Yassy’s note:Liam’s first year: Day 265 – Day 275

In the previous entry titled “Yassy’s note: Liam in NICU;day 8- day 14“, I wrote Liam came to our family about 3 weeks early (36 weeks and 2 days) and he has spent next 3 weeks in NICU.

He was tiny little baby; 18″ tall, weighing 5 lb 6 oz…

Day 268..

Liam’s solid food today was noodle:-)

Liam had… vegetable macaroni soup (with carrot and onion) and chicken tender and apple for breakfast

For night, He had Udon soup with corn, cod with acorn squash and shanghai bok choy for dinner.

His meal is a little bit developed and he now can eat more various protein and carbohydrate ingredient:-)

Day 270..

Liam did skype with his cousin Aito (1 year 6 months old) in Japan and his sister Ria and my parents.
Today, my sister’s 2nd kid (son) has ceremony to get into the kindergarten so my parents were her kids’ baby sitter.
My mother and Ria put something on top of their head and bowed so it would drop and it made Liam big giggles;-)
He never missed giggling.
Day 271..
We have introduced new solid food item:cucumber.
Day 275..
 When your little ones are old enough to start eating solid food that include chicken (white meat) and other vegetables (probably 3rd months on solid food where food are served in size of 2mm-3mm fine chop rather than paste) that I am using in the recipe, you can try Liam’s fav dish.

Here is the short baby’s solid food version recipe “chicken noodle soup” if you like to try.

<Make chicken broth>

1. Cut 2/3 chicken breast (skinless, boneless) into smaller rough pieces,and put it into the food processor to make your own ground chicken.

Pulse the food processor and grind them until the meat gets one solid ball of ground meat but not too pasty

2. In the sauce pan, add 200 cc water and 50gram (about 2 oz) peeled and thinly sliced carrot and 50 g ( about 2 oz) sweet onion sliced and all the ground chicken breast and let it come to boil and turn the heat down a bit to simmer once boiled for about 15 minutes or so until vegetables gets tender enough to be able to mash with back of the spoon

3. Drain the broth into small container (Now you got the broth)

4. Remove the vegetables;carrot and onion, and put it onto the cutting board and fine chop them into the size of 2mm-3mm bits and use that for later for another day when you want to make veg soup or some sort for the little ones;you can add chicken broth you made or you can make konbu dashi or you can use liquid you cooked white fish with as soup base

<Make macaroni;Good from 3rd months on solid food>

1. cook the macaroni (I overcook the macaroni a bit) and drain the water and fine chop macaroni into 2mm-3mm bits (about the size of sesame seed)


1. Put Macaroni on the bottom, top it with vegetables (His today is tomato which was boiled and chopped (Make X mark on the bottom of the tomato and remove the stem and cook the whole tomato in rapid boiling water for about.. 3-5 minutes and peel would come off easy.
When peel is removed, remove the seed and chop the tomato meat into bits), Broccoli (due to fiber content in the stem, you can use only flowery part /tip part. Cut off tip of the broccoli and stem them to tender and chop fine), and Asparagus (Same reason to broccoli. Only tip is ok with babies at 3rd months solid food eater. I steamed the tip in size of 2″ length or so and chopped the tip into fine bits), and ground chicken breast

2. When serve, pour the chicken broth to the macaroni; if macaroni was 8 tsp worth, then I find that 6 tsp of chicken broth added is good amount for the meal.The picture is before the broth is added.

Liam was so liking this dish that he leaned forward as if he is going to dive with huge itty bitty mouth opened,lol.His mouth was stalking the feeding spoon very very close.

I say this dish was super hit with him:-)

Now he got fish base,veg base, chicken base and konbu base stock for the soup he can have.

I am enjoying the slid food making for Liam.

Liam had Asparagus for the first time today (always start with small amount;1 tsp, with new food to test out the allergy issue),and I was afraid he might turns his nose up because it will be a bit bitter and has unique taste to it but he was fine.He was opening his mouth like little bird,lol.
Stay tuned for more Liam story…


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