Unlikely friendship of a dog; “Abby” the Dachshund and “Bonedigger” the Lion

Dogs give you unconditional love.

Dogs give love to wide variety of spices; from birds, cats, elephant,tiger and more.

Watching such great friendship of dogs would melt your heart.

Recently, I came across youtube video of Dachshund “Abby” from exotic Animal Park in Winwood, OK.

I thought it very cute and thought I would share the video with you.

 Unlikely couple : Dachshund “Abby” and Lion “Bonedigger”..

According to the daily dish website, both came to the refuge when both were young. “While Bonedigger, a Barbary lion, gets along with all four of the dachshunds, it’s really Abby who has stolen his heart”, the caretaker says.

Zookeepers think they were somewhere between six to nine weeks old when they were first introduced.

Despite the size of the body, they do get along very well.

Dog’s unlikely friendship is not that uncommon. I became curious why such bond can happen.

According to wideopenpets website, Professor Gordon Burghardt of the University of Tennessee thinks “Interspecies bonds are more common among younger animals, among stressed individuals who may learn to depend on each other for comfort, and among those living in captivity”

In captivity like at zoo, animals choose their friends from who’s around, and they might seek out friendship in the pen, whether or not it’s a member of the same species.

Any unlikely amazing animal friendship near you?

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