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Yassy’s Skinny Almond Meringue cookie

As you know, I have been making our little son solid food menu each day.

When I was making one hand feeding friendly stuff, I only needed egg yolk just enough to brush his sweet potato medallion cake.

Therefore, our stubby Corgi *Palette* got to taste test the Egg yolk as snack and.. I was left with Egg white.

I could make egg white omelet for our son *Liam* but then, I thought, I would like to make something for us this time.

Then, I looked around our pantry and decided to make meringue cookie.It does not have many ingredients needed plus it was quick snack.It was a perfect fit.

My Meringue cookies are light,crisp outside and melt in your mouth kind of texture and there is some chewiness but not too chewy. The Sliced almond used for the garnish will add the right amount of crunch in one bite and, I should warn you that you would not be able to stop eating them:-)

This turned out to be that good.

I did not bake the cookie at really low temperature like most meringue cookie recipes. I baked it like Macaroon cookies.

If you know me through baking/cooking entries on this blog, you can notice that I love cooking food with liquor or wine.

I think liquor or wine added to food deepen the flavor and makes great tasty dish,rather than one dimensional dish and I love using them.

Just about finished cooling the cookie, my husband came to the kitchen, peeked at it and I had to tell him to wait for the nibble.

He patiently waited until I place the plate nicely to take the picture and when he thought it will be more than it can fill the plate with, his hand reached over and took one off from the rack.

He loved it!

He then left the kitchen a bit but came back and said to me that it was so good that he wanted one more.

It ended up with 4 Meringue cookies nibbles plus some more to bring to work:-)

I do not expect it to survive to his workplace without being eaten by him. He really loved them.

Looking at his reaction, I thought that I would share the recipe with you.

I named this *Skinny* because it git about half the sugar than regular recipes you see on the net. I do not like sticky sweet snack and, I think this treat is very light  and airy and has nice crisp texture outside, right amount of a little chewy texture inside with right amount of crunch from the sliced almond used for the garnish.

I myself enjoyed nibbling them too.

This cookie is made with Amaretto,which is Italian Almond liquor. Great snack to go with a cup of coffee.

Yassys Skinny Almond Macaroon

Yassy’s skinny Almond meringue cookies..

Ingredients for Yassy’s skinny meringue cookies:


1  Egg white
1/6 C white sugar
1 tsp Amaretto (Almond Liquor)

About 2 tbs Almond slices crushed in zip bag to garnish the cookie

1. Preheat the oven at 325F

2. In the dry clean bowl, add 1 Egg white and beat till it gets foamy.

3. Add a little bit of white sugar and beat to soft peak;  it is when you upside down the beater, you see the tip fold down a bit.

You can also recognize that any dropped beaten egg white into the bowl gets melt down in the egg white in the bowl and does not leave any mark on it

4. Add 1 tsp Amaretto and keep beating by adding some more sugar (a little bit at a time)

5.Beat until stiff peaks; it is when you upside down the beater, the tip would not drop down and can hold perfectly.Tip should staright up and hold the state.

Also, you can notice that the mark in the beaten egg white would not melt into the egg white. The beaten egg white in the bowl would look like very shiny,thick and heavy looking.

6.  Place the egg white into the zip bag (sandwich bag) and cut the one side corner so you can pipe out the meringue onto the non stick cooking sheet.

7. Pipe the meringue onto the non stick foil about 2″ apart and sprinkle rough crushed almond slices .

8. bake about 25-30 minutes or it gets brown around the edges or on the bottom gets nice light brown.

9. Let it set about 5-10 minutes and then peel the cookie off and  transfer it to the cooling rack


Makes: About 20 cookies


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