Yassy’s note: Liam’s first year; Day 142 – Day 145

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early (36 weeks and 2 days) and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

He was tiny little baby; 18″ tall, weighing 5 lb 6 oz…

Day 142..

This morning, he had a morning bath in the whale tub and then,drunk 200ml breast milk,got milk drunk and went to bed after stretchy exercise,conversation time with me.

Now, Liam is up and playing with makeshift gym stuff my husband has made before.And.. talking to himself a lot.

One of the toy that is hang there is that crinkly book my parents sent him.

He is grabbing it and squeezing hard,making crinkle sound and talking to himself.

Would he be making up the story on his own and reading to me?Lol.

Liam Day 142.. playing Baby gym..

Day 143…

From today, starting with one hour long each Am and PM, Liam has to wear the helmet due to medical reason..

Yesterday was fitting day at doctor office and he did not like it at all and, cried so loud, and we had to sooth him holding him,gently patting his back saying “It will be all right” while he sniffle on our shoulder..

Test was from today and, I was not sure how he would handle the evil helmet but he was ok at first,looked like nothing matters. But then after a bit, he decided he did not like the helmet and cried..

I placed him in the baby gym, shaking objects hanging trying to distract him,and also offered the pacifier to sooth him.

About 3-5 minutes,he was crying but eventually,he fell asleep. Slept about 1 hour in it.I told him he did good and took the helmet off and he is peacefully napping right now.

At longest,he must wear it until 18 months of age (he was 4 months old on that day). Long way to go but doctor said that he would get used to it eventually..

Back home in Japan,where medical field approach is more holistic, I or rest of my family has never heard of the helmet like this and it was surely something I had to explain what it does, how it supposed to etc… to my parents.

I do not know the reason why I do not see babies with helmet back home in Japan. I wonder if it is simply because America’s medical technology is advanced or people here in the states has different approach to medical stuff to tackle the issue.

Liam Day 143…in helmet..

Liam got flat spot on his head because he had to spend his time in my belly in tight space;bicornate uterus;heart shaped uterus so less space for babies to grow and he had to be on the one side to lay on,I think.

I feel bad about it but there is nothing I can do to change the shape of uterus so,he had to overcome another hurdle but I would like to believe he can get used to it.

Day 144..

When ped recommended helmet for him to wear for changing the head shape,I was like “what?” because I had never heard of it but talking to the orthopedics, I understood how it works and considering he is a boy,the shape of the head might not be able to hide it like girls could.

So, we decided to go ahead especially insurance cover the helmet.However, I was surprised that if the insurance did not cover the cost of the helmet,we would had to pay more than $2,000 for the helmet!

Today is day 2 and he has to wear 2 hours each AM and PM. He fell asleep wearing the helmet but woke up much earlier time than he normally would from his nap and his cry was so different. I feel his pain but he has to endures it… I was holding him til his helmet time is up.

Liam is now recovered from helmet time (was not happy),and after helmet time, he is batting at the makeshift gym stuff,talking to himself calmly…

Still looong way to go for the helmet thing.We have to do 3 hours each AM and PM tomorrow..Hope he can endures it.I had to hold him the last 30 minutes for the 2 hour AM helmet time today..

Day 145..

He wore the helmet for 3 hours in AM and now wearing it for next 3 hour to finish his PM part.

He does not like it at all and cries so madly but, he can fall asleep after milk time (we try to set his time right after milk time).

This morning,he was mad for 15 min but decided he is sleepy and fell asleep for 1 hour,woke up mad but then decided to play with makeshift gym and he tried to be mad again but yawn and rubbing eyes.. and went in and out the sleep till the 3 hours regime is up.

One thing I did for the AM is that, I changed his clothe from fleece to terry clothe thinking wearing the helmet could raise his body temperature.

Then,I have treated him with nice warm bath before his afternoon feeding. He liked it!Slept quite deep ; about 4 hours.

He then up,had milk and now doing his PM helmet time.He was mad like AM but fell asleep behind me.

I hope he gets used to it enough to be able to sleep through the night.That is the big part I wonder if he can be ok through the night…

Stay tuned for more Liam’s story.

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