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Three times Agility champion Dizzy and Natasha Wise

Some years ago, I got Palette “weave pole” for her birthday so that we can have fun at home. It is one of the obstacle in the sports called “Agility”.

 Agility is a canine sports that dogs goes through all kinds of obstacles with direction of handlers such as tunnels, A shaped obstacle called “A frame”, dog walk,weave pole, jumping bars,teeter etc..and compete the time to finish the course, and how precisely completed the each obstacles.

 It is very exciting to watch team work of one handler and one dog and also exciting to see performance of the dog going through the obstacles.

 According to Wikipedia website, the dog sports “Agility” was born in England 1970’s and first agility  performance documented is at “Cruft Dog Show” in 1978 and agility was performed to entertain the crowd between the classes.

 You can read more on history of dog agility at wikipedia website here .

 I think Agility is great sports for both human and dogs.

 For dogs, they can have outlet for pent up energy plus it is fun for them. Most of all, this canine sports has running,climbing,jumping etc so, they can have physical exercise and mental exercise both through fun sports.

 For us,human, it is fun playing Agility sports with dogs and we can make our bond stronger through the sports and, since this sports seem to involve some level of handling/training skill to teach what they are suppose to do with the obstacles,what obstacles to clear next etc, it will be good also to re-enforce the obedience skills.

 You can see list of obstacles and description at wikipedia website here .

 I am still a beginner knowledge level, and not familiar with detailed rules,levels and all that.

Palette loved weave pole and she weave through with tongue hanging out looking up to me and it is fun. She cannot weave through as fast as dogs in competition can but that is ok. We are playing it for fun.

 Just recently, I came across the Agility competition pair from UK:Border Collie “Dizzy” and Natasha Wise.

I learned they have become the very first pair to become three times world champions (prestigious FCI World Agility Championship) in dog agility. 

According to watfordobserver website Natasha was involved in agility field since she was 7.

You can read more on her at watfordobserver website here, and here at crusfts website.

I searched for the pair’s video and, I watched their performance. They were great.

Dizzy and Natasha Wise

Look at Dizzy how fast he goes especially weave pole.


Do you play sports with your dog?

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