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You have got a pee-mail !! ; greeting with dogs that make puddle

 Our stumpy Corgi “Palette” joined in our family at about 10-12 weeks old. She was tiny fluffy ball with long ears,round muzzle,and loud vocal.

 This little fluffy puppy loved nipping my heel,loved playing with socks, hated vacuum cleaner, scared of Trash bin and the sound of microwave door closed.

 Her absolute favorite thing was to going for walk with me, and sniff around,enjoy sunlight and views. She loved people and she liked to puled me to people on the walk with ears flattened against her head with vigorous butt-wagging and get nice petting from them.

 Don’t get fooled by her ball-sized body. She was tiny puppy but she had quite strength to pull.

This picture is when she was puppy about 3-4 month old.

Palette 3 months old sittting

She was same:excited to go meeting people with vigorous butt-wagging at vet clinic or pet stores, but, she gave them pee-mails.

It was interesting observing her because some occasions,she urinated when greeting,some occasion,she was perfectly no urination when greeting.

Biggest puddle she has made was for vet tech that approached her in high toned happy voice with big gesture. She said she could not touch our dog anymore because it might encourage the urination.She said this maybe submissive urination.

For me,the term was new one and,I looked for information about submissive urination.

So,what is submissive urination anyway?

According to Humane society of the United state website, dogs urinate when they feel being threatened, or when being scold and that is submissive urination behavior and,it states that as dogs gain confidence in meeting new people,it solves the problems. (To read more,click here)

In dogs’ world, they use submissive urination,roll on their back,or looking at other way (direct eye contact in dog world means challenge)as sign “I am not a threat to you” to dominant dogs. Being pet on the head,being greeted by people who bend over maybe perceived as threat in dog-human communication. When I greet other dogs,I usually lower myself and offer petting (not on their head).  And I usually get no pee-mail.
(more reading on submissive urination here.)

For me, Palette’s pee-mail did not looked like submissive urination because she was very ready to meet that vet tech and other new people.

When you look at Humane Society of the united state website,it also states that urination occur when dogs are very excited,and it usually does not occur with submissive posture.

I think Palette had Excitement urination not submissive urination. The Humane society of the united states website states that it gets resolved as dogs get matured.

It maybe true because Palette is now 3 years old and she loves meeting new people and 100% no pee-mail when greeting them now. Growing might have solved her problem.

If your dogs had pee-mail when greeting people like my dog, one thing the Humane society of the united states suggests is that you do not pet or talk to your dogs after they gave pee-mail on greeting because it re-enforce the behavior.

I think if you had pee-mail at entrance when someone visited your house,it maybe good exercise asking them to ignore the dog and just come inside the house and when dogs get calm and no jumping all over the guests,they can pet your dogs.

I think this is very good exercise for both urination problems and for stopping dog jump up on guests if you had problem of dogs’ jumping.

Our dog Palette thinks us going away for grocery for a couple of hours is her life time long and,when we back home, she was all over us. Jumping up with vigorous butt-wagging. It is cute,I admit but jumping up to us was not all that enjoyable thing when we have grocery bags in hands so,we always ignored our dog and just came in to house and we dropped all of our grocery from car and when she got calm down after some minutes,we called her and let her enjoy our special magic hands massage on her.

IF we came home with high pitched voice saying “Hi” following petting,I think she would get more excited and more jumping. It is same when my husband comes home. Palette used to be vocal in front of the door that leads to garage door and as soon as he shows up in her view,she starts jumping up.

He does not pet her with happy voice right when he comes home, so she just follow him to closet and wait for nice petting with sit. She then gets nice long petting.

But when my husband comes home and my dog hears the car or garage door open, and IF I were fixing the food for human, which do you think she would stick with?

Under such circumstances, she usually picks me with food and she sits nicely behind me or lay on floor like sphinx and follow my movement with her eyes and she does not greet my husband at entrance. she is too busy to greet him.


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