Yassy’s note:Liam’s first year Day 120 – Day 123

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early (36 weeks and 2 days) and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

He was tiny little baby; 18″ tall, weighing 5 lb 6 oz…

Day 120..

I remember that NICU nurse once told us that Liam is not a handful guy and when he cries,it is usually diaper or food and he is not as fussy as other babies and easy to handle.

I do not know if other babies at the same age do not sleep as long as Liam does.

However, he always was/has been a good sleeper.

Day 121..

Liam Day 121… 7 am morning..

I am pretty sure I put him on bed straight but he moved his head 90 degree to the left and he was using the pocket as leg rest,lol.

When you look back the day old Liam, I can see how big he became and has grown so much!

Day 122..

When I did skype the other day,with my parents in Japan,they said that Liam is very fortunate to have such a wonderful family members around him;me,my husband,and in-law family.

The best compliment that I got from my father was that, not only Liam is growing physically but I am growing inside too.

Also, he said I am looking more mother-figure each day.I am so happy to hear that.

Day 123..

Found an interesting person to discuss topic with.

I found him through youtube and he is from the states,living in Japan, and he does podcast thing,talking about cultural difference between USA and Japan.

Since he has been experiencing both cultures and raised his daughter, I was interested to hear his view on supplementation on breastfeeding etc.. I was not sure if I get a reply or not but I did.

He told me that Japan in general tries to take less aggressive, more holistic approaches; while the US favors more aggressive intervention.

He said he weaned his daughter to mugicha;wheat tea, as opposed to fruit juice like Apple juice many parents might wean their babies to here in USA.

He also wrote to me that Japanese culture enjoys a healthy diet and the longest life span in the world (Japanese women live longest:), so he says our culture’s track record speaks for itself.

Reading that,I thought he was right about diet thing because our dishes tend to be much less fat;typical USA dishes for dinner for example has cream,cheese,butter a lot of times and plate is different; ours is a little bit of meat, and cooked with lots of vegetables while American plate is more of meat as star in the plate.

Plus amount of food served at the restaurant is very different and we do not have doggy bag in Japan;restaurants there do not allow you to bring food home.

Then, typical American breakfast starts with sugary, high fat thing like sausage,pancakes, bacon,hashed brown,muffin etc.. while our typical breakfast is what my husband described as “smaller portion of dinner plate” and it is more savory and we eat rice,side dishes, and fruits for the breakfast although now and then, we have toast with a cup of tea or coffee along with salad and/or side dishes western style Japanese breakfast).

Anyway,I was curious how they raised his daughter in Japan especially I was curious about supplementation when breastfeeding.

He wrote that his daughter never took vitamin D supplements, and she never vaccinated for rota-virus because they don’t do that in Japan (they do in the USA).

Vaccination variety is one thing I was surprised to know how many shots were given to kids here in USA and how less in Japan.

I find kids here get more shot than us in Japan but then, America is big country with many immigrants living inside and I wonder people get vaccinated more just because kids here would be exposed to more variety of virus than us kids in Japan .

Another cultural difference I found between USA and Japan is that back home in Japan, when people get cold especially during the cold months, they wear mask so they would not pass the virus to others when they cough.

Hospital guides you to cover your mouth with upper arm but us in Japan gets instruction such as cover your mouth when cough with two hands and wear mask if you cough badly so virus would not get passed to others.

Also, during the cold mouth, we are encouraged to hand wash often and gargling especially when you were out and back to home.

You would probably see more people wearing mask during flu season there.We are proactive for cold and we gargle every time you come into the house and also wash hands too.That is something schools teach kids to do for preventing cold.

As for Liam today…

When I breastfed Liam this morning,he was on me for… 39 minutes (total)!! and he did not need any guide to the breast.He found the spot on his own and started sucking,lol.I was not even ready yet.

At the end, he was laying on side,curling up a leg a bit with his hands over his eyes and started Zzzzz and,when I tried to give supplemental milk (breast milk in the bottle) as par pediatrician recommendation, he woke up wide and finished off 90ml milk via bottle. But when burping times,he was so not liking the bottle been taken out to burp and cried loud a bit.Then soon get quiet when bottle gets back to him.

I do not know what I am eating that makes him go nuts that much, but I am glad he likes the milk from me.

I had fresh fruit (various kind of fruit;blueberry,pomegranate,pineapple,cantaloupe etc..) with drop of plain yogurt,drizzled with honey as my breakfast dessert after breakfast meal.I wonder that made it super tasty milk,lol.

He is sleeping like an angel…

He definitely likes breast milk better than formula. I read in Japanese e-magazine before that depending on what you eat that day, the taste of the milk changes each time.

It is kind of interesting to think that he is eating the same thing but he gets various kinds of taste with it.

It was the day that made me think of more of our cultural difference.

Stay tuned for more Liam story..


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