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“Find it” game

 In my previous entry titled “When outside is too cold for walk or rainy days,what can you do with your dog?“, I wrote about “Find it game” as one game you can do on such days.

Below,you can find 2 videos of our dog “Palette” enjoying her favorite game;  “Find it” game.

First video is Take 1.She snatched the treat out of my hand before I hid them because so tempting to eat it right away.

Second video is actually “Take 3”. Now,you can see how she enjoy her favorite game of the day “Find it “game. She sniffs out pretty good.

As you can see, she was not watching me where I hid them,but she dashed to the right room right away without second thoughts.

If you watch these videos with careful ears,you can actually hear her sniffing sound. Yes,she is using the nose.

We are using “Dogitos”:the goat lung treats. She is too excited for the treats and snatched from me twice!!

Now THAT tells me she really really like this treat. The treat itself is flat sheet type and,easy to break into pieces by hands.

At this moment, beef lung treats, lamb lung treat available through Yassy’s Gourmet Dog Kitchen.

Take 1 : Find it game

Take 3:Find it game

What k9 games do you do with your dogs??


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