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Yassy’s note:Liam’s first year;Day 225 – Day 232

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early (36 weeks and 2 days) and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

He was tiny little baby; 18″ tall, weighing 5 lb 6 oz…

Day 225..

Liam is on solid food for 3 weeks plus, and 4th week is mixed meal;getting a little fancier,lol.

Here is Liam’s last night dinner Menu; Udon noodle and Spinach in Dashi soup, Stewed Sea bass in Dashi

Udon noodle and Spinach in Dashi soup, Stewed Sea bass in Dashi..

I like to present the dish like this,and then mix the spinach and Udon noodle dish right in front of him. He gets excited for this and open mouth as wide as he can and he ate them all.On top of that, he drunk all the milk, no drop left.

He eats a lot lately:-) Since the meal amount is getting bigger,I was expecting him to leave milk maybe some but nope, he ate them,drunk them all.

Day 226..
Last night’s dinner for Liam.10 bai gayu (mashed porridge made with ratio of water 10 vs kokuho rose rice 1) with tomato, and sea bass in Konbu Dashi


Liam loved it!

As always, I brought the dish like this and mixed right in front of him and helped him eat:-)

Today, I did not take a picture because it is similar idea to last 2 days meal.

He had Udon Noodle with Konbu Dashi mixed with onion, sea bass soup, and carrot.He was really talkative and seemed to like the soup a lot!

Day 228..

Liam was so talkative for the dinner today.It seems like.. he really likes seafood (flounder in Konbu dashi).

His menu today was spinach, 10 bai gayu (mashed porridge mixed with tofu), and flounder soup.

When it comes to flounder soup time, he slapped his hand onto his food tray as if to say “hurry up” and he sometime squeaked:-)

Feeding babies is such a fun!I am having fun making menu plan and feeding both!

Today, he left about 20ml milk after the solid food because .. probably soup made his tummy feel fuller.


Day 230..

Starting today,Liam will be having 2 solid food meals a day.

He had #1 meal in the morning already and he was so talkative and loved the meal.

Here is the list of food he can eat by now.

mashed porridge
sweet potato
Fuji Apple

I will let him try Broccoli tonight.We will see how he likes it:-)

Micky mouse one is; mashed porridge topped with grated fuji apple. and the other one is onion soup with flounder.

It is official;Liam likes Broccoli:-)

Back home in Japan, first 2 months on solid food, goal is to let the babies to explore the pure taste and texture of the food as many as possible, and you can use the flavoring like konbu dashi lightly but not the strong bold flavor like adults’.

So, I simply boiled it,mashed well (first 2 months,he cannot have stem part,only floral top part.Me and Palette shared the stem part to nom on) and served it.

He opened his mouth wide and ate it like he was eating for long time!

For dinner,he had udon mixed with spinach,carrot soup using homemade vegetable broth, and he had… broccoli for the first time. He ate them all,plus 180 ml milk:-)

Day 232..

He liked this very very much and his legs were up and down hitting the high chair food tray,lol.He liked this breakfast that much.

The white one in the green plate is Milk Pan Gayu (torn white bread is cooked with breast milk and mashed).

Pan means “bread”. Bread edge is cut off and only soft part is used.I mixed it with my breast milk a bit since he cannot have cow’s milk yet. Many moms use powdered formulas to make this but I did not use it.

The menu on this day was tomato soup with sea bass and bread porridge with breast milk:-)

Thoughts on introducing fruits to babies..

When I was introducing how I feed Liam on Social media, some people asked why they do not see much fruits in the menu pictures they see. Wondered why I was not feeding fruits to Liam from the very beginning.

My answer was that,by the time that question came to me, Liam was exposed to Fuji Apple and could eat Fuji Apple, and he was eating it now and then.

I just didn’t post every single meal he ate too..

However, that time, he might have been exposed to less number of fruits I think compared to general American way to feed babies.

I didn’t serve fruits every meal like with the amount of entree,though.It is dessert.I also do not like to introduce bold,strong sweet fruits from the start.I rather would like him to explore other flavor first like vegetables,and get familiar with the taste.

Kids would not have problem liking the fruits because many fruits are naturally sweet. Kids would have more problem getting used to liking vegetable flavor.

That being said that weekends I got such question from friends, he was going to be eating strawberries for the first time.I think typical American baby food advice you find is a bit different from typical Japanese baby food advice/method.I follow Japanese method.

At first month baby food, Japanese moms aim at 50 % carb -40 % vit/mineral- 10 % protein

When I mentioned I would feed strawberries next, I got question saying strawberries would not be good to feed to him because it might cause allergic reaction.

Well,babies in Japan can eat strawberry from the early solid food time.One thing people tell you back home is that, serve the food after heating them up,mash them, smooth out through the kitchen sieve. So, I did cook strawberry,not raw.

I heard that allergen in the strawberries whatever it was called and was causing the possibility of allergy can change.This goes same with apple. .

As long as those fruits are heated,that is ok to give from early solid food time. He is on solid food for 2 months so it will be ok..

I will be cooking strawberry first like I did with apple. Then,give 1 tsp first to make sure it is ok with Liam first. In Japan, babies are not encouraged to eat cereal until much later.It is opposite to the states. Method of how parents introduce the food to the babies will be different too.

That being said, there are some fruits Liam cannot have until much later even if heated..I do not remember what it was.I need to look at print out to name them.I think it was something in line of kiwi, mango etc..Oh, babies in Japan does not get introduced to avocado until later but, in the states,many will be eating it in early solid food time..

By the way, solid food adventures first month goal is to let the babies explore various kinds of food for texture,pure flavor on its own.Then, second month into it, continue letting the babies explore the food flavor and texture but start offering mixing food here and there,providing carb-protein-Vit/Mineral in one meal.

On day 232, he has acquired the new skill:lick his toe. Babies are so flexible,lol.

Liam’s dinner today (part of).

Menu include…. Flounder with mashed porridge, Broccoli soup and Fuji Apple as dessert

He ate these in 5 minutes! He liked it very much.

Stay tuned for more Liam story…


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