam’s first year ; Day 52- Day 54

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early (36 weeks and 2 days) and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

He was tiny little baby; 18″ tall, weighing 5 lb 6 oz…

Already 1 month plus have passed, almost 2 month since the day he got discharged from the hospital.

Day 52..

I had a sleepless night because of the pain in my breast.

With the family’s suggestion (they thought it might be clogged milk duct) , I tried warm compress and Epsom salt water solution before pumping the milk and it got better, but I spent so much time dealing with this on the day 52.

It was swollen,tender to touch and hard lump and, I thought of engorged breast because it felt like it, although I did not have long stretch between the pumping until I felt the pain early that morning.

Because of that,I was simply thinking, more pumping and I will get better at first but no.I did not get as much milk out from the breast as I normally would have, and the side I had pain with was almost twice the size of the other side and it was very painful.

I thought it funny that the side that I had problem was the side Liam spent longer time to feed on the other day when I tried to feed him directly.

I did not know if it was the case of not drained milk enough by pump after his feeding time.

I was miserable. Simply sitting still made me feel painful and I had to be careful of Liam’s flapping hands because if it touched my breast,it  also made me feel hurt…

Day 53 was Liam’s surgery day. I remember I worried but hoped  everything goes well with him.

I knew he was in the good hands but,whenever he goes under the knife, it made me nervous..

<Plugged milk duct and its natural treatment>

I ended up getting clogged duct here and there throughout the breastfeeding journey.

One this that helped me was warm compress ( I used compress that works hot or cold and inner material was with clay. I microwaved a bit and then, put it over my breast for 10-15 minutes).

Another thing that helped me was Epsom salt water solution; 2 tsp Epsom salt in 1 cup warm water.

Epsom-salt soaking before breastfeeding helped to open the milk duct opening and also aids in healing.

What I did was to put the epsom salt in the bowl and then, add small amount of really hot water to dissolve.

Then add warm water to cool it down.

I wet the washcloth in the solution and loosely squeeze out the solution and lean back a bit and put the cloth over my breast for 15 minutes or so.

I did it before nursing, before pumping

This epsom salt solution really worked good for my issue.

Since the day I have experienced plugged milk ducts, I pumped religiously and more frequent,and started massaging inward as mayo clinic book suggests right after expressing milk first before pumping.

As a result, the hard lump area went away.

Day 53

Day 53 was Liam’s surgery date.

At the hospital, nurse first weighed him and with his clothe on, diaper on, he weighed a little over 8 lb and he was 53 cm (21″).

He was growing good.

Liam’s hernia surgery went smoothly and success, taking about 1-2 hours long.

No hernia in that area anymore. He was at the hospital overnight just to make sure everything was good. And then, we got discharged from the hospital around noon next day.

Doctor said that the hernia was rather bigger than he previously thought so it was good that we did surgery sooner.

Now the tube is closed and I think we do not have to worry about hernia popping out in that lower abdomen area anymore.

Previously, he was planning to explore the other side of groin area to make sure that the other side of tube is closed as it should but since he already did challenging part on the hernia side, he decided not to do more stuff on him,which I think it was a good idea.

All in all, I think he made such a quick recovery (came out from anesthesia rather faster) and after the surgery, he was already drinking the same amount of yummy milk to pre-surgery time although he had a few occasions where he cried loud for pain when anesthesia worn out.

He was doing good and alert and responsive and doing his hand flapping things, kicking legs etc..

One thing that bothered me was that, after the surgery,he was at the recovery room and he was naked top. The nurse lead us to our room to stay but they did not give us any clothes for him to put on nor mention that we can let him wear clothes we brought.

He was top naked good amount of time under the towel but, at one point, I decided he would be able to wear the top or he might get cold.So, I let him wear the side snap top, thinking it would not rub against the incision and he will be comfortable..

That day, we also had one scary moment; the elevator we went in with a nurse to go to waiting room did not move although it did closed.

Nurse kept pushing all sorts of buttons and it finally went up but then,came down and stop,making weird noise..

I imagined if we got trapped inside the elevator but luckily, nurse banged the elevator door to talk to her fellow co-workers and they helped the elevator opened and we got out ok and went upstairs with the different elevator then. I hate to be trapped in narrow, closed space and I was terrified…

At the hospital, he was such a head turner. Many people came to look at him well and commented “cutie”, and nurse said ” want to bring him home with me”, and other young intern(?) walked passed by saying “Here comes a cute one!” with a smile.

The whole hospital was like his runaway, showing off his cutiness:)

Day 54..

At home,he was relaxing, sleeping on his own bed.

Since my parents were not at the hospital because they live 14 hours flight away (Japan), we did skype at night and reported how Liam’s surgery went.

Hearing all the good news on recovery, they looked happy.

He has not cleared all the hurdles that came into his path just yet, and this was his beginning.

Thinking back now, he had many issues and had many surgeries but he was a strong boy and bounced back fast.

He has not done all and he cannot leave all the medical stuff behind yet but I hope the day will come soon so he can be just being a kid and we parents are worry free when it comes to medical issues.

More Liam’s story continue.

Stay tuned.


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