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Exercise,Palette’s way

 When I have an empty cereal box,I sometime use it for fun play with Palette.

 I put 1 bit of treat inside the empty cereal box,and close it (No tape or staple,please). Then,I shake a little so that she knows something in there.Then,I put it on the floor,let her wait and she tries to get to the treat on cue.

  When I tried with her first time,she was nosing it around,dig with one paw gently,stared at me as if to say “I need help”, and took her a bit long time to figure out how to open it by herself.

 Now,she is like a pro.She jumps on it,let the air inside push it open and then shake/tear and she gets the treat inside.After treat is gone,she plays with it.

This is quite an exercise.I found it funny,so I took video to share fun with you.

 I was tough mom so,I did not tell her even a bit how to open the box. She figured it out by herself.Good dog,smart dog,that is my dog Palette

 BUT I think you should not try with heavy corrugated box.It maybe too tough to their teeth.

Exercise!! Palette’s way

What would your dogs would do if I give them the same empty cereal box with treat inside??

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