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Yassy’s note:Liam’s first year;Day 163 – Day 167

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early (36 weeks and 2 days) and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

He was tiny little baby; 18″ tall, weighing 5 lb 6 oz…

Day 163..

It is raining here in VA and no snow.Palette , the Corgi , is disappointed for no snow situation.She loves snow very much.

Liam was just being bathed and, I knew that there were 2 little red dotted spots 2″-3″ above nipple area before,which we thought maybe the edge/bottom of the helmet is rubbing against the skin or something when he sleep looking tad right side, but by today, I noticed more red rough rash around collar bone area;where clothe collar could come contact with, plus one red dotted spot on one of his upper arm.

I have put moisturizing baby lotion cream on it as I have done with his cheeks (his cheeks were red and rough around earl;y Nov but, it cleared out when we put Aveno cream (lotion) for baby on it).

I do not know what is causing it or what it is.I wonder if it is too dry for him at home? Or clothe material is irritating? Or since he is getting more drooly,even if I am wiping drool when I notice it,the drool soaks through the clothe and irritate the skin??? I doubt it was due to detergent;Ivory snow.

He will be seeing pediatrician next month and we will keep an eye on it and let her know about it.

Day 164.. Christmas day…

Our year 2014 was such a great year when it comes to family matter (Liam). When compared his pictures with “now” and “then; day old picture”, I can see how much he has grown.

Liam is now a little over 5 months old.Since he was born about 3 weeks earlier,when it comes to development part, he is about 1 month behind but developing,clearing all the milestone things fine.

Since he is getting bigger, he will be eating solid food in a few months (maybe next month or so) and I was curious how big his mouth was and let him measure his mouth;turned out his mouth is big enough for 1/2tsp measuring spoon but smaller than 1 tsp measuring spoon:-)He actually opened his mouth as I try to measure his mouth size.

After that,he was playing with spoon a bit. He is mentally ready for the solid food I think.Next step is to be able to sit with support without sliding to the side or baby yoga to the front.He can hold his head fine but would need to practice sit well.

I would like to help him eat well.No more “I hate xyz food” topic on our dinner table;that is the rule for my husband and for the visitors.

Anyway, I am thinking that if we could cerebrate the Christmas alternating Japanese way (eat cake&wake up finding the presents right next to the pillow) and American way (present gotten via wish list under the tree and eat feast with family) would be fun.

Back home in Japan,we do not have “I want XYZ for the Christmas” etc.. and presents are usually the secret surprise.When I came over to the states for the first time, I was surprised to find out people were exchanging list of what they want in advance.It is one way to do it, but it was interesting to find out the gift giving culture (Japanese) way and the other way:-)

By the way, I sometime sing to Liam and recently,I sang jingle bell to him and he was flapping his arms and kicking legs in very excited matter and was smiling at the part “hey”. I think he likes the song,especially “hey” part:-)

Liam 164 day old.. first Christmas day..

Day 165..

Back from walkie;Liam in Ergo carrier, and I let him wear his fleece jacket over footie and went out for the quick walk.

He was looking around although he might have not being able to see things well because of the way he was in the Ergo (he looked like right in front of his face when looking to the side was the shoulder strap for me to wear.). I still need to practice to let him be inside better so he can see things better but we saw squirrels running across the street and he had something to see:-)

He liked Ergo ride and by the time we back home, he was happy and wanted to his usual arms flapping,legs kicking but got tired sooner and started yawning.

He then soon went to bed… Zzzzzzz..

He is getting heavy! He weigh 13.5 lb now.. 61 cm tall….

On the day 163 note, I wrote about red rash around collar bone area etc wondering what is causing it but I am getting more certain it might be a drool rash because he is really drooly and yesterday,he was restless after evening feeding and I was holding him face out so we can watch tv together.

He was watching the screen fine but I noticed real soaked wet spot on the area where the rash was..

I did not notice drool soaked clothe when he was in his bed,so it must be coming out after he was on my lap. Maybe holding upright makes his drool travel to chest area and soak the clothe more than he being sleeping in his bed…

What I did then was changing his clothe and wiped the rash area with warm cloth and put the baby lotion on it.

I changed the clothe because leaving the wet spot would not be good idea because ..1, he may catch cold during the sleep  and 2, he should be better with dry clothe for the rash things

I thought of putting bib over the clothe while I am awake. I do not think it is practical to change clothe every 30 minutes  throughout the day.

Day 166..

Back from Ergo walkie with Liam. This is the second walk today for me. The first one was in the early morning with Palette and this one is with Liam.

Liam likes Ergo ride and for a few minutes,he was snacking the shoulder strap (chewing on the shoulder strap) while enjoying the outside view but then he decided he can look the other way to see things better and he was looking around,narrowed his eyes when the bright light comes through..

