Yassy’s note:Liam’s first year: Day 233 – Day 238

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early (36 weeks and 2 days) and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

He was tiny little baby; 18″ tall, weighing 5 lb 6 oz…

Day 233..

Liam had his 14th new food item:Cabbage.

I was surprised to see how bright green it becomes when cabbages were cooked and mashed through kitchen sieve..He liked cabbage.








Day 233’s Menu include..

Breakfast: Creamy carrot shiroae soup with Udon and cabbage served with dashi (dashi was served in other container so,not shown in the picture).

I find that Liam get super excited and I get super curious look when I draw something on food and mix it right in front of him or pour dashi right in front of him so, I try to serve the food like this these days.

Shiroae is the dish whatever mixed with mashed tofu.Shiroae soup that I made up for Liam was simply carrot and tofu mixed together and made it creamy with breast milk a bit.

He gave me thumbs up.

Dinner: Flounder with Fuji apple sauce, and sweet potato topped with sweet onion

Liam loved dinner so much that he gave me sad face when I told him all gone,but he backed up to happy Liam when he saw the bottle of breast milk (he is mug training so,I put breast milk in the bottle and letting him feed himself now).

Liam liked carrot soup that I made for him this morning too.So far,he is eating very good.

I have been showing you how our son’s solid food adventure was like but, typical way to introduce food to babies back home in Japan is like this: start with mashed porridge called jyubai gayu and start with 1 tsp to start with and after that,gradually increase the amount of food,then about a couple of days on it ,you will introduce the new item with 1 tsp worth again.

I do not think there is specific detailed order but generally, after rice,you can introduce sweet potato,potato,udon noodle in the first month and second month,it is ok to introduce bread.

After some of carb group is introduced, introduce vitamin mineral group;fruits and veg (but veg is introduced more than fruits).

3rd week is introduce new protein source; white meat fish,tofu. 4th week, try the mixed dish with ratio of 5 tsp carb,4 tsp vit/mineral group, 1 protein group.

First month goal is to let the babies explore various kinds of food for texture,pure flavor on its own.Then, second month into it, continue letting the babies explore the food flavor and texture but start offering mixing food here and there,providing carb-protein-Vit/Mineral in one meal.

From second month, you will be able to introduce bread in carb group,which I did this week.Also, veg that has lots of fiber like cabbage from vit/mineral group.

For the second months, go from 1 meal solid food to 2 meals solid food a day and one meal is consists of carb-vit/mineral-protein in one meal to balance the nutrition from solid food.

That is why, you can see carb-protein-vit/mineral group is included in Liam’s solid food each time.Gradually, the amount of food increase over time too.

For fish, it is something with caution.It has to be white meat fish to introduce at first.Liam cannot have red meat fish like tuna or salmon just yet at this point.Starting from white meat fish first.

Day 235..

Liam and I did skype with my parents in Japan. He was super talkative and when my mother tried to entertain him with musical instrument she got such as castanets (she is a piano teacher and she got all sorts of musical instruments at home to teach kids how to play those besides piano.), Liam stared at it very closely with curious look and started smiling but,it had to be castanet to make him smile.

Other instruments, he is not so much smiley.

My mother said “Now I got to go find the castanet for Liam so his grandpa can bring it to him next month”.

They love and enjoy watching Liam over the skype and see his growth and the time they can entertain him through the internet.Wish everyone in my family could come over but it is not possible…

I am counting down for my father to come. Next month, he will be visiting us.I cannot wait!

My sister’s youngest son is finally catching up with growth chart thing in Japan and now he does not have to be weighed and measured so often.He is now 1 year and half.

Liam’s bottom 2 teeth is really getting whitish in the gum and right next to the bottom 2 seems to be a bit bubbly. No sign of teeth coming out on upper 2.

I told about it to my mother and she said she had never heard of this order of teeth coming out;next to the bottom 2 should be upper 2, but she said no worry.All teeth would come out in the end,lol.

Day 236..

Liam’s breakfast and dinner both were big hit.Especially he liked his dinner and ate it all super fast.When told him all gone, a bit of sad face shown,lol.

Menu today…

Breakfast: 10 bai gayu (mashed porridge), carrot and tofu with strawberry

Dinner: Onion and Fuji Apple served with pan gayu (bread which crust cut off was torn into small bits and cooked in a sauce pan with breast milk until no chunk left and thicken.Watch out for the heat level because if you cook with high heat, it will scorch/burn) topped with flounder

It will still be a long long way until he can eat the same stuff with adult in the same texture and cut size without so limited food variety he could have, but I am enjoying making his own food from scratch:-)

Day 238..

Today’s breakfast for Liam is a little dessert-like.He was flapping hands and banging the food tray in the high chair when he saw the menu.I think the more colorful the food is, the more positive reaction I get from him:-)

Menu include…

Cabbage soup with tofu and strawberry bread pudding baby version yassy’s way (just bread crust cut off is torn into itty bitty bits and cooked with my breast milk.Then, strained strawberry is drizzled over the bread)

If you got a little one who is on solid food regime, and can eat bread and strawberry with no problems,then,you can make one for yours too.Or you can use other fruits too.

Liam loves bread pudding baby version my way:-) He opens up his mouth as wide as he can and eat it with lots of smiles:-)

Stay tuned for more Liam story….

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