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Dog personality test (Temperament test)

 When you welcome new dog to your family,there maybe 3 ways to get a new dog from.

1. From shelter
2.Rescue group

 When you go to those places, what kinds  of things do you look for in dogs to bring home?

 Our Corgi “Palette” is my first dog and, I saw cute litters curling up with mother dog.

 Palette was one of 8 litters. Biggest litter of all.

 Her mother is tri colored Corgi and her father is red and white colored Corgi. Therefore,some litters were red and white and some were tri color corgi. 

 We really did not have preferred gender for puppy to bring home. How we decided on her was 2 things.

 Little Palette was picked up by my husband and she immediately licked his finger and showed affection. Then, when all the litters were free,when I tossed squeaky toy,she followed it and picked it up and played with it.

 Other litters were running around crazy, and they were more engaged in their own play rather than the squeaky toy that I tossed for them to play with.

 I then moved away a little from where I was and little Palette simply followed me and sat next to me and enjoyed rubbing/petting.

 There was one energetic little male; red and white corgi, but, he did not like to be touched at all and tried to nip my fingers..

 It may not be perfect way to pick which litters I should have chosen but,we are happy we chose her because she has been such a nice dog and she really suits to our family.

This is one of the picture taken with breeder. I think Palette is left hand side litter from white head marking. I maybe wrong but she was just like this. She came to our family when she was about 12 weeks old.

Palette and siblings

  After 3 years and plus,she still be like the day we first met. When I read magazine, if I sit on floor,even if she were resting on her cool bed,she gets up and trot to my place and sit right next to me.
 Just like first day we have met,when I pick up squeaky toy or Frisbee,she comes right up and ready to play with me and have fun.

 I usually watch “Dog Town” on national geographic channel. It is a reality show  focused on non-kill shelter work in Utah,and many dogs come there from bad condition. 

 The shelter accommodate those dogs and help them overcome with disease or behavior issue and send them to nice forever home.

 One of the episode that ended with heartwarming story is on Aristotle (to find out his progress at Best friends’ shelter to forever home adoption, click here).

  One of the thing they do before adoption is temperament test. Then,if they found something to work on such as resource guarding, they focus on the training on resource guarding using no force to dogs.

 Then, if the area they worked on improved and becomes no issue, they put the dog for adoption.

  When you type in “temperament test dog” at google,you get almost 58,000 hits and I was surprised to know there are variety in such test,and variety of ways or variety of tool test is used to test the same area.

 I am not sure if the same dog took each different test method for temperament test ,if the result would come up with same or not.But here are some of the temperament test videos done at humane society.


 My question to you is do you decide on which dog you will bring home?


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