Yassy’s note:Liam’s first year: Day 249 – Day 254

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early (36 weeks and 2 days) and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

He was tiny little baby; 18″ tall, weighing 5 lb 6 oz…

Day 249..

Made 2 food ingredients for Liam this morning.One of them was bread;cut up bread without crust cooked in breast milk (since I cannot use cow milk) in the pan.It was smoothly mashed before but now he is getting big boy so,rough mash now:-) Pan gayu,which we call it is Liam’s fav solid food:-)

My mother told me once that I used to love pan gayu very very much as a baby. Palette came to visit the kitchen while little price is snoozing and got bit of bread to snack. Another one is tomorrow’s new food for Liam. Hope he likes it.

Day 251..

Liam is now getting good at pivoting and 360 spin at least once a day now. Last night, after bathing him and putting him cream on his back by letting him on his belly, he put his head over his hands,looking toward sideways as if enjoying the cream time;massaging time like an old man,lol. Then, he decided he wants to look at me. So, while I was still working on his back of arms etc.. he started pivoting and 180 degree spin. Then, he decided it is tasty to nom on my PJ pants.

Other new stuff happening with him.. he says “hm-ma” a lot and sometimes, I feel like I am hearing him says “da da da” but it could be “ba-ba-ba”. I am not sure but he repeat the same sound a lot anyway. Then, his boom right now is to clap his hands,mimicking me clapping saying ; pa-chi-pa-chi (Japanese, the word is to be used to explain the sound of clapping). He smiles, squeak loud and clap a lot.

When I did skype with my mother and my grandmother the other day, he was mimicking my mother clapping her hands and he started shouting loud,squeaking,smiling and so active,energetic even though it was a couple of hours away from his bed time. My mother and Liam was doing the screaming match;when Liam squeaked, my mother mimicked him and squeaked,which was quite fun for me to watch her being silly:-)

She said “I am not going to loose,Liam” and squeaked. My grandmother was enjoying Liam’s endless clapping. It was very fun skype time. He kept clapping hands non stop whole day and he looks at me as if to say “it is your turn”, and then he claps his hands, and he looks at my husband and claps his hands saying “it is now your turn”.So fun!

Udon noodle with sea bass, spinach soup with tomato.

Day 254…

Little prince Liam tried solid food #21 ” Cauliflower “. Cauliflower got very distinctive texture, and thought I would try. I first cooked to soft and chopped to fine;2-3mm and I let him taste test just to give me info as to size of the bits and how he would take it but the bits of cauliflower 2-3mm on its own was hard for him to take. Therefore, I mashed it roughly, not smooth mash and that is how he is getting.

My husband did feeding of Liam’s second feeding and it was Liam’s first time to taste the cauliflower. Well, he said “He is making face and not eating the cauliflower. He might be not liking the cauliflower. Also, he stopped eating Apple even” I told him “Don’t quick to judge for like/dislike. Right now, he is exploring different kinds of texture and taste/flavor and also learning how to eat food (jaw/tongue motion) he might spit out the food or make face when he gets anything new to him.Cauliflower issue is probably size of bits; texture or something.”

Then, switched; I started feeding him. Well, he did not make face, he opened his mouth wide and ate everything clean. He was even squeaking,talking,energetic even….I do not know what the problem was. He had cauliflower this evening but he was fine,opening mouth wide and ate it without making face. Of course, I made sure the food was rough mashed. I would let him be rough mashed for cauliflower for a bit and then gradually switch to bigger bits.


Stay tuned for more Liam’s story…

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