Why do dogs eat grass? Bacon flavored Grass supplement??

  Have you ever wondered why dog dash towards lawn to munch on grass when you let your dogs out??

Palette seems to pick the very bright colored grass. She never vomits anything at all after eating the grass,nor seems to be nauseated.Just being happy herself and no ill effect from eating the grass.

CA-Lav-bath-after-2.jpg CA Lav bath after 2

Palette enjoys rolling on the grass..

 On occasion,she poops out the grass as it went in,and no diarrhea. Therefore, I did not pay too much attention why she eats grass.

 We put no pesticide or any chemical to our lawn so,we let her eat the grass to moderation level. We do not encourage her to eat the grass either.She voluntarily goes to her favorite patch of grass and munch like cow for a while,and I call her back in and,she continue to be energetic happy go lucky dog during the day.

 However, “Why dogs eat grass” seems to be the universal question.Even vet seems to know no definite answer to this.

Pal with snow 030512 2

Palette enjoys grassicle a.k.a.frozen grass in the snow..

There are some theories,however.

 One theories goes, wolf goes hunting and eat the entire kill,and they hunt many herbivore (plant eating animals),and they tend to eat digested grass in the intestine.Therefore,dogs may tend to go eat grass,because they like it and it was once part of their  normal diet.

 Other theories goes,dog eats grass because dog feel nauseated (dogs ate something they should not eat),and instinct tells them to eat grass so that the grass can bind with foreign objects and irritate the intestine to vomit things out.

 Another theories goes, very dark green grass is rich in  chlorophyll,Vitamin C,Antioxidant,fiber etc and maybe diet provided to dogs is lacking in some nutrients that grass can offer.

 As you already know, I feed raw diet to Palette,and meat she gets does not offer chlorophyll,which only plants such as vegetable or grass has,so, maybe or may not be correct on this theories.

 But even grass,it has cell that dog cannot break just like vegetable so,if you really serious about green into diet,you must grind the grass. This is why dog poop out the grass as it went in,but I do not go that far to make this green ready to be utilized by them.

 After all, her diet menu (meat,bone,organ,egg,tripe etc..) can offer great deal of nutrient what vegetables can offer in much more digestible form for dogs.

 But wait!! Someone does go far to make the grass usable for dog!

 Bacon flavored Barley grass….  I did not know about this green products up to now,but it really exists. Someone grinds grass for dog as supplement, and add Bacon flavored smoky yeast,brown rice,garlic..

 I am not sure why they do this. What they are trying to achieve for with extra ingredients than grass…I do not know.

 Supposedly,barley grass is very very bright green grass and has more chlorophyll in it. Why bacon flavor?Why Yeast? Why brown rice?Why garlic?? I have no idea but they are selling grass this way.( To see the products,please click here.) It is 3oz grass,and cost you $11!!

 I am not exactly sure why Palette eats grass at this point,but I think she likes it and,to moderation level,I let her eat it if she wanted to. I do not go serious about adding grass supplements by paying $11.

 Our lawn is fine,no chemical on them,but if Palette wanted to go nibble on other area of grass at somebody’s house ditch area,we do not know if grass is treated or not.So,I tell her “Leave it” and we walk on.

 Hmm,this one that sells the same products puts these points as benefit: grass promotes healthy skin,coat,fresh breath,good digestion,and restore the energy for senior dogs  etc etc..

 If I wanted to provide something beneficial for dogs’ coat,I would rather look into ratio of omega 3 fatty acids: Omega 6 fatty acids instead of trying to provide things via form of ground grass.

 What do you think about this products?

 Bacon flavored grass,anyone? $11??

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