When outside is too cold for walk or rainy days.. what can you do with your dog..??

 These days,it gotten so much colder than warm September weather,and when there is a bit of wind,I feel colder than it actually is.

It still is not too cold for walk ,but when it is too cold for walk or rainy days,what plays you can do with your dogs?

 These games below are games that kids can play with your dogs as well.

 When weather is not too good for walk such as rainy/snowy days, we tend to play with Palette inside the house by playing “Sniffing out game”,”Find it game”,”Seek and hide game”, or doggy school time a.k.a. training time by teaching her some new tricks,or we do fetch ball or Frisbee inside the house too.

<Sniff out game>

Take a treat in one hand,let her/him sniff the treat.Then,hide the treat in one of your hand.(Don’t let your dog see which hand you will hide it in),and hold two hands in front of your dog.

Then say “Which one?”,and let your dog seek out the treat. Every time he/she seeks it out very good,you then will give the treats and big praise. This is very simple play but dogs love this game.

I sometimes try Palette with some challenge by not holding anything she meant to seek out. Since she cannot smell anything in my hands,she searches my body all over and dig with one paw at my Jeans pocket,for example, and lay down and bark as if to say “Heeey!! Treat is not in your hands but here!”

<Find it game>

This game is something I wrote about when I was writing about how well dogs nose is.

You will let your dog sniff the treat,and let your dog “Stay” and place the treat maybe like 2ft -4 ft away from you and say “find it” and she/he should go for getting the treat.Then,you praise your dog and gradually make the distance longer.

Dogs still can see where you went to hide the treats at this point,but after understanding these cue well enough,then you can take your dog to crate,let your dog wait in the crate and you go hide anywhere you want.  

Then say “Find it!!”

Your dog should dash out from the crate and up the nose,down the nose,trying to find the yummy treats in the house.

This is kids friendly game and fun for everybody. After dog find the treat in place,give them a big praise

<Hide and seek>

This game is similar to “find it” game. You will  just let someone who has treat go hide anywhere in the house while dog waits at one place and release the dog with command “Find mummy” or else and let the dog find the person.


I usually play with Palette using squeaky balls for fetch game.

I just stand one place and throw it for her,and she dashes to get the the ball,and coming back with the ball.

Through this “Fetch ball game”,you can teach your dog “Give”;Releasing whatever in his/her mouth for you.

I usually throw squeaky ball when Palette gets calmed down,and drops the ball for me.

If not,even if she was so excited and bark at me saying “Throw it for me” I just ignore her. She gets it after some tries.

<Teach new tricks>

Teaching tricks is fun,and kids can do it too. Get one book or two on dog trick and spend some time with your dog teaching your dog new tricks.

Other than these,you can be couch-potato with your dogs,watching TV is one thing too. They seem to like TV.

What kinds of games do you play with your dogs on rainy/snowy/bad weather day?


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