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Yassy’s note:Liam’s First year; Day 168- Day 181

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early (36 weeks and 2 days) and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

He was tiny little baby; 18″ tall, weighing 5 lb 6 oz…

Day 170..

Last night,while I was wiping his body after bath time, he flipped over on his own!He now can roll over!

He did that again at pediatrician’s office;we went to get his rash checked out.

He is 13 lb 8 oz now.

After all, she prescribed the mild steroid cream for eczema.We were told to keep the baby lotion applied too.

We were told to put the cream on him 2 times a day for a week and take a break and see if the same things show up. This problem started showing since last Wednesday, and it has been a week.Hope that by letting him wear lighter clothe,lotion,and med (cream) would clear it out.

She thinks combination of drool rash and eczema. Told us to make him drool free as much as possible.He is wearing bibs when he gets to be hold upright.

It was exciting development to witness!

It is so exciting to see how Liam grows and starts being able to do new things!!

Day 171..

Day 172..

Liam’s red spot is gone:-)If you look closer,I can still tell from discoloration (difference is the shade of the skin color) but redness went away and looks smooth and nice.

He is asleep now but this morning,he rolled over by himself twice:-)He does not do that all the time, but when he really wants to get closer to something,it seems to put him more encouragement and he rolls.

Very last one he did last night (he did twice yesterday), he really rolled over whole way;from back to the stomach then weight shifted and roll back to the back:-) He was surprised how it wet for a second but he smiled and maybe it was fun for him.Now we know he is getting to be able to roll over on his own, he has to be under careful supervision more.

In no time, he might be crawling around the house.

It is exciting but at the same time, it will mean that I would need more careful supervision plus stamina than I already have.Buckled up for the new toddler adventure in the near future!

Day 173..

This morning, after feeding Liam,  I saw him rolled on his stomach (he was on his back).

I put him on his back  in his crib and told him “O-ha-yo-u (Good morning,in Japanese)” and wiped his face,wiped his body,put a bit of cream on the spot where eczema thing was. And then left to wash the washcloth.

When I back,he was on his stomach again.

While raising Liam, I am amazed how much of work is going into one simple task such as reach and grab things, bringing toy to mouth , how we learn to walk etc.. I found it very interesting.

Day 174..

We did skype with my parents last night again. Since new year, my sister family was there.Her husband was out to go get some special goodies from car place for the new year event, but youngest one was at home with my sister and my parents and my grandmother.

So, we could do baby skype; the youngest one of my sister’s kid and Liam met and stared each other,lol.

The youngest kid of my sister kept pointing at Liam and said “:ah,ah,ah” with curious look. With Liam, he was staring back at him talking,sometimes sucking/chewing his bibs.

It was funny.

At the end, when we were about to say “bye-bye”, he open-close hands signaling “bye-bye”, and it was cute!

My parents say that the two really look alike;Liam is Westerner version of my sister’s youngest kid:-)Looking the two to compare,maybe she is right.They may feel like staring at their own mirror,lol.

Liam had smiley moment and my parents were excited to see that face in live too! I really cannot wait to go see them soon because they have not hold him since birth at all because they live so far far away…

Have any of you done baby skype? It is so much fun!

Tonight, Liam is playing with baby gym,batting at the toy,talking,making strange sound and very active..

I noticed that he does not take nap anymore after 5pm feeding until he goes to bed for the night.He is getting older:-)

Day 175..

Today was such a busy day and Liam was so active at home…

He was rolling over and trying so hard to get closer to his new stuffed doggy that is from laughs and learn brand;where babies touches paws or tummy and it makes sound words like “hand” or music like “abcdefghijklmn”.

After that,he had short nap like one hour,woke up for a diaper change.

Then, since then, he was in mood for the baby gym so, he was kicking legs,flapping arms like crazy next to me ( I was inventory counting ) .He must have tired.

He did not sleep until his next feeding comes and time to go see my eye doc.

Once car running, he started sleeping and at the eye doc office, he was sleeping ,snoring away.

The doctor has seen Liam before since birth so he is kind of watching over his growth too and commented he got big:-)

After that, we went to outback steakhouse for dinner and he woke up.

Now, he is busy looking around him,following people with his eyes,entertaining himself,smiling at us across the table when our eyes met:-)

Just around the time to leave, the manager at the restaurant came and commented that he is one happy good boy that likes looking around,smiley,and entertaining himself, not crying away:-) He talked to Liam a bit too.

I think he is getting more curious about his surrounding.

After the dinner, we went to baby store to feed him and he was out.

Now our prince is in the deep sleep for the night…

I heard we might get snow tomorrow about 1″ and grocery store shelf had lots of empty space. 1″ snow seems to make lots of stuff out of stock by the time we go shopping..

Day 178..

He is right now “roll over crazy”. He cannot do weigh shifting from one side to the other to move to the side to get to the toy yet, but can do reaching out to grab the toy if the toy was right in front of him.

Day 179..

Back from Orthopedic doctor for Liam.

The doctor was happy about how his head is growing and Liam was having so happy milkful of tummy and sleepy, there were no struggles for the doctor to measure his head:-)

I told doctor about sweating and rash he got (we think it was combination of drool and seat;helmet raise more body temp) and asked how other parents are letting their kids wearing clothe material wise, but doctor did not know that answer…

But he said he could make a tiny hole so the heat could escape a little. So, he did some work on his helmet.

I hope it will help. The hole is so tiny so I do not know how much it will help but better than none,I think.

Liam fell asleep in the car seat and slept in his crib a bit but I think he is waking up now. Calling me for.. maybe diaper change!

Day 181..

Just bathed Liam.He really like to ride the whale tub,lol.

He was so happy,smiley and today,for the first time,he played with water on his own,lol.He kicked the water and I think it was fun and he kept kicking the water and watch it splash.

He is now playing with my husband’s beard:-)

Stay tuned for more Liam’s story..

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