Yassy’s note:Liam’s first year: Day 212 – Day 225

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early (36 weeks and 2 days) and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

He was tiny little baby; 18″ tall, weighing 5 lb 6 oz…

Day 212..

I felt like tonz heavier today and I was curious about Liam’s weight so I weighed him.

He was 15.5lb, 40.5cm head circumference, and 63cm tall (although last time we visited Pediatrician, he was measured 66cm tall. Maybe how I measured him might have been different from them.

He is growing:-)

Day 214..

Today, I introduced 7th solid food “Spinach.He liked it.

First spinach served to Liam at day 214..

I usually bring him in high chair when I cook in the kitchen, and every time I pull out the ingredients, I show it to him and tell him what it is.

He listen and sometimes,he wants to touch it so I let him if I got no problem him touching the ingredient.

Day 215..

Liam might be thinking he is a magician. Lately, he picks up the object and pass it to the other hand, study and pause and hand the object back to the original hand he picked the object with and he repeats it.

Before, he picked objects and stared at it holding with both hands and straight into his mouth to nom but its behavior is changing although he still likes to vampire my knuckle (he likes to suck my knuckle and he also chomp.) without careful observation,lol.

And at about 8pm, it started snowing…

Day 216..

He gets very talkative when his solid food time comes.When he has audience of his meal time beside me;the feeder, he gets stare at the audience mode and does not start eating. Funny. Yesterday,he had 4 tsp udon mixed with 4 tsp kelp dashi , 2 tsp carrot, 1 tsp spinach.It is a lot for him but, he finished drinking all the 190ml milk afterwards.A day before,he left about 30ml in the bottle though.

Liam had onion 1 tsp,spinach 2 tsp and udon 5 tsp plus dashi 5 tsp plus 190 ml milk for dinner.I was expected him leaving some milk because his amount of food is increasing but no,he drunk them all.He then moved on to play on the tray with blocks.

He observed me making steak burritos.

Tomorrow, I will be adding new protein source to Liam’s dinner and I have to make porridge too and it will be a bit busy day again:-)

Day 217..

Today, I added new protein source;Fish. It is flounder:-) He looked surprised when he first tasted the fish and took time to taste and then.. ate it. It is mixed with Konbu Dashi (kelp Dashi). Kind of like.. fish soup for a little baby,lol.

Liam’s first protein source: Fish! Flounder..

I was wondering how he would be like on fish because texture is very different from pureed veg.But everything was good so far.

Day 218…

My husband brought a cup of snow for Liam to see.Liam put his hand right in without hesitation and grubbed it to feel.

Day 219…

Liam had another new food;tomato.

Liam’s first tomato..

Liam liked tomato! Now he can eat…. Kokuho rose rice (mashed porridge), Fuji apple, carrot,spinach,onion,flounder,udon noodle,sweet potato, and tomato;-) For dinner, he had tomato, flounder, and udon with Fuji Apple as dessert.
Liam had some more food he could eat as day went by.
At day 222, he tried Tofu for the first time seasoned with Kombu dashi.
Liam’s First Tofu ..

Day 222 , it is snow day, and the road looked icy….

That day, I made roasted pork tenderloin with pepper jelly and veg medley for dinner.

Every time I go to fridge,Liam looks at the fridge and stares at the ingredients that I pull out. So,I ,like to always, explain what I got and tell him a bit about it and then go cooking.

He was so interested in asparagus and apricot preserve jar,lol.

If you like to make the pepper jelly sauce, mix 3 tbs rice vinegar, 3 tbs honey,3 tbs jelly or jam (I like to use apricot for pork),after cooking chopped garlic and jalapeno in evoo.Then, add squeeze of lime juice to that and thicken it up.Depending on your preference,you can add dash of paprika to this,which I do.

This is one of my husband’s fav dish.

Day 224..

Liam is getting strong arms (I think). He can lift up his upper body much higher than he was before (before,he was on elbow on the floor,now on fists here and there).

Last night,he could sit on his own without support for longer:-)

He still cannot move forward or backward and simply spinning on belly (pivoting) but I cannot wait to see him being able to do one other new thing in the future

Day 225..
Liam tried another new food.
Liam’s first sea bass..
According to Japanese e-magazine for parents for babies from newborn to 2 years old, when it comes to fish for the solid food, you would want to introduce the white meat fish such as flounder (Liam has had it before) as first fish.
However, to reduce the possibility of causing the allergy, cod should not be fed at early solid food time; ok at much later process in the solid food phase.
Sole is good fish for Liam, but have not being able to locate the fish.
Stay tuned for more Liam’s story…
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