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Yassy’s note: Liam’s first year: Day 61- Day 63

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early (36 weeks and 2 days) and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

He was tiny little baby; 18″ tall, weighing 5 lb 6 oz…

Already 2 month have passed since the day he came to the world to say “Hi” to us.

Day 61..

Me and my parents tend to do skype more often than before after Liam was born although for about 2 months or so last year, we did not do skype just because Liam got jet lug after visiting them and he kept waking up at strange hours and, until he gets back to his old schedule and being able to sleep through the night, I did not want to mess his schedule.

Since they cannot come as often as my sister could (they live 1 hour drive away from my parent’s house), I like to compensate that with skype chat.

Plus,when we do skype they can give me parenting advice here and there and they can tell us what parents can in Japan on the specific topic and it is good chance for me to learn more about parenting as well.

I know there is no textbook on parenting nor there should not be cookie-cutter style of parenting.However, getting a bit of parenting tips/suggestions always enrich my view on my own parenting knowledge and I am grateful for that.

I am more of type that study all kinds of method in book or other media sources and pick the good stuff from those and make up my own method and put it into practice.

They always asks for Liam and when I show them, they look so happy:-) And my mother tries to entertain Liam through screen.

I know they would come visit us once in a while, but I know my grandmother would not be able to come here even if she says she wants to come because of health.

And, now I got health worry for my father so, I do not know if he could visit us again or not.

naturally,since we are younger than them and got more energy than them, we should go back to Japan as much as we can.

On the same day, Liam had poop blow out in the early morning and, while he was crying from top of his lung,I had to change his clothe,cleaning him and everything.

It is my very first time experience raising the baby, but babies sure makes mothers keep up on toe and make us mothers busy with laundry and surely needed lots of clothes to change into/much more frequent laundry than usual.

That day, I tried to do laundry later, and it stopped working…in the middle of the washing cycle…

Therefore, when my husband came home from work, he spent hours on it and he thought he could fix it.

We did test run without clothe inside and it finished ok .

Even though washer seemed to be fixed when test run,and worked ok for more years, but we ended up buying a new one;the one with front load as opposed to top loading style.

I cannot decide if I like front load style or not yet. Definitely I do not have to worry about clothes or towel etc gets caught in the middle spinner thing or uneven weight though.

What style of washer do you like better and why?

Day 62…..

We worked with Liam for tummy time while I can keep an eye on him.

He could raise his head a touch bit higher than before, and he also was doing his own exercise everyday; arms up, arms down, leg up, leg down..

He seemed to enjoy all the movement he made then.

Liam Day 62 working on raising his head higher…

Liam Day 62.. Liam style exercise making him tired…. Y.A.W.N…

Day 63…

Comparing with picture of him to younger picture of his, he looked like he got chubbier in this picture.

Before, he looked so small,frail, tiny and weak and he could not drink milk as much as he could.

Since pediatrician said he could take milk up to 3.5 oz per feeding, that was what we were doing.

He got bigger and stronger each day.

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