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License in British English VS License in American English

 When you hear the word “License”,and if you were an Americans,you would imagine something related to government such as Driver’s License,Business License and so on. But in England,the word “License” can means much different thing.

 Sometimes, in England, you find grocery stores with signs that read “Off license”. What does this mean?

 Does this mean this store is running under no license to open stores?? No, according to “British English translated for Americans”, it says ” It is usually  find this sign with a store that sells alcohol or pubs,and the store with this sign do not allow customers to drink alcohol inside the stores/pubs.” So, what it mean is that,they can sell the alcohol but they do  not have license to let the customers drink inside the store or pubs.

So, If you see the sign with the word “License” in it near food related stores, you can take it as license means alcohol related in England.

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 Also, in England,there is a law called ” licensing act 1964″. In it,it states that person under 18 years to buy or attempt to buy alcohol is illegal. Also,states, Liqueur chocolates cannot be sold to person under 16 years old.

 So, kids under16 years old cannot try bonbon,for example.

 In Japan, you must be 20 years old to be old enough to drink. I do not think there is a law against liqueur chocolates age limitation in Japan. One thing different from USA and Japan regarding how they sell alcohol is that Japan has vending machine that sells canned tea,canned coffee,canned soda,canned beer,canned,I am not sure how well it is set up for underage kids not to put a coin to vending machine and buy a can of beer…

 I am old enough to drink wine or beer or any alcohol,but I don’t drink. At our house,we have many different kinds of liqueur. Mostly,those are for cooking or baking. I don’t drink but I like cooking with it.
I like making gravy for steak with dash of brandy, I like making chocolate frosting with dash of Amaretto, I like to serve quick fruits with white wine plus touch of sugar or sweet marsala plus touch of sugar,or maybe brandy with touch of sugar… I use liqueur a lot in cooking or baking.

 One of my favorite liqueur desert is Tiramisu. It is my husband’s specialty. He makes it for my birthday.That is one reason for me to looking forward to my birthday. I like to stay young,but I like Tiramisu too..

 I wonder if British bakery can sell yummy Tiramisu to person under age of 16.. Wonder if it is still considered liqueur chocolate category..

 By the way, when you go to restaurant or cafe in England, and if you like to bring food  to home,ask for “Takeaway”. If you eat in the restaurant or cafe,ask for “eat-in”.

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