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Yassy’s note: Liam’s first year: Day 201- Day 211

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early (36 weeks and 2 days) and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

He was tiny little baby; 18″ tall, weighing 5 lb 6 oz…

Day 202..

Today,,Liam will be trying his very first solid vegetable;Sweet potato!

very first solid vegetable;Sweet potato..

I have added warm water to mashed sweet potato (unseasoned) and whipped it up.Liam opened his mouth as wide as he can and ate with huge smile along with porridge (mashed).

I gave him one bite porridge,one bite sweet potato and so on and gave him a big dose of his favorite mama’s milk,lol.

This is the consistency how I ended up with.

After he is on sweet potato for a week , gradually increasing the amount of sweet potato.,then introduce next ingredient, For his meal,I cooked only 2 oz and so itty bitty cute amount!

I enjoy baby food making!

It looked so complicated at first, but as I read more and know the basic, it seems not so scary to try new thing,lol.

Day 205..

A little shoes gift from Fertility doctor…

He is now 6 months and half old, and loves to roll over and blowing spits and bubbles.And teething,and just started solid food last week or so.

Day 207..

First solid fruits: Fuji Apple;steamed and mashed..

Day 208..

Liam was observing his food is being made in the kitchen.

He chewed his bibs so much that it got soaking wet.Made him hungry that much,lol.

Before I place him near the kitchen,he was playing with his block,banging it against the tray or tossing in the air and it got scared Palette and she went downstairs for cover,lol.

I let Liam lick the spoon after mashing up his food.He was slapping his tummy with open hands.It got approved??

Liam’s first try with onion Day 208 old..

Onion was cooked ,and grated through mesh kitchen sieve.Onion is one of vegetables you can give in the first month of solid food adventure in Japan.

This day, he had.. mashed soupy porridge (10 bai gayu),mashed sweet potato, and mashed onion and finished it off with mashed Fuji Apple;-)
He ate them all!
Day 209…
Liam tried Udon for the first time.Today’s carbohydrate base was this. Just mashed Udon mixed with bit of water. Then, a day before, I made small amount of Konbu Dashi (Dashi made from Kelp), and decided to mix it in right before serving it so it is more like soupier but easier for him to eat it off the spoon:-)He loved it!Of course, no salt added.
Liam first try with Udon..209 days old..
By the way, dashi itself does not have kelp inside. Kelp (kombu) is simply simmered in water and taken out.
Day 211..
I read that taste buds development starts from first solid food time (5-6 months old) and its base (taste buds base) will be build around later months of solid food time (10-11monthsold).
So, in Japan, introducing a lot of texture,color,tastes from the first solid food time (5-6 months old) is considered very important when you start feeding babies solid food.
For me, I had never had Mexican food up until I come over to the states years ago,and I did not get to taste avocado until that time and never had it as a baby.So, it might be the factor for me to get used to the texture and taste. I can eat guacamole from particular restaurant but streaight avocado or guacamole made by other restaurants, I have hard time enjoying them.
That being said, changing the way to cook,different sauce, different seasoning can make different experience and, I used to hate fish as a kid but my mother tried various kinds of fish, various kinds of sauce, various ways to cook them etc.. and it helped me a lot to eat some fish then.
Now growing up, I love salmon or fish and I would say I prefer salmon over steak:-) Big applause to my mother! I am trying to introduce lots of texture,color,taste to Liam to help him eat better. I like he gets excited for the solid food time;-)
I personally chose Japanese method for solid food introduction because we start with fresh food,made fresh with the amount he/she can consume within about in a week, and introducing fresh food each time.
Usually goal is to let the babies to explore the pure taste,texture,color as many as you can but introduce one at a time.
So, it is not flavored. If flavored, often time, dashi made from Kelp (konbu) is recommended .
Liam will be trying out fish next week since it will be 3rd week since he is on solid food.. We should not introduce red meat fish to babies due to possible risk of causing allergic reaction,and babies will get to taste white meat fish first like flounder.I wanted to get sole beside flounder but did not find one.So, he will be getting seabass and flounder next week.
Now, next new vitamin/mineral group food to be introduced to Liam was carrot. I have added a bit of cooled boiled water to loosen up when serving
Liam first try with carrot .. Day 211
He was very very talkative and squeaking as if to say “Yum!” with every couple of bites,lol.It is funny to see him do so and I smiled/laughed at him and he smiled back;-)Feeding time is fun!He had.. Udon loosen up with Konbu dashi, onion,and carrot today for meal and he seemed to like Udon best but he ate it all.
Stay tuned for more Liam story…



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