Chimpanzee and Bulldog in PE class in elementary school

 Everybody loves watching funny video, and  I am sure you would be laughing out loud watching this video. This video is from Japan,where I grew up,and Japan has very well trained monkey act group as well as amazing chimp named “Pan-kun”. This particular video is in Japanese so,I translate here for you to understand what is going on.

Chimpanzee “Pan-kun” and Bulldog”James” attend PE class at elementary school….

One bulldog “James” and one Chimpanzee “Pan-kun” attended PE class at Japanese elementary school. It is sit-up time.

This is to see how many sit-up kids can do in 30 seconds. In average,10 year old boys do 19 sit-ups.,and if adult women,in average they can do 18 sit-ups. They are trying to see how many sit-ups Chimpanzee “Pan-kun” can do. He did 12 sit-ups. Then,switching time and,a bulldog “James” did zero. But it is funny to see dog & monkey communication. Have fun!

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Jan 29, 2009 | Comments are off | Cute Animals

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