Castles in Japan

Japan has many castles throughout the country.

There are many types of castles in Japan.

Oldest castles were built using mountain and called “kodai san jyo u” ,which was mainly the type of castles to protect the attack from China.

Another one was called “chu u sei san jyou”, and it was type of castle during the era of Takauji Ashikaga and Masashige Kusunoki;kamakura/ Muromachi era.

The castle that was mainly for the use to protect the castle from outside attack (jyou kaku) was built on top of the mountain, and lower part of the mountain had “ki jyou”;the castle the owner of the castle lives in.

It is said that the castle using stones to protect the castle from outside attack was popping up around Nobunaga Oda (Shogun) era and he was often known to invented the tensyu kaku; the castle tower.

If you count the number of castles built during Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Ieyasu Tokugawa (shogun), there are more than 40,000 castles were built in Japan.

Castles style and introduction to guns..

Guns were introduced to Japan in 1543,which led to the abrupt change in war style.

After guns were introduced, castle’s lords built the modern castles you are familiar with, and defend themselves from the enemy.

Well known Azuchi Castle,which was built by Nobunaga Oda in 1576 was the first of its kind to have the castle tower and, it became the characteristics of modern castles today.

Castles were residence of lords, as well as centers of the politics and economy.

Castle towers..

Tenshu is main tower, and it was located in the main castle enclosure, (hommaru) , and outside of the building was of white plaster.

Strategic points were equipped with gun ports and stone-dropping ports.

Interior device..

Gun ports: The castle tower had peepholes and it allowed the guns to be use through the holes.

To facilitate sighting the enemy more easily, the holes were bigger inside than the outside.

Stone-dropping ports: A corner of the building protruded such that the stone could be dropped on enemies attempting to climb up the stone walls around the castle.

You can also notice that many modern castles got ditches (moats) around the castle stone wall so the enemies cannot easily come attack the castle.

Popular modern castles in Japan include Himeji castle (shiga prefecture, and  it is a world heritage site), Matsumoto Castle (Nagano prefecture), and Kumamoto castles (kumamoto prefecture).

Himeji castle….

When we visited Japan, my father took us to Himeji castle and other time when we visited, my father took us to Matsumoto castle in Nagano prefecture as well.

I love visiting castle because they are so beautiful to look at, and learn a little bit of the history of the castle:-)

If you visit Japan, you may want to check them out.They are very nice castles to look around, and it is a good exercise too since you walk a lot:-)

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