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¬†There are so many fun exercise you can do with your furry friends:Frisbee,Play ball, training,jogging,walking,hiking,traveling to dog friendly places… but now there is one more to add to the list of exercise with your furry friends.

It is called DOGA (Yoga with your dog). I came across one article about Kari Harendorf’s Doga class in news. She is yoga instructor, dog trainer,and former vet tech.

Apparently,it seems hot thing to do with dogs over in Japan as well along with raising popularity in US.

I was surprised to find out IF I were living at my parents’ house in Japan, I can go Doga for 2 hours and with cost of $20. I am not sure if it is per class or per term though. Also,DVD on Doga was released in Japan,and is selling very good.

What is doga?

So,what is “Doga” like?? According to abc news website written by Ryan Owen and Melia Patlia, in doga class, dog gets certain posture to stretch body and, they get massage and acupressure during the class.

For human,they use the dog to shape the posture,such as place the large dog under your legs’ tunnel and place small dog on top of your tummy and lift the tummy up.

Since Doga became so popular that now you can find Om Ball that play “Om..”,but I think this ball is so expensive ($26) . It claims beautiful design but dog would not care much..

Palette the Corgi and I are happy with regular inexpensive squeaky ball..

What is your thoughts on this ball?

I think doga can provide quiet time for bonding with your dogs by doing Doga or massaging or acupressure in class.

For you,you can do Yoga for exercise and you can bring your dog to class.So,Doga may not be a bad idea to try out with your dog.

( To read more on Doga,please click here. )

When I welcomed our stumpy “Palette” to our family, since she was my first dog to live with,everything I did with her was new to me.

One of the things I tried to do was to give her nice relaxing massage.

I got one book thinking that I would use it as basic information books on dog massage as to what area is dog’s favorite to be massaged,what techniques are there etc..¬†

I kind of distracted from something else so,I am still in amid of reading the book,but it is good one to have.

After I read this book,I like to read book on Tellington touch (massaging technique). I hear it is good. If you were interested in Tellington touch,you can read on the massaging technique here.

What exercise do you do with your dog?

Does your dog like to be massaged? Do you know where in the body your dog likes to be massaged??


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