On the way to home, we were stopped by a lady and she did chitchat with me. He really is a chick magnet,lol. People seem to want to talk to him.

After the Ergo ride,he enjoyed conversation time with me as well as off the wash cloth game (put the wash cloth over his eyes and he reach and grab to off from his face). But then he noticed that he could cheat if he moved his face side to side and he cheated the game a little but he had fun smiling big.

He is now out. He is holding his favorite pacifier;wubbanub with puppy, around puppy’s leg area. Palette is checking out nibbles in the kitchen.

Our dinner menu today is meat sauce spaghetti Japanese style; the sauce got nutmeg,thyme,soy sauce, chicken consomme cubes,bay leaf etc.. It is a little different from meat sauce for spaghetti here in the states.

Day 167..

Last night, I checked his red rash spot around neck and I was shocked to see how red it became;it was like cooked lobster shell color (mean red)..

That morning,I put Aquaphor on smooth surface area with pinkish spot and rough spot baby lotion. The spot that I put the Aquaphor got worsen the spot that I put the cream on it while it was less red and better the day before yesterday with baby lotion..

So, I decided to stick with baby lotion, and keep an eye on it and try taking pictures so I can compare side by side to determine any new spot or redness etc..

The spot that I did not put the Aquaphor on and put baby lotion on got less pink and it became hard to spot if I did not know where it was located at.

I will keep him on lotion for about a week and see if it helps.

The picture was taken after bath time today so, it is redder than it was pre bath time but it was redder much more last night before I said “no” to Aquaphor and put the baby lotion on it before bed. By the morning, it was a little better than last night I think but it still is there..

I looked at Aveeno baby lotion I was putting.It specifically says irritated skin and for eczema.Maybe,that is why, the spot above the nipple got much better while neck line where I put Aquaphor did not get better.

When I did skype with my parents last night, my mother has suggested to let him wear the good absorbent undershirts clothe cotton 100% my sister gave him when I was a pregnant. So, I am trying that in case the clothe only over the naked body had problem soaking up the drool/sweat plus I think having undershirts might also good to protect the skin from drool dropped on to the clothe although now he wears bibs when he is upright position on laps.

Liam Day 167 old.. rash…

Liam says “Thank you for the undershirt” to his Japanese aunt (my younger sister)…

It is the undershirt my sister sent me when I was still a pregnant. Liam was too small to wear this when he was born,but now it is in good size!

Stay tuned for more Liam’s story.

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Yassy’s note:Liam’s first year: Day 159 – Day 162

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early (36 weeks and 2 days) and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

He was tiny little baby; 18″ tall, weighing 5 lb 6 oz…

Day 159..

The new one he is practicing along with roll over is reach and grab toy near him while he is on tummy;moving to the side by bearing the weight one side to the other.I also practice with me in place of toy. When I call him “O-i-de (come over in Japanese)”,he makes great effort to come closer to me and it makes me feel great that he thinks I am the important person in his eyes.

Liam loved i-na-i i-nai- ba (Peak a boo) using my red monkey blanket this morning after bath & Milk time.

He was so smiley with the game,I wanted to capture his huge smile but I have not being able to capture the moment with the video yet since he does not smile as much or he simply stares at the camera as if what is this thing right in front of me even though I place my face right next to the camera..

Too bad… Maybe someday…

Liam Day 159.. Smile of the day..This is what keeps me smiling every day:-)

Day 161..

My parents in Japan sent him presents plus some kitchen gadget to make solid food for Liam in the future,and amulet for his health.

He is inspecting his Christmas gifts a little early.

He loved them all!

Then, just now, another ding dong door bell and his aunt&uncle in USA got him big Christmas present!

What a day for him!

Liam Day 161 days old.. inspecting Christmas present from Japan..

For us, the best Christmas gift in 2014 was Liam, who we thought would be impossible to have one:-) He will be loved very very much not just by us but also by others surrounding him.

Today is rainy and chilly..

When we needed to go errand, Liam wore fleece racoon footie with Racoon knitted hat.

At the grocery store, my husband was carrying him in ergo and, Liam had such a fun looking around interesting new person,new stuff in the store.

While he was on the bench with his daddy, and I was in the line of cashier to checkout,some people stopped by and talked to them.

I know there is a saying “a puppy is a chick magnet” but I think,in our case, “Liam is the chick magnet” for my husband,lol.

He seems to get lots of attention when we go out to shop etc..

At the baby store, some staff notices us from pregnancy time and they are kind of watching over his growth as well, and they talk to us and comment like “Wow, he got big”, ” he got more hair now” etc..

Maybe he is too cute to pass by without talking to him,lol.

Day 162..

I weighed, and measured Liam’s height.

He is now 13.5 lb,and head size is 39cm. Height remaining the same to the last month;61cm (about 2″).

He is not getting taller than last month but gaining weight..

Stay tuned for more Liam story..

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